Why is 7.31 Tiny so good?

Tiny’s prominence in the metagame has grown dramatically during the 10tu The International (TI). In recent years, he’s re-emerged as one of the most sought-after sports stars in the world. Throughout Patch 7.31, Tiny’s influence becomes stronger.

The pro scene has undergone a metamorphosis with the recent release of the latest patch. When it comes to the number of DPC contests won, this hero is just behind Death Prophet, according to Spectral Stats. 

Tiny has been the most popular hero in Tour 2 thus far, with 125 choices. It also boasts a healthy 52 percent victory rate. The hero has now been banned 122 times for being too powerful. Here is why this Dota 2 character is incredibly overpowered! 

Overpowered Tiny

This rugged hero has always been in the meta pool, but this time he climbed to even greater strength.

Tiny received a slew of changes in Patch 7.31, making it difficult to tell whether this hero will be as strong as first thought. One substantial adjustment, on the other hand, validated its applicability.

Aghanim’s Shard may now be purchased in 15 minutes instead of 30 minutes. Unrestricted Tree Grab is provided by Tiny’s shard.

This ability grants a permanent benefit to base damage of 20, a bonus to building damage of100%, a huge attack range of 350. Most crucially, splash damage bonus 50% with 100% pure damage. At 15 minutes, you obtain a free Battle Fury that may help you farm more quickly than other carriers.

Tiny’s overwhelming strengths

As a Strength hero, Tiny is bound to be tough. He also gets a tonne of Armour with his ultimate. He has a diverse range of skills that enable him to:

  • Stun
  • Burst Damage
  • A way to distort enemy’s positioning
  • A way to farm
  • Tankiness and Status Resistance
  • Fast tower push

Tiny, on the other hand, has the flexibility to play an aggressive or passive role because of the variety of spells he can cast. Snowballing the game may be done early on if your team is dominating. 

Tiny’s drawbacks

Tiny has few flaws that may be taken advantage of. Neither his mobility nor his escape options are strong points for this hero. So Tiny is a kite target for certain death.

With his inherently high HP, dealing with abilities that deliver damage dependent on your health may be excruciating. Death Prophet’s Spirit Syphon and Necrophos’ Heartstopper Aura are a lot like this.

Playing Tiny in 7.31 patch

Basically, Tiny’s new playstyle has been shaped by the meta. Aghanim’s Shard time has changed, so you’ll have to make it a priority of purchasing it when it’s available. Before obtaining their primary equipment, players choose many routes.

With Tiny, he has Tangoes (set), a Quelling Blade (two Gauntlets of Strength), and two iron branches (Iron Branches).

Bracers and a Magic Wand would be added to these goods. Construct Power Treads and an Echo Sabre and then proceed with the next phase of construction. The early attack speed and damage provided by Power Treads can’t be beaten. Tiny’s Echo Sabre is almost always required since it complements his powers.

As a result, Tiny’s attack speed is quite sluggish at first. Additionally, Echo Sabre’s other useful attributes may aid in each of these areas, increasing mana recovery and granting him the double attack bonus. Additionally, this item may be dismantled into a Black King Bar if the game becomes too difficult for you.

Your Echo Sabre should be done in 12-13 minutes on average. As a result, you should start saving money now so that you can buy Shard in 15 minutes. After then, you may either finish the Silver Edge or acquire a Black King Bar, depending on the scenario.

Due to Tiny’s increased mobility and speed in combat, the Shadow Blade is a must-have for him. In addition, it gives you a way out while also increasing your damage.

If his opponent’s lineup didn’t contain any annoying stuns and was leading the game, Ana, who is a pro Dota 2 player, decided to forego the BKB. He then went out and purchased a Satanic.

Countering Tiny

some heroes can counter Tiny very well. Here are two heroes who can counter him with efficiency:

Death Prophet

As seen by the amount of bans this hero received in DPC, Death Prophet serves as an excellent counter to this hero. Death Prophet has been picked 99 times and banned 203 times. Thus, making him the most popular hero.

The Spirit Syphon, which does HP-based damage to Tiny, is what makes her so powerful. Tiny may be repeatedly targeted by the spell because of its long cooldown and several charges. DP’s innate speed allows her to follow Tiny and maximise her Spirit Syphon damage.


Heartstopper Aura: Necrophos can deliver harm over time to his allies with this aura. Based on the percentage of an enemy’s health, this aura causes damage. The Reaper’s Scythe also works well against Tiny, dealing damage according to the amount of HP the victim has remaining.

Heroes with high HP who can slash through him are often good foes. The tanky rock may be melted with the help of a Viper or a Venomancer. To fight Tiny’s high armour, it’s a good idea to use heroes like Slardar.

Items who can counter Tiny

To equip yourself, you may choose from the standard weapons and armour that can take down even the toughest of heroes. To keep him from recovering his HP, a Spirit Vessel is always a smart idea. 

A Diffusal Blade plus an Eye of Skadi may be quite beneficial. Shiva’s Guard, which reduces his resistance to damage, is a powerful tool for destroying his health. Magic Resistance gear like Raindrop, Glimmer Cape, and Hood of Defiance are good choices for heroes that don’t want to get blown apart by Tiny.

As you can see, Tiny has very few weaknesses and a ton of advantages when playing him. This is why he is banned in almost all aspects of Dota 2. If you are interested in trying the hero out, you’ll definitely see some enjoyment which will put you in the position to dominate even more! 

Techies guide after their rework in patch 7.31

Dota 2 players had to endure a long toxic relationship with Squee, Spleen, and Spoon, the Techies. For a long time, they’ve just been considered a troll pick to make the game harder for everyone, including allies. Patch 7.31 gave the Techies a much needed rework that will hopefully end its reign of terror for prankster players and make him a viable hero for competitive scenes. 

All abilities and descriptions

Techies’ hero talents have remained untouched so his overall identity as a mobile glass cannon is still intact. However, they had a huge overhaul in their abilities so that they can be considered a new hero altogether. All of these changes are for the better to make them healthier to work with his teammates but his overall identity still makes him a force to be reckoned with.

Here are the basic descriptions of each one and which situation is ideal in using them in any normal Dota 2 match. Everything except the proximity mines is replaced, making dedicated Techies fans still capable of controlling the field. 

Sticky Bomb (Q)

Techies lobs a Sticky Bomb up to 1000 range that stays in place for 2 seconds before exploding up to 300 area of effect (AoE). It can attach to an enemy unit, creep or hero, within 250 of its perimeter either as soon as it lands or if the unit walks into its range. The two-second delay is too long to secure a creep kill if an opponent is in range to deny it but it’s great for harassing heroes from a distance. 

Reactive Tazer (W)

Techies surround themselves in an electric field, boosting their movement speed by +30% while also disarming all attackers for a brief moment. It’s a great defence tool to disengage as this hero has weak armour and magic resistance. However, it can be a devastating offensive ability when paired with Blast Off! with allies also attacking with them. It’s also great for chasing enemy heroes using Sticky Bomb ahead of the target’s path to ensure that they can’t get away.

Blast Off! (E)

Blast Off! makes Techies lunge 1000 units forward and cause an explosion on impact up to 400 radius. The damage can be devastating even without scaling items and it hurts Techies a fraction of their health on impact. It also silences all enemies hit, making a great opportunity to strike. Pair it with Reactive Tazer to render a target completely defenceless for a brief moment.

One of the most infuriating of Techies’ abilities was Suicide Squad which allow them to blow themselves up with the opponent. It kills them both but gives the user a faster revival rate. Blast Off! cannot be used in the same manner as, while also hurting Techies, it cannot deal lethal damage to the user. 

Proximity Mines (R)

Before the rework, Proximity Mines used to be Techies’ first ability and now it’s their ultimate. Its description remains the same such as giving 3 charges upon unlock and casting makes a mine be planted up to 400 away from the user. Proximity Mines are invisible and cannot be detected by True Sight but they will be revealed if an enemy unit moves within its 500 radius.

Proximity Mines detonate when the opponent is 350 away from them so there’s enough time for enemies to react between detecting the bombs and having them explode. However, this is usually a split-second difference as most Dota 2 heroes have fast movement speed and are more focused on the minimap than what’s in front of them. The mines’ maximum damage is inflicted within 150 AoE radius from the source and minimum damage up to 500 AoE radius.

Although there are only three charges, Techies can plant approximately over a thousand of it in a game. The limit can change with each patch but on average, players only manage to plant no more than 20 at a time as most of them explode within 3 minutes after being planted. 

Proximity Mines are more reactive compared to Techies’ other skills. The idea is to plant as many of them as you can manage if you are not in the lanes or joining teamfights. It’s best used when sneaking behind enemy lines to cover their possible escape routes then have your teammates strike from the front when ready. Alternatively, you can use these as defensive systems to cover routes enemies can use to flank your team. 

What exactly changed

What made Techies objectively hated is how it is designed to mess up everyone’s playstyle if piloted by a prankster. All of his abilities are just variations of mines except for the aforementioned Suicide Squad replaced by Blast Off! His first ability, Proximity Mines, was bearable in the early stage of the game but devastating with proper placing. 

Techies’ Stasis Traps are like Proximity Mines in a way that they are invisible but they stun enemies rather than inflict damage or just slow them down. This makes opponents vulnerable to ambushes or ruin their well-planned entrance against your allies. 

Techies’ old ultimate, Remote Mines, is the most hated of all his arsenal. They had a wide casting range and devastating damage as individual units. What makes them unhealthy to play against is how they can be stacked, invisible like Proximity Mines, and can be remotely detonated individually or simultaneously. 

Techies’ destructive force should be greatly appreciated by their allies on paper but it’s not the case in all situations. He is impossible to form a combo with regardless if he’s passive or active and he can take all of the kills whether it’d be accidental or not. This creates a vacuum in gold distribution, leaving positions 1, 2, and 3 lacking the funds to buy the items they need. Their rework at patch 7.31 is greatly welcomed by the player base as it creates a healthier pub gaming environment for the future of Dota 2. 

The ultimate guide to playing Marci

Become a hero in DOTA 2 with the help of Marci, a quiet superpowered sidekick. Because of the DOTA: Dragon’s Blood anime, you may indeed know that Marci is a formidable martial artist. 

Even after two nerfs in ten days, Marci is still one of the most playable and fun characters in the game right now. Shockwaves may be caused by her powerful punches since she has excellent agility and pro-wrestling skills.

As a physical burst hero with strong initiation and scaling, Marci is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. 

Despite the fact that it is still too early to tell exactly what Marci’s role should be, it appears that she would be most effective in a central one (Carry, Midlaner or Offlaner).

To make use of her skills, which are entirely melee-based, she must be in the thick of a teamfight. Here, you’ll learn how to play Marci and everything you need to know to dominate with her in Dota 2!

Marci skill build 

Marci is another new hero with spells that seem to be difficult but are really rather easy to use in gameplay. Here’s a brief rundown of who she is and what she skills she has under her belt:

Q: Dispose 

Dota 2 description: ‘Dispose is a powerful initiation tool, stunning and throwing the target back towards your team’.

As soon as Marci has her hands on a target, she yelps as loudly as she can. Stunned and damaged if the seized unit is an enemy. In addition, any enemy units in the impact area will be stunned and inflicted with damage.

This is an excellent talent for starting things off, mostly due to the fact that (DUH). However, the motion is lightning-fast, making it difficult for foes to react or dodge. As a last bonus, it may help your team reposition the opposing hero so that they can burst them in the process.

In addition, this ability’s exceptional laning phase performance should not be underestimated. As a result, you have more time to harass and even kill an enemy hero if you are able to hurl them back towards your tower.

When laning, don’t be hesitant to use a few Disposes, which have a short cooldown and minimal mana cost! Finally, stuns or even being forced to staff during the animation might disrupt Dispose. With this, it’s vulnerable to an attack from an opponent with rapid fingers.

W: Rebound

Dota 2 description: ‘Marci’s mobility spell is great for closing the gap to land Dispose or finish off fleeing enemies’.

To really grasp Marci’s Rebound, you’ll need to experiment with it a little, as you must with many of DOTA’s more bizarre spells. Here’s what you need to know, however:

After picking a target, Marci dashes for that target, whether it be an opponent, friend, hero, or creep. 

When she reaches the unit, she will leap to a specific position, harming and slowing down any adversaries in her path. You must first target a unit, then use vector targeting to choose the region where the jump will fall.

However, you need someone to leap off of before you can jump in the first place!

This ability may be used to catch up to fleeing heroes or to yeet an opponent back into your team by bouncing off of allies. Even if there’s nothing to leap off of, this is a good way to get away.

Dispose and Rebound are both excellent in the lane for similar reasons. Enemy heroes who are caught off guard may be easily harassed and killed as a result.

In addition, Rebound has an 11-second cooldown when maxed out, meaning you may use it numerous times in a single battle or pursuit.

If Marci jumps off of a friendly unit, that unit gains an additional 35% movement speed for five seconds. When a teamfight has gone awry and you need to get out quickly, this is a great tool to have.

E: Sidekick 

Dota 2 description: ‘Sidekick gives Marci bonus damage for the laning phase as well as lifesteal for sustainability’.

Sidekick, on the other hand, is a really straightforward spell. After selecting an ally, Marci activates a six-second benefit to her and the associated hero’s damage and lifesteal.

A 700-radius search for an allied hero is made when you cast it on yourself. Marci will gain the perk even if she doesn’t have an ally. As a result, having an ally nearby isn’t a need.

Marci’s weakest laning phase skill, this ability grants +20 additional damage (+40 if you include your boosted buddy). As a matter of fact, the other two are better at actually securing kills than this one. Sidekick, on the other hand, is a must-have early on to keep you and your lane companion going (and to win the harass war)

After a while, when Marci has damaged items, this ability becomes a lot more powerful since the +damage and lifesteal may be considerably enhanced.

R: Unleash 

Dota 2 description: ‘Unleash is Marci’s ‘transform’ ultimate (like Dragon form or Shapeshift), it’s best saved for important moments like team fights where you can use the extra move speed and attack speed for maximum impact’.

Marci’s most dreadful trait is her mastery of the Unleash power. As a result of casting Unleash Marci obtains 15% movement speed for 16 seconds and is put into ‘Unleash mode’ for the duration.

Flurry Combos are a kind of additional attack speed that Marci gets while she’s in her ‘Unleash mode’, and they last for a specified number of attacks. The final punch in the combo will send a damaging shockwave 800 feet in Marci’s direction.

One consequence, though, is that Marci cannot strike for 1.75 seconds after each shockwave. As a result, you punch fast, then halt, and so on.

The Flurry combination attacks must be used up within a second, which seems difficult on paper, but because you’re effectively hitting at the speed of light. It’s not a huge concern until you are stunned or disarmed, the target moves out of range, or the target gets hit. 

Marci’s 1.75-second disarm period will be activated if she fails to utilise all of her Flurry strikes in a single combination.

Practising the Flurry combination doesn’t need you to worry too much about failing it, since many of the reasons why you could fail the combo are outside your control. There are several ways an opposition team might interrupt Marci’s flurry of punches, which is why Black King Bar is so effective on Marci.

On top of that, the Flurry combination works on Spell Immune targets, causing a shockwave, and Unleash can’t be deactivated. Magical damage cannot be absorbed by the shockwave, though.

Item build

Here are the items that will make Marci a force to be reckoned with:

Early game

Go acquire some brown boots and finish your Magic Wand. Once your boots are upgraded (Treads or Phase boots, as explained below), the next thing you should do is work on an Armlet (starting with the Helm of Iron Will for extra sustain).

As soon as you’ve finished Armlet, you’ll be prompted to choose the order in which Marci’s core goods should be built.

Core items

Armlet of Mordiggian: 

Marci’s lifesteal from Sidekick offsets the HP loss from using Armlet, making this the most valuable item on any strong hero. With Helm of Iron Will in the buildup, it provides a lot of lane support.

Black King Bar:

The tanky and mobile Marci depends heavily on her ability to stay on top of a victim in order to kill them, despite her mobility. This implies that she is vulnerable to stuns, slows, and silences. Build a BKB and you’ll have a solution to this. As a strong hero, you’ll appreciate the high stats, and the magic immunity will come in handy during Unleash, when you don’t want to get kited!

Skull Basher

It’s a perfect match for Unleash, which has a high attack speed, resulting in almost-certain bashes (which in turn means fully landing your Flurry Combo).

Blink Dagger

You may use this during Unleash to keep the Combos flowing while Dispose is in use.

Silver Edge 

Sidekick and Unleash benefit greatly from the crit’s synergy. In addition, invisibility allows for movement and sneakiness, which is a bonus (especially in pubs). The ‘break’ mechanism is also included.

Now that you know how to play Marci, it’s time to test your Dota 2 knowledge to the test and start winning big games using this amazing new hero! 

dota 2 the guide
The ultimate guide to playing Dota 2

With the introduction of PC gaming, a slew of game designers have been pushing the boundaries by inventing new styles for the general public, and Dota 2 is no exception. While many players would like to convince you that Dota 2 is simply a duplicate of League of Legends, this is one of the most common misconceptions in the MOBA world.

While Riot Games’ League of Legends (LoL) may have created the name as a genre, this kind of game has existed as a custom game since Blizzard’s Warcraft III: Frozen Throne; they were simply the first to transfer the style to an improved platform engine.

Valve decided to enter the fray after seeing LoL’s massive popularity as the first standalone, teaming up with the secretive Icefrog to stake their claim as the second. The direction and style of marketing initiatives would eventually show to be the distinguishing factor.

Are you ready to play your best Dota 2 game? Here is the best guide to be ahead of Dota 2 from beginner to professional. 

Basics of Dota 2’s mechanics 

To win the game, you must kill the enemy’s Ancient before they can kill yours. When the game starts, each of the two teams of five players has a pool of over 100 distinct characters to pick from. Each of the three primary abilities, speed, strength, and intellect, has a distinct role to play in the game’s overall outcome.


Your tanky bruisers are typically Strength heroes, whereas Agility heroes like to acquire things that boost their attack damage and attack speed, even if they have a lesser HP pool. Intelligence heroes have a wide range of abilities, ranging from powerful magical bursts to defensive abilities that are crucial to any team.

Skills and features

What makes this game so challenging is the fact that each hero has four talents to level up, with their strongest being the ‘ultimate’, which essentially defines the hero.

The game’s map is shown on the bottom part of the screen. You may earn money and experience points by killing Non-playable character (NPC) minions that are generated and go along three lanes of defensive towers. 

There are a wide variety of stores from which to choose. You can also level up your character and talents with gold. This is also the point at which the game’s hero tactics and techniques begin to take impact and advance.

A challenging MOBA

One of the game’s main flaws is that it is not welcoming to newcomers. If you want to go through the rankings, you’ll have to memorise a lot of information and understand several game principles, which may be difficult at first. 

One of the game’s primary selling points is that you don’t need a lot of brainpower to play. Humans have always and will always want to utilise their minds to the utmost extent possible. This desire will never change.

When it comes to playing the game of Dota 2, you need a great blend of arithmetic and logic, as well as a sense of timing and intuition. 

Dota players that excel in certain areas are compared to the top-ranking players, who are revered for their intellect and moral character. When millions of dollars are on the line and tens of thousands of people are paying attention, the stakes are high, and the pressure is on to succeed against all odds.

Skills you need to develop to be great 

When it comes to the actual gameplay, below is everything you need to know to get started in owning your lanes and win more games like a pro.


Laning is one of the most important skills that you need to master. This allows you to get a lot of farm and be effective at your role. Depending on your position, you should help your team win the game despite the little moves that you’ll be making when laning. 

To be more effective in the mid lane, you need to improve your ability to take more last-hits. The only way to do this is to keep playing more and more Dota 2. Stopping your foes will allow you to take the last blows. The ‘Auto-attack’ option should also not be used while you’re farming.

Hero strategy 

Every hero fits into one of three groups. Whenever the type of hero’s attribute matches the type of hero’s attribute, all of the hero’s attributes will.

Strength: Increases maximum HP, health regeneration, and spell resistance with this ability (Tanky, low mana pool).

Intelligence: Increases maximum MP and mana regeneration and spell damage with intelligence (Powerful spells, low hp and movespeed).

Agility: Increasing Armour, Basic Attack Speed, and Movement Speed are all benefits of Agility (Late game damage, low hp pool, item dependent).

The player gets to choose their own hero. Since your Dota character will ultimately become an extension of yourself, it is recommended that you form attachments to certain heroes early on.

The well-known Torte de Lini has created three in-game hero manuals, one for each of the game’s three hero classes. Being able to play one of each sort of hero will allow you to be far more versatile than a player who just plays intelligence heroes. 

It’s important to know what your opponents’ heroes are capable of, so you can anticipate what they’ll do.

Play with more party members

To add to the excitement, you may have a few of your friends join you in playing the game. It is possible to speed up your learning process if you practise often with the same folks. 

A significant benefit of already removing the anonymity of others is that it makes it easier to communicate with new individuals. 

Positions like mid, carry, offlane, and support are all assigned by the finest teams in the world, so you should keep an eye out to see whether you like one of these roles over the others.

The majority of players will have a preference for at least one position, but this does not exclude you from learning the other roles as well. Instead, focus on one role and master it. Having a high-ranking acquaintance in your party may serve as a mentor and provide you with advice on how to progress.

Now that you know how to play Dota 2, it’s time to test this newfound knowledge to the test and start owning opposing teams and winning big games! 

Best Baby heroes
The best baby heroes to use in Dota 2

Starting out your Dota 2 journey can be tough. Dota 2 games present a huge challenge at times and it even calls for a little bit of experience to get a win. This is why it is important to start out with easy heroes at first before going pro.

People think that winning Dota 2 games are easy, but then it is all about getting a good groove going while also striving for victory.  Choosing the right hero matters a lot, but it also means that newbies have to learn how to use each of these heroes.

Dota 2 heroes vary from difficulty and skillset. Some heroes have two active skills and two passive skills. Others have four active skills, which means that players have to make use of those to be effective on the battlefield. 

Learning how to play some of the so-called ‘baby heroes’ in Dota 2 is a good start to become one of the best players in the game. These baby heroes are considered easy to use since they do not need full skill management or do not have any complicated skills to utilise. 

Here are some of the baby heroes that you should learn how to use in Dota 2:


Lion may be hard to control with his four active skills, but you can use him as a hitter or support depending on how well you control his skills. Staying on the easy lane is a good start and you can add a lot of items to help him be sturdier.

Using Earth Spike to stun an enemy then turn them into a frog with Hex works like charm. This is the best combo you can use at most. Unlike any heroes in the game, he has a ton of mana which makes it easy to win in duels.

Make sure you know how to use his skills well. Managing his item build is one, but learning how his skills work is a big challenge for many. That is the big jump from being a beginner to starting your pro run.


Bristleback is not your average hero as it is even used by the pros. This beast is a durable hero who has a large amount of health in the game and can be boosted with a lot of items. He is very good for new players who want to try the offlaner role. You may even farm in the forest with him.

You can use his Viscous Nasal Goo to slow down enemies and damage their armours at the same time. The Quill Spray deals a lot of damage as long as it hits more heroes in the long run. His two passive skills mean there is less need for a bigger management of skills.


You may have seen him as the dark horse rider, and this hero can play a lot of roles in the game. Abbadon has a lot of skills that work well in any situation, so he is a great pick for starters. Most players use him as a hard laner or support to begin with.

This hero gives a feeling of power. You can use his skills to get a lot of kills or add more defence to your teammates as well. His health is also big for a starter hero so he can’t be killed easily.

Using the Mist Coil can take out a chunk of your enemy’s health or heal your teammates. Aphotic Shield adds a layer of magical energy to add more defence and damage attackers when it bursts. Using the strike Curse of Avernus slows down your enemies and can even silence them when you hit them four times.

Dragon Knight

Dragon Knight is one of the best heroes who can stay in his lane for as long as you want. He has a passive skill that heals his health and has a very good defence and offence. His speed also makes him a top pick for you since newbies try to roam the map at most.

DK is one of the must-play heroes in Dota 2. You can stay alone in the lane and gain a lot of XP in just a snap. He is a top pick in many tourneys and is a great hero to begin your Dota 2 journey as well.

Most players tend to use his Elder Dragon Form, which is maximised by the Black King Bar in most games. His skills are always on point and you can make him a hitter and even a support at any point in the game.

Crystal Maiden

Crystal Maiden is one of the best heroes you can use when it comes to dealing a lot of damage. She is a very dangerous hero who can be used by a lot of beginners. CM may be fragile and slow, but players can take their time to learn how her skills can be used for the best.

Lots of Dota 2 players use her as a carry, and you can say that it is her best role. She can slow down a lot of enemies with her ice skills and even restore mana to her teammates. This is easier for you to manage since there are only a few problems to deal with.

Using Crystal Maiden needs a lot of practice for you to become a reliable support. Freezing Field makes her special and this is the reason she is a great hero for starters.


Lich is almost the same as Crystal Maiden when it comes to their ice-based skills. Most players tend to use him as a defender and even a support in most games. You can start him on the easy lane and use his killing skills to deal a lot of damage to squishy heroes.

You can use Frost Blast to deal a lot of damage and slow down escaping enemies. Frost Shield can be used as a barrier from attacks and his Sinister Gaze drains their mana and slows their speed at the same time.

Chain Frost can be used to deal big damages to his enemies and come back even stronger. You can put a lot of those skills to use in team fights and score a lot of kills in the long run.

These baby heroes are easy to use as long as newbies get to focus on their skills and builds. This means that they have to be ready when it comes to their intense Dota 2 matches as well. No player got lucky by winning all the time, and it is easy to expect that they will strive to learn how to make the most of it.

Learning how to play these baby heroes is a huge step to becoming the best Dota 2 player out there, and no one can deny that it is the next level that every player wants to reach.

How to Play Oger Magi
The ultimate guide to playing Ogre Magi

Playing a support role is a godsend to your team. Supporters generally have the most important task in preparing the ally carries for the late game. These responsibilities include babysitting them in their lanes and opening the map to provide vision to the team. 

However, supports are normally squishy with low health points and armour that make them easy targets for the enemy team. One support sticks out of the norm that has great bulk and farming capabilities that can uplift the team to superiority.

This hero is of course Ogre Magi who has a plethora of useful skills that help allies get a kill and push towers like it’s nothing. If you want to get better at playing support heroes in Dota 2, then here is a guide to learning one of the easiest and most effective characters in the game.

Abilities overview 

Ogre Magi is an intelligence melee hero who has a plethora of disables on top of their useful ultimate that buffs allies and towers to generate more offence. This two-headed monster can lane against enemies with hard-hitting heroes in the early game. 

Here are their skills that you need to learn to better utilise them in the game:


This target unit skill deals damage and stuns the enemies for 1.5 seconds at every usage. While it may look like a normal stun at first, it synergises incredibly well with its other skills, especially their ultimate. 

It’s important to mention that Fireblast first applies the damage of 70 to 250 from levelling up then debuffs the enemy with armour reduction for 10 seconds. 

This skill is helpful during dire situations or potential skills where a carry hero can quickly finish off. If an enemy hero is about to flee in the battle scene, hitting your ‘Q’ will help your lane push the creepwave and get you a higher chance of killing the heroes against you.


Ignite is another target unit skill that slows the enemy for 20% to 26% upon levelling up. Furthermore, the casks that Ogre will throw at the enemy will burn, dealing damage over time for 20 to 50 seconds. 

This is incredibly important when the enemy unit has really low HP and is about to die. The burn will slowly deplete the health points and eventually kill them in the process. Together with their ‘Q’, this is a deadly attack that will deal so much damage and cripple the enemy heroes when laning. 


Bloodlust is a target unit or toggle autocast ability that increases both movement and attack speeds for both Ogre Magi and nearby ally units and heroes. This is a great skill for supporting since it’s aura-based which means it acts as a battery for more damage. 

While it sounds like an average ability seen in the most common carry heroes, it will make sense later why this ability is so overpowered once you get your ultimate. 


Arguably one of the best support ultimates in the game, multicast enables Ogre Magi to cast his skills and items multiple times in a single use. This grants double or even quadruple the effects of his ‘Q’ and ‘W’.

The multicast ability can range from 2 to 4 multipliers where you can seriously do a lot of damage to the enemies. When paired with a damage dealing carry and sem-carry hero, your team can potentially wreak havoc in the map. 

Pros and cons of using Ogre Magi 

As you can see, Ogre Magi have a unique skill set that allows them to potentially help teams destroy the opposing roster of heroes. However, there are still a few problems with Ogre that you need to worry about. Here are their pros and cons:


  • Ogre Magi’s disables are incredibly crippling and can be devastating in the early game. When you are paired with another disabler, you will become the most annoying lane for your enemies. 
  • Ogre Magi’s defences are among the highest in the intelligence tier. They are almost comparable to average strength heroes with high HP and physical armour that prevents them from dying easily. When paired with defence-boosting items and heals, you are quite impossible to kill. 
  • Multicast is a great ultimate for not only yourself, but your allies as well. You can utilise this by being near your allies and give them boosts when trying to hunt a hero or destroy a tower. 
  • Ogre’s item build is not too expensive which means they don’t need to farm a lot during the game. This caters to their support role that will lead carry heroes to farm more efficiently without disrupting their economical movements around the map. 
  • Ogre’s skills scale well and have relatively low cooldowns. This means that you can potentially spam your disables while dealing more damage even through the latter parts of the game due to multicast. 


  • Ogre Magi are among the slowest heroes in the game. While you may have high defences, you might die easily if caught by another disabler or damage-dealing hero. 
  • While multicast is a great ultimate, it is still luck reliant depending on 8x multipliers to really deal heavy damage.
  • It’s a melee hero which might be harder to lane. Ranged enemy heroes can simply harass you until you have below 50% health which is within the kill zone. 
  • Low intelligence despite being an intelligence hero. This also means that you’re going to have low intelligence gains that won’t add to your magic resistance. 

Ogre Magi item build 

When playing Ogre Magi, your items will heavily depend on the circumstances. Here are the usual builds that you need to learn in the most crucial situations:

Standard build 

This build is the most common that you can rely on in every situation. Here are the needed items and why you should get them:

Early game

Tango – Healing for the early game is helpful, especially as a high strength hero which means you can quickly recover health from harasses. Furthermore, you will also need this since you’re a melee hero which means you will be hit a lot from ranged attacks. 

Enchanted Mango – Mana is important as it allows easy access to your skills

Orb of Venom – Any melee hero should have an Orb of Venom equipped for better last hitting chances due to slow damage overtime bonuses. 

Observer and Sentry Ward – You are a support after all, so start warding the map!

Tranquil Boots – Since Ogre Magi is needed at all times and will face enemies as a melee hero support, Tranquil Boots provide solid healing to achieve mobility when warding and ganking. 

Magic Wand – Since you are reliant on your skills, a magic wand is needed for quick heals and added defence and health points.

Core items 

Aether Lens – Used to increase cast range and hit enemy heroes from far away. 

Force Staff – Adds intelligence gains and allows Ogre Magi to be more mobile during team fights due to quick blinks and going on top of terrains. 

Glimmer  Cape – An extremely useful item to help allies escape and stat boosts for your intelligence abilities. 

Optional items 

Lotus Orb – For heroes like Queen of Pain and stunners, this is excellent to bounce off skills. 

Aghanim’s Sceptre – Ogre Magi will double its Multicast multipliers to 8x which provides even more damage. 

Octarine Core – Highly optional but not needed in any way. This is only recommended if you are in the late game and your team is snowballing hard.

Eul’s Sceptre – For added mobility and cancels a lot of teleports and can save you from stuns and incoming ganks by using it upon yourself. 

Heroes who are weak against Ogre Magi

Here are the heroes who will not seek to fight Ogre when they approach:


Especially with items, Earthshaker’s stuns can quickly be marginalised due to lower cooldowns and Ogre’s faster response time when synergising their Q and W. When Earthshaker uses his first skill, Ogre can simply Q back and run or either have allies help for a kill.

Templar Assassin

Basically any shield-based heroes, Ogre’s second skill can diminish that in seconds due to their strong damage overtime W. 


Weaver is incredibly weak against stunners and with her low defence and health points, she can quickly get killed in team ganks. 

Ogre Magi is among the easiest heroes to use in Dota 2 because they don’t need to buy the most expensive items in the shop. You can dominate the game without having strong items and your allies will benefit from your skills which will lead to more wins and rank ups in the future. 

how to play the priestess of the moon
A guide to master Dota 2’s Mirana

One of the most flexible and recognisable heroes in the Dota 2 universe is Mirana, Princess of the Moon. She is a hero who can play in any position or lane, making her a highly adaptable hero. She possesses a diverse set of skills as a ganker, pusher, and carry.

This all-around Dota 2 hero showcases abilities that can be challenging to learn for newbie players. However, as you refine your skills and become familiar with Mirana’s gameplay, she can be a formidable opponent on the battlefield.

You can learn everything you need to know about Mirana’s roles, skillset, Dota items, and skill builds, among other things, by reading this Dota 2 player’s essential guide:


As mentioned, Mirana is a versatile hero who can dominate the battlefield with ease. However, when used as a roamer, Mirana is a formidable and annoying opponent to face. As a roamer, she can plan and execute attacks, gather resources, and make an impression throughout the entire game.  

Mirana’s goal is to use Sacred Arrow to hunt out enemies across the map. Towards the end of the game, she can use her split-pushing ability and set up some good fights with the help of Moonlight Shadow.


Mirana can be a challenging hero to master because of her versatile abilities. However, once mastered, these abilities can turn the game’s tide in your favour and lead your team to victory. 


Mirana’s massive damage skill, Starstorm, lets her rain down stars around enemy units, dealing massive damage. Two stars are fired toward the opponent which causes 2x damage. If Mirana wants to make an effect in battles without putting herself in harm’s way, this is the first skill she’ll be maxing out in every game. 

Mirana will likely win the fight if she can successfully use this spell numerous times in a large-scale battle. Since this spell drains much mana when used regularly, you must keep replenishing your mana with Clarity Potions.

Sacred Arrow 

Mirana’s signature ability, the Sacred Arrow, is what keeps gamers coming back to this hero. You can’t help but feel great when you land a successful Sacred Arrow on an opponent who’s running away from you. 

As a skillshot, the player must aim the weapon at the target opponent. Landing this skill or not typically determines how good or bad you are at using Mirana. 

After dominating an opponent with the help of your teammates, you can utilise Mirana’s Sacred Arrow as a follow-up stun on the same enemy. Offlane tanky heroes can benefit from Mirana’s ability to set up arrows with an easy stun, thanks to this combination. 

Since the arrow can pass through allied creeps but not enemy ones, Mirana must often play off to the side, concealed in the forest to line it up to hit an opponent hero.


If you find yourself in a dangerous scenario, Mirana’s Leap ability is a welcome source of relief. This talent has three charges that allow Mirana and her mount Sagan to sprint in any direction they face at casting. When used on time, this skill can be utilised to get you out of just about any sticky situation. 

When using Leap, you’ll need to use it quickly to avoid being burst down by Mirana’s low health reserve. At first glance, the three charges on this skill seem like a lot. However, the recharge time is 45 seconds. This is why you can’t use Leap again after using them.

Moonlight Shadow

Compared to other heroes, Moonlit Shadow’s ultimate impact is more challenging to measure. In contrast to other ultimates, Mirana’s teammates are rendered invisible, regardless of where they are on the map when Moonlit Shadow is cast. 

This effect is versatile and has many uses including organising a collective movement or rescuing an ally who has become stranded far across the map. Turning your entire team invisible, especially at lower levels of play, results in many fights being won for your team without the need for Sentry Wards or Dust of Appearance.


Mirana’s greatest asset is her multitasking ability which allows her to roam and farm simultaneously. Use Sacred Arrow on the creep’s ranged attack as soon as you are in the lane. To help you and your lane companion play more aggressively. This results in the lane pushing towards your opponents. Kill the large neutral creeps in the adjacent large neutral camp with the second Sacred Arrow. 

Bring a Sentry Ward with you in case the neutral camp is blocked. As long as you keep stacking it, you can effectively trade with the opposing support as you continue to farm large neutral creeps. Then you can start advancing towards the active rune and assist your mid laner in securing it. You can also use Sacred Arrow to set up a kill. 

Amid a flurry of Siege Creep attacks, move to the middle or safe lane to finish them off. One of Mirana’s greatest advantages is her ability to damage Siege Creeps.

To set up a kill, use Moonlight Shadow once you reach level 6. Ask your teammates to relocate out of the enemy’s line of sight and unleash your ultimate. Sacred Arrow is the easiest approach to set up a kill, but you’ll need to ask your teammates to stun the target first.

Mirana becomes a vital member of the team’s fighting force by adding the Guardian Greaves and other items focused on team combat. Mirana can split push lanes to create space for her teammates due to her excellent mobility.


If the enemy countered you, as you learn more about the proper positioning and unique attacks of heroes, your playstyle would adapt accordingly. One tip you need to remember if they do counter you, all you need to do is to stick to the lane.  You don’t want to let the enemy get an advantage with a few kills if you die because a single death can give them an advantage for the rest of the game.


Compared to other heroes in the Dota 2 game, Mirana’s main items are not as easy to get. Building them is a process that requires careful planning and attention to detail. When purchasing, it’s best to do so in the following order: 

  • Aghanim’s Scepter
  • Diffusal Blade
  • Spirit Vessel

Diffusal Blade and Diffusal Scepter have something in common: footwear. Phase Boots, Guardian Greaves, and Power Treads are the most popular. However, their win rates can vary. 

Many players automatically choose Phase Boots even when they are not the best options. You should only purchase them when your role is a roamer. If not, they will not benefit you as much.  

If you’re looking for a boost in intelligence, Power Treads is an excellent option. The Guardian Greaves are a valuable item as they allow you to use your skills quickly and replenish your teammates’ health and mana.

Mjollnir, Monkey King Bar, or Black King Bar are all excellent choices if you want to take your build in a more aggressive direction. Even if you don’t intend to use these as support, they all offer you a small amount of extra damage.

Allies and counters

With the help of allied heroes, Mirana is more efficient in launching effective Sacred Arrows. Bane, Shadow Demon, Faceless Void, Kunkka, Ember Spirit, and a slew of other heroes pair well with her.

Since Mirana has no way of dealing with illusion-based heroes such as Phantom Lancer, Naga can counter her. In addition, Mirana’s Sacred Arrow can be dispelled by Abaddon and Omniknight.

If you want to master Mirana to impact the Dota 2 battlefield, it is essential to familiarise yourself with her skills and gameplay. Once you’ve learned her skills well enough, it is easy for you to turn the game’s tide in your favour and help your teammates win fights. 

Top 10 unforgettable moments in Dota 2 esports

Esports has skyrocketed in popularity over the past decade when the fan bases of video games became more supportive of local and international tournaments. Dota 2 experienced the same hype from millions of fans around the world. 

Taking a look at hundreds of professional Dota 2 matches and tournaments held all over the world, there are moments where players get overly joyous and surprised with what they have witnessed. These moments came from feats nobody expected to have been pulled off, making them unforgettable.

So, which moves were considered by fans to be epic and iconic? Here are ten of the most unforgettable moments in Dota 2 esports:

Outlanders Patch

Starting this list with the update that changed Dota 2’s gameplay from 2019 onwards, the Outlanders Patch introduced the highest number of modifications to the game to date. First is the release of two heroes, Void Spirit and Snapfire. Then, changes to couriers, the map layout, and the secret shops have been made.

In addition, heroes now have a maximum level of 30, allowing them to unlock their entire talent tree.

$6 million Echo Slam

This explosive and nerve-racking play happened in The International 2015 finals between the Chinese Dota Elite Community Gaming (CDEC) and North American team Evil Geniuses (EG). The match was a best-of-five series and EG leads 2-1. In Game 4, CDEC figured they could take on Roshan after killing one EG member.

The rest of EG decided to contest the Roshan take and unleashed a flurry of ultimates which ended in Earthshaker’s Echo Slam, inflicting damage and stunning all CDEC members inside the pit. EG gained momentum after that play and eventually won the $6 million grand prize.

Dendi’s million-dollar Dream Coil

There are two million-dollar Dream Coils in TI’s history. The final match between Natus Vincere (Na’Vi) and EHOME has the former up 2-1 while the latter figured a Roshan takedown would give them a win.

Unfortunately for EHOME, Na’Vi’s Dendi cast Puck’s Dream Coil, catching all five of them while inside the pit, sealing their fate in the hands of Puck’s teammates Slardar, Weaver, Chen, and Beastmaster. Na’Vi won the final game of the series and, consequently, the TI 2011 title.

Na’Vi vs IG in TI 2012

Na’Vi appears once more on this list as they defend their title against Invictus Gaming (IG) in the finals of TI 2012. This time, Na’Vi is on the ropes 1-2, but they still wanted to put up a fight. Unfortunately for the Ukrainian team, the combo of Naga Siren’s Song of the Siren and Dark Seer’s Vacuum spelt the beginning of the end.

After being left helpless by the two consecutive crowd control abilities, all of Na’Vi’s players were badly wounded. IG didn’t allow them to recoup and finished the series as TI 2012 champions.

Fountain Hook

This move was shown in the upper bracket semi-finals of The International 2013 between TongFu and Na’Vi. The fountain hook was a combo move using Chen’s teleportation timed perfectly to Pudge’s meat hook, taking an opponent directly to Na’Vi’s fountain which instantly killed them.

Ceb’s Taunt

Here’s another from the TI finals, this time in 2018. OG’s Ana was surrounded by PSG.LGD players and was on the verge of dying when his teammate Ceb used his buyback and teleported to the bottom lane. Ceb managed to rescue Ana by using Axe’s Berserker’s Call and taunt three PSG.LGD players.

Ceb died again, but not before landing two Culling Blades. His brave rescue gave birth to the ‘CEEEEEEEB’ chat wheel famous among Dota 2 players these days.

Ferrari_430 kills an invisible Broodmother

Broodmother is a hero who is known to sneak around and move quickly against enemies using her spider web. Unfortunately, she met her match at The International 2012 in Templar Assassin.

Ferrari_430 is an IG player who became famous for using Templar Assassin to kill an invisible Broodmother without the help of detection items. What he did was he targeted the nearby creeps with Psionic blades which then dealt carryover damage to Broodmother.

Aegis denial by kYxY

A player named kYxY played for Neolution Orange at The International 2013, managing to reach the semi-finals where his team fought Na’Vi. Neolution Orange had the upper hand over Na’Vi. So, they decided to snowball further by killing Roshan.

NeolutionOrange succeeded in killing Roshan, but kYxY then made one of the biggest Dota 2 blunders in its esports history. He misclicked the Aegis of the Immortal, denying his team from having it. It got worse when Na’Vi successfully fought back and eliminated Neolution Orange.

OG’s back-to-back titles

OG is the only team to win The International back-to-back. What made this feat even more impressive is the team succeeded even without two players from its 2018 lineup. Add to that the fact that a Chinese team is the favourite to win the TI 2019 and you have a narrative that deserves to be made into a movie.

It wasn’t made into a movie, rather a documentary series was released depicting the struggles of OG from being the primary target of pro Dota 2 teams in 2018 to being an underdog in 2019.

First TI

Most of the entries on this list wouldn’t be documented if not for Valve’s announcement of the very first worldwide Dota 2 tournament which doubled as a showcase of the game to fans of the original Dota. Valve’s ambitious tournament proved to be a huge success, becoming an annual event with a substantial prize pool.

Through the 2011 event, fans were treated to a first look at Dota 2 and witnessed the crowning of Natus Vincere as the first ever TI champions.
It doesn’t matter whether they’re making a return or are debuting, pro players in Dota 2 tournaments are expected to demonstrate never-before-seen moves that will leave spectators awestruck. Ultimately, what these pros leave behind is the inspiration they instill on casual players to do their best on every game and make every moment count.

just one more episode
A look into Dota: Dragon’s Blood

Have you heard about one of the hottest news stories today? The new era of entertainment is video gaming, or more specifically online gaming. It is a multi-billion dollar industry that has towered over classics like films, music, and traditional sports. No wonder that several world-renowned studios and streaming service companies partner with game developers to release movie and TV show adaptations. 

To date, the biggest and most successful titles that were universally praised and celebrated include Arcane (League of Legends), The Witcher (The Witcher), Final Fantasy 14: Dad of Light (Final Fantasy), and now on this page, Dota: Dragon’s Blood (Dota 2). Finally in mid-2021 and early-2022, fans of arguably the most challenging multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game have gotten a spinoff anime fantasy series where they can enjoy watching an interesting storyline and supporting their favourite heroes. 

Here’s what you need to know about Dota: Dragon’s Blood. However, be warned! We are giving you a heads-up as early as now because if you haven’t completed the two seasons, the following information contains spoilers. 

Reception: A successful video game adaptation

Exclusivity is one of the challenges when watching video game TV show adaptations. Often, non-gamers and casual viewers have difficulty catching up with the context, storyline, and characters. It is, however, a different case with Dragon’s Blood. 

Dragon’s Blood currently has two seasons. Both of which are praised and commended by movie aggregator websites, critics, fans, and even casual viewers. Positive reviews regard how well it stayed true to the MOBA game inspiration — Season 1 (Book 1) for its world-building and character detail and Season 2 (Book 2) as a major improvement over the first. 

The making and release of Dota: Dragon’s Blood

Unlike Arcane, which was independently financed by League of Legends’ video game developer Riot Games, Dragon’s Blood was produced by Studio Mir and Kaiju Boulevard. It is possible that the involvement of Valve Corporation (Dota 2’s developer and publisher) includes input with the spinoff anime series. Although further details were not specified, what we are most certain of is that they trademarked ‘DOTA’. 

Since Dragon’s Blood is a joint collaboration between two South Korean studios (Studio Mir and Production Reve) and American company (Kaiju Boulevard), the animation style screams a blend of anime and Western animation. 

Dragon’s Blood Season 1 debuted on March 25, 2021 on Netflix. Producers promoted it with a teaser trailer released on February 19, a full trailer on March 1, and a promotional video entitled ‘Basshunter Dota Revival’ uploaded on YouTube. The latter content contains Swedish musician Jonas Erik Altberg singing ‘Vi sitter i Ventrilo och spelar DotA’ while playing Dota 2. 

Season 2, on the other hand, premiered on January 18, 2022, despite being originally set for release on January 6. Producers and Valve took this opportunity to promote the new original hero in Dota 2 patch 7.30, Marci. 

Meet the cast and characters

Ready to get behind the scenes of Dragon’s Blood? Meet the solid and talented cast (and their respective characters) who successfully brought the characters to life in the excellent animated series. They are listed as follows: 

  • Yuri Lowenthal as Davion
  • Lara Pulver as Princess Mirana
  • Tony Todd as Slyrak
  • Troy Baker as Invoker
  • Freya Tingley as Fymryn
  • Josh Keaton as Bram
  • Kari Wahlgren as Luna
  • Alix Wilton Regan as Selemene
  • Stephanie Jacobsen
  • Anson Mount as Kaden
  • JB Blanc as Terrorblade
  • Doug Bradley as Viceroy Kashurra
  • Julie Nathanson as Rylai
  • Victoria Atkins as Lina

Synopsis of the 2 seasons

The narrative is set in a mythical world of magic and mysticism and follows Davion, a Dragon Knight who hunts and slays dragons to make the world a safer place. An ancient dragon combines his soul with Davion during a fight between demons and the dragon race of Eldwurm. Davion embarks on a trip with the moon princess Mirana to stop the demon Terrorblade from killing all dragons and collecting their souls.

Season 1 (Book 1)

Episode 1: What the Thunder Said

There is no rest for the good and brave, especially when Dragon Knight Davion makes a foreboding discovery and meets a princess with a purpose. A ferocious battle burns its hero.

Episode 2: Princess of Nothing

Mirana and Marci assist Davion, who has limited memory. The Black Market calls, and Davion spits out a telltale ring, unleashing a beast inside.

Episode 3: Neverwhere Land

Continue to fantasise. A tormented Dragon Knight and a skilled lotus thief are both driven by visions. As Mirana is humbled by a perilous journey, Fymryn sets out to find her sorcerer.

Episode 4: The Monster at the End of This Book

Fear summons a goddess, and Davion seeks answers — or a battle — from a moody brother. Fymryn’s saviour is up against a strong luminary who is ready to wage war.

Episode 5: The Fire Sermon

While the Order heads to battle, the group deals with a rocky landing. Slyrak is on the rampage, and Davion must face the strong spirits of ancient dragons.

Episode 6: Knight, Death and the Devil

Fymryn and Luna make an appeal to their respective deities. The Invoker confronts Davion and Mirana with harsh reality, which subsequently leads to a broken deal.

Episode 7: Speak the Words

A bereaved father recalls his daughter’s memories. Fymryn, up to her old pranks, rushes into a dragon’s nest, leaving Davion to risk everything.

Episode 8: A Game of Chess

Old friends — and foes — resurface. Mirana and Fymryn strive to make things right, but a goddess has other intentions, and harsh oblivion calls.

Season 2 (Book 2) 

Episode 9: Nothing with Nothing

The Invoker confronts Selemene after negotiating a bargain with a demon. Mirana and Luna are in charge of the troops. Davion discovers a life-threatening discovery.

Episode 10: My Sword, My Life

As a squire stands forward and a patriarch plays on inner anxieties, a swarm like no other threatens the keep. Mirana, desperate for assistance, finds safety — or does she?

Episode 11: The Lady of Situations

Chaos descends on siblings due to a lack of confidence and trust. As a princess returns to her roots, Davion’s troop seeks refuge with a one-of-a-kind dragon.

Episode 12: Desolate and Empty the Sea

Mirana strikes a contract to purchase an army. Bram’s game shows a new side to him. Davion travels to the Helio Imperium in search of the Eye of the World Wyrm. 

Episode 13: The Burial of the Dead

Mirana’s roots are revealed as the hunt for an assassin intensifies. A goddess full of remorse, an elf uncovered, and a princess on the verge. 

Episode 14: The Hyacinth Girl

Is Davion’s music no longer heard? Lina goes up against Slyrak. A poetry-spinning dragon ushers in the sun, and then the Imperium is shaken by a stunning power manoeuvre.

Episode 15: The Violet Hour

In this episode, a leader emerges. Davion is confronted by a forgery. Lina admits her guilt. Fymryn is troubled by remorse, a monster, and a promise. A power emerges from behind the scenes.

Episode 16: Unreal City

Darkness emerges – and demands sacrifices. Davion puts everything on the line, Bram rises to the situation, and Mirana strives for inner power.

how to play PA
Dota 2 hero guide: How to effectively play Phantom Assassin

Dota 2 is like the ocean, featuring an ever-changing meta and sophisticated mechanics. It is so deep and challenging that in order to fully enjoy its bliss, you must first scale the high mountains of skill development. 

Although Dota 2 has such a factor called a range of ‘player experience’, you can already pass a tough yet exciting test with the right beginner hero. If your gameplay matches the likes of someone who delivers very fast and powerful hits, here’s what you need to know about Phantom Assassin. 

About Mortred, the Phantom Assassin

Carry is a difficult position for newbies to master. Yet if you want to be a strong Dota 2 player, you should start studying it now, and one of the best heroes to practice with is Phantom Assassin. 

Mortred, the Phantom Assassin is a member of the enigmatic Veiled Sisters, who are known for killing random individuals for unknown reasons. Yet most likely, it is to maintain a delicate balance in this universe. She can approach a target quickly and deliver strong strikes in the game. Her initial defence and health are low, but dodging allows her to evade direct hits.

Phantom Assassin uses her Stifling Dagger to inflict damage and delay an opponent. Her skill called Phantom Strike is an extremely useful teleportation mastery, for it allows her to immediately hop to an opponent and attack them more effectively. Another of her popular ability called Blur, on the other hand, is used to dodge assaults and temporarily become invisible.

By far of Dota 2’s meta changes, the most potent ability of Phantom Assassin is also the most simple to use because it is passive. This is Coup de Grace, and it improves the likelihood of a critical strike with the normal attack or Stifling Dagger. Read further on this page to get to know more about her abilities, item builds, and matchups. These basic qualities will help you understand how to effectively navigate her through the game. 


Bring the best of Phantom Assassin as you learn all about her five following abilities. 

  1. Stifling Dagger

This is your instrument for pestering, farming, and killing. The spell is quite effective at securing last-hits in the lane. Once hit, the spell delivers a slow debuff and does damage to a hero, including any item modifications and passive abilities.

  1. Phantom Strike

Like what was mentioned above, this skill is both a mobility and killing tool for you. The spell causes Phantom Assassin to blink on top of the target, whether it is an adversary or a comrade. So, if you blink on top of an adversary, you will get an extra 2 seconds of attack speed.

  1. Blur

Whenever enemy heroes are around, don’t forget that Phantom Assassin’s Blur skill can render her invisible. This spell is excellent for harvesting neutral stacks and travelling around the battlefield undetected, thereby making her very powerful against heroes that do not naturally build MKB — such as Anti-Mage, Spectre, and Luna — since it forces them to spend 5,000 gold on an item they don’t actually want. 

As previously stated, Phantom Assassin’s Blur may be used to avoid spells and ranged auto attacks if engaged at the right time. Meaning, it may also be highly disorienting and irritating to play against, so use this after your initial leap to give yourself some time. 

  1. Coupe De Grace (Ultimate)

There isn’t much to say about Coup De Grace because it is what allows Phantom Assassin to get the job done: attacking with skill but passively. Her distinguishing attribute as a carry hero is the massive increase in her critical damage, thereby making her so strong among other Dota 2 beginner heroes. 

  1. Aghanim’s Shards: Fan of Knives

This new upgrade to Phantom Assassin allows her to eliminate heroes that previously possessed annoying passives, such as Tidehunter, Spectre, and Bristleback, among others. The Area of Effect (AoE) break on this skill makes it difficult to miss, and it aids Phantom Assassin in cutting through even the tankiest opponents.

Item builds

Another interesting fact about Phantom Assassin is that she is heavily reliant on items. She will have a lot of difficulties in the fight if she doesn’t blast the first target she jumps on. So, here we list down the appropriate items you ought to bring out as we navigate you through the different phases of the game.  

  1. Before the game starts

To begin with, you should bring out two sets of Tangoes, a Quelling Blade, an Iron Branch, Slippers of Agility, and a Faerie Fire.

Quelling Blade improves Phantom Assassin’s farming abilities. She can farm the gear she needs to start being successful in a match by being able to last-hit more readily and kill neutral camps faster. Second, Iron Branch provides a cost-effective boost to her qualities and may be upgraded into Magic Wand. Third, Faerie Fire allows you to survive the early combat and grants an additional two damage.

  1. Early-game

Bring two Wraith Bands early in the game, to be followed by Power Treads and a Magic Wand. The former dramatically improves Phantom Assassin’s battle efficiency and survival by increasing agility and attack speed.

Phantom Assassin can switch to strength to gain more health, or intellect to use spells (i.e. Stifling Dagger than can attribute to her intelligence). The latter, on the other hand, can significantly boost her survival and effectiveness in the early game. It offers a minimal number of characteristics as well as massive charge storage for burst health and mana regen. Either way, both of which are critical for an agility hero with low strength and intellect.

  1. Mid-game

You should go for Battle Fury, Desolator, and a Black King Bar in the mid-game. Battle Fury is vital for Phantom Assassin because she has little farming potential (i.e. farm-dependent melee hero). You should have no issue collecting all of the other equipment you need with this item because it offers you additional damage. 

You can, however, skip it when you need to enter combat as soon as possible. So, if the enemy side begins with a strong start, then it is where you should instantly summon Desolator to enter combat.

  1. Late-game

The aim during the later-game is to obtain Abyssal Blade and Satanic. After you have finished your standard item build, you can consider Divine Rapier.

Abyssal Blade can provide Phantom Assassin with the lockdown and damage she requires to rapidly remove critical opponents in combat. After using Phantom Strike on an opponent, she can stun them with the smash. Satanic, on the other hand, increases her durability in team battles by letting her quickly replenish her health with Coup de Grace critical strikes.

Hero verdict: Matchups for Phantom Assassin

Phantom Assassin could be a viable carry, but only if she avoids heroes that aren’t good for her and work with those that compliment her abilities. Listed below are her hero matchups.

Heroes Phantom Assassin must avoid

  • Axe
  • Bane
  • Broodmother
  • Centaur Warruner
  • Dragon Knight
  • Lina
  • Lion
  • Morphling
  • Omniknight
  • Phoenix

Heroes Phantom Assassin can work well with

  • Ancient Apparition
  • Beastmaster
  • Magnus
  • Slardar
  • Vengeful Spirit
  • Shadow Fiend
  • Dazzle

Phantom Assassin is a highly recommended Dota 2 hero for those who like assassins or heroes that rely heavily on their skills to deal damage and kill enemies. She is so powerful that she requires you to invest a lot of gold in order to make her more powerful with items.