why mirana is one of the best heroes in dota 2
Why Mirana is one of the best heroes in Dota 2

Mirana is one of the best heroes that Dota 2 players love to use. The Princess of the Moon has been one of the regulars in the game and she is always a top pick to win matches. Her skills and easy use have led her to be the best hero for most tourneys up to this moment.

Mirana is a mid hero that produces strong stats in the entire game. This made her one of the most popular heroes in Dota 2. She is naturally a mid hero because she has strong stats for the entire game. However, in recent years, most Dota 2 players have tried to use her as a support hero.

Mirana is a well-rounded hero who can fill every role needed in a team. Her skills can get her to disable, nuke, push, escape or even gank heroes at any given time. Depending on the lineup, Mirana can serve as a carry, semi carry, roamer, support or even jungler if the team needs her to do so.

Playing her in that role was just a unique experience before but with her Sacred Arrow maxing out as a five-second stun, it is hard to deny that playing her in that role is what’s best. Moonlight Shadow is also a strong skill to help the team because it makes the entire ally team invisible which can help them either engage or escape team fights. 

While she is mostly played in the support role nowadays, you can still have her as a core hero when needed. She can farm fast due to her stats but she also has Starstorm which she can use to flash-farm creeps. When she gets the right items, you can rely on Mirana to be a hard-hitter in the late game because of her agility stats and the item build.

Mirana is a versatile hero

As a ranged agility hero, Mirana uses her skills to get the jump on other heroes. She is even used to chase even some of the fastest heroes in the game. The hero is a great huntress and her skills have proved to be a great help in crucial games.

Mirana is played as a roamer at most. In the early game, players use her Sacred Arrow to stun enemies in the lane and set up for a kill. Mirana players should buy wards when needed and they can even turn her into a hero that can deal a lot of damage and match the best carries in the game.

If Mirana has a good early game, players can even direct her to be a carry right away. Items such as Manta Style and the Stygian Desolator can help her get a bigger damage. Some players even put Aghanim’s Scepter to allow her to deal damage at burst rate on more than two heroes.

Thanks to her low base strength and low growth rate, Mirana is frail unless built with the right items. She needs to focus on Leap and Moonlight Shadow to get some advantages over the enemy and turn a big chance to score kills as well.

The low rate of intelligence means she needs more mana items and that means Mirana players need to give her those items with double purpose. Arcane Boots is the best pick among those since it gives mana and additional speed at the same time.

This strong build for Mirana may turn out to be a rewarding end for her since she can max out most of her stats. That means that every build for Mirana is centred around improving her attack and intelligence at the same time, which means a lot for her growth to start off the game.

Mirana’s skills are deadly when used well

Starstorm calls down big meteors that deal damage to any enemies near Mirana. A second star strike will deal more damage and it is a nuke move that allows her to kill any chasing units. This is why it is easy to master this skill in the early game to earn creep kills.

Sacred Arrow works like a charm since this arrow moves in one direction and can deal a huge chunk of damage to enemy heroes and can instantly take out any creep or non-Ancients. This skill is hard to manage but landing a long range arrow can be promising and can open up more chances for heroes to get a big kill.

Leap is a good spell to use with Mirana jumping forward. This is a key skill that can help her get a chance to escape or get to a good spot where she can score skills in a snap. That makes it easy for Mirana players to join clashes as well, and this move is popular among many esports Canada players.

Moonlight Shadow works like a charm since it places a buff on all allied heroes. This gives them a short time to be invisible and move faster as long as they do not attack or cast spells. In turn, it would give her allies some time to get into position to spot and put up either an ambush or move out of the area to escape.

Mastering Mirana’s skills is a huge plus especially in late game. A maxed out Mirana will surely deal a lot of damage to her enemies and even crush them in a single blow. She can take on any opponent when not caught by surprise. This only shows a lot of promise for Mirana’s abilities since it can take out a whole squad if used well.

Mirana is definitely a promising hero to use in Dota 2, this says a lot about the rising usage rate for the hero since the last The International was played. Mirana may just be the strongest hero there is if used right. That shows how the hero is still one of the iconic heroes in the game and has been there since the Defence of the Ancients mod from Warcraft III.

If players can master how Mirana works well with other heroes, she may turn the tide of any game and give them a lot of wins in the long run. That shows how much of a great hero Mirana is if used well.

Elite heroes to use in pro Dota 2 gaming
Elite heroes to use in pro Dota 2 gaming

Dota 2 has a lot of heroes for starters that can be quite difficult to use. This only shows that there are some of those heroes that can be tiring to use for newbies but a lot promising for certain players who play at an elite level.

Dota 2 has been one of the best games that showed a lot of options for players to play at their own pace. Each hero is unique and has a lot of skills to choose from. They also have varying builds depending on their roles, which only means that they need to learn each of those to thrive.

These heroes are always dependent on the meta and are designed to be stronger than the usual baby heroes in the game. Dota 2 created a lot of heroes with various abilities and advantages over others, and it is up to the players to make it work.

Players have made some strategies of their own to make use of some of the top heroes in the game over the years. Here are some of the elite heroes that players should use in pro Dota 2 gaming:

Queen of Pain

The Queen of Pain is known as one of the biggest icons in the game thanks to her skillset. Akasha is one of the best heroes that can deal damage in a huge area, which is why players use her in key games that need coverage. 

QoP is known for her ability to use sounds to her advantage and score kills while distracting her enemies. She is played in the middle lane as a ganker and even as a semi-carry. She can appear in battle and score big hits and flee with ease when needed. 

She is one of the heroes who need to be in a great position to make big hits with her skills. Most pro players use Akasha to trap heroes and lead allies to a strong spot where they can kill the rest of the enemies.

When using her spells, it is best to add spell boosters such as Aghanim’s Scepter and it should be the first item for QoP. Unless players have no gold, Orchid Malevolence is the next build for her and it should even move on to the Scythe of Vyse. 

QoP users who die most of the time should add a Linken’s Sphere and Shiva’s Guard is the next best option. Both items work well to add extra armour and burst damage as well.

Arc Warden

The Arc Warden is an agility hero who serves both as a hitter and a support at the same time. Zet has the ability to cripple an enemy down and deal big damage. He can also create shields for his allies and buildings and gain swift attack speed at the same time.

Zet also can place wraiths that can attack a nearby enemy and has a lot of magical damage. Arc Warden can also create a perfect copy of himself and use all of the skills and items at the same time. That makes the hero a menace to deal with at any point in the game.

Maelstrom is a good build for Zet and adding a Boots of Travel helps him traverse the map for farming, fighting and split pushing. He also needs mana to farm lanes and neutrals with the bonus attack speed from Magnetic Field. 

Zet is also squishy in the early game but he can work with them by adding certain heroes who can help him rotate to his lane. Vision is a huge weapon for him to avoid incoming ganks. Without a Blink Dagger or other escape tools, it would be fatal for Arc Warden to get ganked as well.


Mogul Khan is one of the best melee heroes in the game and he is known for sparking chaos in battle. As one of the best initiators, his strong style needs him to be up close and personal against his enemies. He can rack up a lot of kills in just a snap which makes him a dangerous foe to face.

Axe is one of the heroes that can harass others, thanks to his attack speed and huge base damage. That gives him an edge over other melee heroes who have to fight him at any part of the map. His skills are also a strong factor for his rising usage in most tourneys in the current meta.

Axe is a strong initiator, and this is his edge that players should use all the time. His piercing spell in Berserker’s call makes him strong in clashes and one on one battles. On top of that, he can use his Battle Hunger to boost his speed and Counter Helix to shred many enemies at once. Cunning Blade is even an instant win to wreak havoc at any point in the game.

In the late game, players even try to use Berserker’s Call as much as they can in any fight. This gives them a huge boost and could even make it easy for Axe to move in and out of a fight. There are big chances that he can get out of it without any scratch.


Enigma is a tactical spellcaster who has a lot of tough skills. Playing him needs players to be efficient when it comes to farming and they would also need to work on their positioning to use his gravity-related abilities at most. A well-played Enigma can take on a whole team on his own and decide a match outcome as well. 

There are many ways to use Enigma in games, but most players try to use him early in the jungle to farm with efficiency. His Eidolons are the best to set up either ganks or farms, so it is important for players to put mastery on that skill first.

He also has a limited casting range, but enough to cover a lot of area within his sight. It is important to build him with some of the best position tools such as the Blink Dagger or Force Staff. He should have the role of a ward supporter for the whole team or either have someone else do that for him. Players also use him as a carry with the use of wards or the Gem of True Sight, which is a huge help for all Dota 2 teams.

Heroes vary from one another, but it all depends on how players would work on their games and push for a win. At the end of the day, it is how players manage their heroes’ builds and skills at a given game, and there is no guarantee that picking the right hero can lead to a win in the end.

Best Baby heroes
The best baby heroes to use in Dota 2

Starting out your Dota 2 journey can be tough. Dota 2 games present a huge challenge at times and it even calls for a little bit of experience to get a win. This is why it is important to start out with easy heroes at first before going pro.

People think that winning Dota 2 games are easy, but then it is all about getting a good groove going while also striving for victory.  Choosing the right hero matters a lot, but it also means that newbies have to learn how to use each of these heroes.

Dota 2 heroes vary from difficulty and skillset. Some heroes have two active skills and two passive skills. Others have four active skills, which means that players have to make use of those to be effective on the battlefield. 

Learning how to play some of the so-called ‘baby heroes’ in Dota 2 is a good start to become one of the best players in the game. These baby heroes are considered easy to use since they do not need full skill management or do not have any complicated skills to utilise. 

Here are some of the baby heroes that you should learn how to use in Dota 2:


Lion may be hard to control with his four active skills, but you can use him as a hitter or support depending on how well you control his skills. Staying on the easy lane is a good start and you can add a lot of items to help him be sturdier.

Using Earth Spike to stun an enemy then turn them into a frog with Hex works like charm. This is the best combo you can use at most. Unlike any heroes in the game, he has a ton of mana which makes it easy to win in duels.

Make sure you know how to use his skills well. Managing his item build is one, but learning how his skills work is a big challenge for many. That is the big jump from being a beginner to starting your pro run.


Bristleback is not your average hero as it is even used by the pros. This beast is a durable hero who has a large amount of health in the game and can be boosted with a lot of items. He is very good for new players who want to try the offlaner role. You may even farm in the forest with him.

You can use his Viscous Nasal Goo to slow down enemies and damage their armours at the same time. The Quill Spray deals a lot of damage as long as it hits more heroes in the long run. His two passive skills mean there is less need for a bigger management of skills.


You may have seen him as the dark horse rider, and this hero can play a lot of roles in the game. Abbadon has a lot of skills that work well in any situation, so he is a great pick for starters. Most players use him as a hard laner or support to begin with.

This hero gives a feeling of power. You can use his skills to get a lot of kills or add more defence to your teammates as well. His health is also big for a starter hero so he can’t be killed easily.

Using the Mist Coil can take out a chunk of your enemy’s health or heal your teammates. Aphotic Shield adds a layer of magical energy to add more defence and damage attackers when it bursts. Using the strike Curse of Avernus slows down your enemies and can even silence them when you hit them four times.

Dragon Knight

Dragon Knight is one of the best heroes who can stay in his lane for as long as you want. He has a passive skill that heals his health and has a very good defence and offence. His speed also makes him a top pick for you since newbies try to roam the map at most.

DK is one of the must-play heroes in Dota 2. You can stay alone in the lane and gain a lot of XP in just a snap. He is a top pick in many tourneys and is a great hero to begin your Dota 2 journey as well.

Most players tend to use his Elder Dragon Form, which is maximised by the Black King Bar in most games. His skills are always on point and you can make him a hitter and even a support at any point in the game.

Crystal Maiden

Crystal Maiden is one of the best heroes you can use when it comes to dealing a lot of damage. She is a very dangerous hero who can be used by a lot of beginners. CM may be fragile and slow, but players can take their time to learn how her skills can be used for the best.

Lots of Dota 2 players use her as a carry, and you can say that it is her best role. She can slow down a lot of enemies with her ice skills and even restore mana to her teammates. This is easier for you to manage since there are only a few problems to deal with.

Using Crystal Maiden needs a lot of practice for you to become a reliable support. Freezing Field makes her special and this is the reason she is a great hero for starters.


Lich is almost the same as Crystal Maiden when it comes to their ice-based skills. Most players tend to use him as a defender and even a support in most games. You can start him on the easy lane and use his killing skills to deal a lot of damage to squishy heroes.

You can use Frost Blast to deal a lot of damage and slow down escaping enemies. Frost Shield can be used as a barrier from attacks and his Sinister Gaze drains their mana and slows their speed at the same time.

Chain Frost can be used to deal big damages to his enemies and come back even stronger. You can put a lot of those skills to use in team fights and score a lot of kills in the long run.

These baby heroes are easy to use as long as newbies get to focus on their skills and builds. This means that they have to be ready when it comes to their intense Dota 2 matches as well. No player got lucky by winning all the time, and it is easy to expect that they will strive to learn how to make the most of it.

Learning how to play these baby heroes is a huge step to becoming the best Dota 2 player out there, and no one can deny that it is the next level that every player wants to reach.

Four Dota 2 heroes you can rely on for big games
Four Dota 2 heroes you can rely on for big games

There is a wide variety of Dota 2 heroes to choose from, and it is easy to expect that players will also have a tough time in choosing which of these strong heroes would be good at a given game. This is why it is always a must to know a lot about these heroes if they want to win.

Dota 2 started out as a revamped version of the Warcraft III mod Defence of the Ancients. It was a big hit among the masses. A lot of players until today continue to enjoy its gameplay, thanks to its continuous growth backed by Valve.

On top of that, a lot of heroes have been added into the fray ever since. Players have found the best ones to pick in tight games especially if they are playing in Dota 2 tournaments. 

However, there are certain heroes who are excellent in most games. This means that while some heroes may be good for a given meta, it all depends on how players use them. Here are four Dota 2 heroes you can rely on big games:


Puck does better with rune control than any other hero in the game. The build for this hero is quite simple with the current patch making him a strong option at most. The best way to win with Puck is to get him a bottle and capture the best orbs. 

Most players go for the Illusory Orb to get the ranged creeps which makes him hard to kill and it deals more damage to players at the same time. The build for his skills is also flexible since you can get a point in Phase Shift early and max out the Illusory Orb and put Waning Rift at last.

For items, Puck always works best with the Witchblade to go with Boots of Travel to keep map pressure at all times. Blink Dagger is also a win for him since it puts him with a much faster attack and some even go for Dagon if they need to deal burst damage in clashes in every Dota game.

Players can even opt to go for Aghanim’s Scepter as well. Once players get their ult with Puck, it is easy to rotate and kill a core in a side lane as well. There is also a big chance that players can take out the mid heroes either with allies or even alone if a good rune is in their arsenal when they attack right away.

Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter is one of the best heroes when it comes to roaming around the map. Just like Warlock, BH’s Shard makes him a great pick in the patch. He has a lot of great skills that can be upped by the said item, so getting him that Shard is the first priority for most players.

Using Shadow Walk gives him 35% damage reduction while he is invisible, and a stunning move when attacking. Players can run up hills with no fear and attack enemies with a quick blow. 

In the lane, the best way to make BH work is to hit the enemies with Jinada off cooldown then weave in and out of the lane. That should prevent pulls and ruin the opponent’s support. Players can do more when it comes to harassing other heroes with his skills since he packs a lot of punches.

Most players get to start with some boots and Jinada and push through the jungle. Others tend to put Shadow Walk first to get most of the runes as well. That all depends on the play style that the player wants to use.

For item builds, most pros try to put in Tranquil or Phase Boots, Orb of Corrosion and Solar Crest. Urn of Shadows on its own is also a good pick and ups to a Spirit Vessel as soon as it counters an enemy. 

Centaur Warrunner

Centaur is a beefy boy who can be unkillable at the hands of a great player. Most players tend to use him in the lane; no use of the jungle at this point as he is always aggressive. 

In the lane, most players tend to go for Hoof Stomp to deal in some stun damage then go for more attacks with Retaliate. Most players then follow it with the Double Edge since it can keep on putting up more attacks even against the towers.

If all goes smoothly, the best build for Centaur is to go for Vanguard first to make him rock solid in HP then add the Hood of Defiance and go for Blink Dagger as soon as there is enough gold. The items should be able to blend well with the skills that the hero has since he is a hard hitter.

As soon as Blink Dagger is bought, the last piece to build for Centaur is the Crimson Guard or Pipe of Insight. The Shard is a welcome sight for him as well since it puts Double Edge to go up by 15% in strength in 15 seconds while slowing enemies by 25% in two seconds.


Warlock is great when it comes to team fights. He is also best when used with an Aghanim’s Shard that ups all of his skills. His Shadow Word can apply to all units in a 450 unit radius and gives a 10% speed bonus to allies while slowing down enemies by the same number.

In the lane, Warlock’s job is to stand behind the carry and try to harass the enemy. He can heal their safe lane player as well, which can give others a chance to thrive early. There are many styles when it comes to using Warlock in the game.

Players need to give their full attention in every lane that Warlock plays in. They need to look out for heroes who can purge the bonds and allies who need some heals. They also need to hold back in using damaging spells in the lane since Warlock is a late-game hero. That’s why using Warlock is for players who are patient enough.

When it comes to item builds, most pros use Arcane Boots, Glimmer Cape, Aether Lens, then Aghanim’s Shard as soon as players can get one. When they have the gold, they can opt to go for the Aghanim’s Scepter too.

Using these heroes may not guarantee a win, but it takes a lot of grit for players to make the most of their games and win them as well. Players have to work hard and play hard to ensure they get the best wins out there.

How to Play Oger Magi
The ultimate guide to playing Ogre Magi

Playing a support role is a godsend to your team. Supporters generally have the most important task in preparing the ally carries for the late game. These responsibilities include babysitting them in their lanes and opening the map to provide vision to the team. 

However, supports are normally squishy with low health points and armour that make them easy targets for the enemy team. One support sticks out of the norm that has great bulk and farming capabilities that can uplift the team to superiority.

This hero is of course Ogre Magi who has a plethora of useful skills that help allies get a kill and push towers like it’s nothing. If you want to get better at playing support heroes in Dota 2, then here is a guide to learning one of the easiest and most effective characters in the game.

Abilities overview 

Ogre Magi is an intelligence melee hero who has a plethora of disables on top of their useful ultimate that buffs allies and towers to generate more offence. This two-headed monster can lane against enemies with hard-hitting heroes in the early game. 

Here are their skills that you need to learn to better utilise them in the game:


This target unit skill deals damage and stuns the enemies for 1.5 seconds at every usage. While it may look like a normal stun at first, it synergises incredibly well with its other skills, especially their ultimate. 

It’s important to mention that Fireblast first applies the damage of 70 to 250 from levelling up then debuffs the enemy with armour reduction for 10 seconds. 

This skill is helpful during dire situations or potential skills where a carry hero can quickly finish off. If an enemy hero is about to flee in the battle scene, hitting your ‘Q’ will help your lane push the creepwave and get you a higher chance of killing the heroes against you.


Ignite is another target unit skill that slows the enemy for 20% to 26% upon levelling up. Furthermore, the casks that Ogre will throw at the enemy will burn, dealing damage over time for 20 to 50 seconds. 

This is incredibly important when the enemy unit has really low HP and is about to die. The burn will slowly deplete the health points and eventually kill them in the process. Together with their ‘Q’, this is a deadly attack that will deal so much damage and cripple the enemy heroes when laning. 


Bloodlust is a target unit or toggle autocast ability that increases both movement and attack speeds for both Ogre Magi and nearby ally units and heroes. This is a great skill for supporting since it’s aura-based which means it acts as a battery for more damage. 

While it sounds like an average ability seen in the most common carry heroes, it will make sense later why this ability is so overpowered once you get your ultimate. 


Arguably one of the best support ultimates in the game, multicast enables Ogre Magi to cast his skills and items multiple times in a single use. This grants double or even quadruple the effects of his ‘Q’ and ‘W’.

The multicast ability can range from 2 to 4 multipliers where you can seriously do a lot of damage to the enemies. When paired with a damage dealing carry and sem-carry hero, your team can potentially wreak havoc in the map. 

Pros and cons of using Ogre Magi 

As you can see, Ogre Magi have a unique skill set that allows them to potentially help teams destroy the opposing roster of heroes. However, there are still a few problems with Ogre that you need to worry about. Here are their pros and cons:


  • Ogre Magi’s disables are incredibly crippling and can be devastating in the early game. When you are paired with another disabler, you will become the most annoying lane for your enemies. 
  • Ogre Magi’s defences are among the highest in the intelligence tier. They are almost comparable to average strength heroes with high HP and physical armour that prevents them from dying easily. When paired with defence-boosting items and heals, you are quite impossible to kill. 
  • Multicast is a great ultimate for not only yourself, but your allies as well. You can utilise this by being near your allies and give them boosts when trying to hunt a hero or destroy a tower. 
  • Ogre’s item build is not too expensive which means they don’t need to farm a lot during the game. This caters to their support role that will lead carry heroes to farm more efficiently without disrupting their economical movements around the map. 
  • Ogre’s skills scale well and have relatively low cooldowns. This means that you can potentially spam your disables while dealing more damage even through the latter parts of the game due to multicast. 


  • Ogre Magi are among the slowest heroes in the game. While you may have high defences, you might die easily if caught by another disabler or damage-dealing hero. 
  • While multicast is a great ultimate, it is still luck reliant depending on 8x multipliers to really deal heavy damage.
  • It’s a melee hero which might be harder to lane. Ranged enemy heroes can simply harass you until you have below 50% health which is within the kill zone. 
  • Low intelligence despite being an intelligence hero. This also means that you’re going to have low intelligence gains that won’t add to your magic resistance. 

Ogre Magi item build 

When playing Ogre Magi, your items will heavily depend on the circumstances. Here are the usual builds that you need to learn in the most crucial situations:

Standard build 

This build is the most common that you can rely on in every situation. Here are the needed items and why you should get them:

Early game

Tango – Healing for the early game is helpful, especially as a high strength hero which means you can quickly recover health from harasses. Furthermore, you will also need this since you’re a melee hero which means you will be hit a lot from ranged attacks. 

Enchanted Mango – Mana is important as it allows easy access to your skills

Orb of Venom – Any melee hero should have an Orb of Venom equipped for better last hitting chances due to slow damage overtime bonuses. 

Observer and Sentry Ward – You are a support after all, so start warding the map!

Tranquil Boots – Since Ogre Magi is needed at all times and will face enemies as a melee hero support, Tranquil Boots provide solid healing to achieve mobility when warding and ganking. 

Magic Wand – Since you are reliant on your skills, a magic wand is needed for quick heals and added defence and health points.

Core items 

Aether Lens – Used to increase cast range and hit enemy heroes from far away. 

Force Staff – Adds intelligence gains and allows Ogre Magi to be more mobile during team fights due to quick blinks and going on top of terrains. 

Glimmer  Cape – An extremely useful item to help allies escape and stat boosts for your intelligence abilities. 

Optional items 

Lotus Orb – For heroes like Queen of Pain and stunners, this is excellent to bounce off skills. 

Aghanim’s Sceptre – Ogre Magi will double its Multicast multipliers to 8x which provides even more damage. 

Octarine Core – Highly optional but not needed in any way. This is only recommended if you are in the late game and your team is snowballing hard.

Eul’s Sceptre – For added mobility and cancels a lot of teleports and can save you from stuns and incoming ganks by using it upon yourself. 

Heroes who are weak against Ogre Magi

Here are the heroes who will not seek to fight Ogre when they approach:


Especially with items, Earthshaker’s stuns can quickly be marginalised due to lower cooldowns and Ogre’s faster response time when synergising their Q and W. When Earthshaker uses his first skill, Ogre can simply Q back and run or either have allies help for a kill.

Templar Assassin

Basically any shield-based heroes, Ogre’s second skill can diminish that in seconds due to their strong damage overtime W. 


Weaver is incredibly weak against stunners and with her low defence and health points, she can quickly get killed in team ganks. 

Ogre Magi is among the easiest heroes to use in Dota 2 because they don’t need to buy the most expensive items in the shop. You can dominate the game without having strong items and your allies will benefit from your skills which will lead to more wins and rank ups in the future. 

Popular dota teams
Popular Dota 2 teams in esports history

As more players get the chance to learn the mechanics of Dota 2, the better they understand the esports scene surrounding the game. With the increasing popularity of the game, the rise of its esports market also grew to now being one of the most profitable industries in the world. 

Naturally, professional players are going to spring up to the scene and make the most out of their skill sets to showcase to enthusiastic fans. There have been legendary teams that participated in major tournaments like The International (TI). 

But, which teams are the most popular that contributed to the growing success of Dota 2’s esports? Here are some that made a great impression in the league throughout the years:

Natus Vincere 

Natus Vincere or ‘Na’Vi’ is the team that made the Dota 2 esports a remarkable market. In fact, Na’Vi will forever be remembered as the first team to win the first The International against EHOME. 

Popular players like Danil ‘Dendi’ Ishutin and Clement ‘Puppey’ Ivanov made a name for themselves with Na’Vi and became legends in the esports scene. Their amazing combos and spectacular plays like ‘Fountain Pudge’ is just the cherry on top. Natus Vincere was established in December 2009 as a Counter-Strike team rather than Dota 2.

Evil Geniuses 

Evil Geniuses is one of the older organisations in the esports industry established in 1999. EG is also one of the teams that shaped the Dota 2 esports landscape by providing exceptional talent in the market. 

In the history of its organisation and its affiliation with the game, they had a lot of talented players like Artour ‘Arteezy’ Babaev who is now regarded as one of the most influential players in esports. 

Furthermore, EG won the 2015 The International against CDEC that secured their first Dota 2 championship. To top it all off, they also earned $6,616,014 for their amazing display and pursued to become better the following years. 

While they have never gained back the title after their first championship, they still made a lot of influence due to sheer talent and grit alone. The 2015 TI was known for EG’s incredible combo use of Ice Blast and Echo Slam in quick succession. 

Arguably the greatest play ever that secured them $6 million, EG will forever be remembered as one of the top teams in the history of Dota 2 esports. 


Team OG is another team that brought Dota 2 to popularity among younger audiences after winning the 2018 TI. It’s one of the greatest achievements for any Dota 2 team due to how the game ended. 

Prior to The International 2018, OG wasn’t really the team to look out for. Instead, they hit-rock bottom before the tournament even began and were struggling to make it to the top. 

However, Sebastian ‘Ceb’ Debs’ Axe made perhaps the play of the century by activating Berserker’s Call that kept OG’s hard-carry Phantom Lancer alive. With that simple play, OG completed their incredible run after being underdogs throughout the tournament and won about $11 million. 

This is heavily documented as one of the most impressive wins in TI history. With that simple ‘Q’, it ended the game against PSG.LGD and rallied through the TI victory. 


Alliance is one of the most popular Dota 2 teams and have made one of the best plays during The International. Alliance is a gaming organisation that was founded in 2013 and is currently owned by Jonathan ‘Loda’ Berg. 

The glory days of Alliance started early in its lifespan. Alliance has always played the game the right way in that they hold each player’s positions seriously to take down as many towers as possible. 

Facing off the defending champs, EG, the tournament was a close fight that could’ve gone either way. This showed a more exciting gameplay, especially when Lone Druid was the main carry for Alliance. 

In the latter parts of the game, Jonathan Berg’s Lone Druid was left alive and defended the Ancient all by himself. This is where LD’s position was encapsulated being a strong defender with his bear unit. 

It seemed as if Team Alliance was about finished when the Throne was attacked to crisps, but the Lone Druid was able to fend off the attackers which left the throne surviving at exactly 200 HP.

What you won’t be expecting next is the fact that Alliance was able to rally past the mid lane and sacked the ancient throne and secured the win for TI8. 

Team Spirit 

Team Spirit is the latest team to get crowned as champions in TI10. Team Spirit is regarded today as the best team in the league and looks to repeat their title aspirations in TI11. 

With players like Illya ‘Yatoro’ Mulyarchuk and Magomed ‘Collapse’ Khalilov. Team Spirit seeks to become more dominant in the 2022 season as well. 

Team Spirit carried the squad to the championship with a win in the last game after squandering a 2-0 lead early in the best-of-five finals, including a painful fourth-game defeat that left the team with a 2-2 record. Team Spirit, which is based in Moscow, will now collect the greatest prize payout in esports history: $18,208,300.

The fact that they almost didn’t qualify at all is even more astounding. TS failed to acquire enough Dota Pro Circuit points during the regular season to qualify for the event. 

In addition, the team failed to win the open qualifiers, causing people to distrust their chances of winning the TI. It goes without saying that their preparation, which included physical and mental conditioning, as well as playing a huge amount of Dota, was crucial to their success.

With all that’s happened during the 2021 Dota 2 tournaments, Team Spirit deserved the title more than anyone. 

How each popular team is contributing to the success of Dota 2

There are a lot of reasons why the most popular Dota 2 esports teams are giving the game much more appreciation. Here are the biggest ways they helped in cultivating viewership and new fans to play Dota 2:

Players seeking to play like the pros 

Popular players in the most famous Dota 2 teams encourage other newcomers to improve their skills and be better at playing the game. Not only will it attract more new players to the game, but it will also retain their gameplays due to more practice times devoted. 


Just like real sports, publicity usually promotes the brand of games sports persons are trying to convey to the world. As one of the leading games in the esports industry, Dota 2’s popularity can all be thanks to the popular teams because they glue fans to seats during tournaments. 

Meta game

Pro players are usually the spearheads for the metagame. Whichever hero they’ll make famous for will spread throughout the game and players. For instance, Riki’s Meteor Hammer meta was made famous by Topias ‘Topson’ Miikka Taavitsainen. 

Metagames like this provide more publicity to already existing players to keep playing the game despite logging in thousands of hours. 

The top Dota 2 teams are one thing, but if they make the game more accessible and enjoyable for the players, it’s a huge win for the esports industry as a whole. Popularity is certainly subjective, but with how the most famous teams are playing, it should go without saying that they lent a hand to the success of Dota 2 as a whole.

how to play the priestess of the moon
A guide to master Dota 2’s Mirana

One of the most flexible and recognisable heroes in the Dota 2 universe is Mirana, Princess of the Moon. She is a hero who can play in any position or lane, making her a highly adaptable hero. She possesses a diverse set of skills as a ganker, pusher, and carry.

This all-around Dota 2 hero showcases abilities that can be challenging to learn for newbie players. However, as you refine your skills and become familiar with Mirana’s gameplay, she can be a formidable opponent on the battlefield.

You can learn everything you need to know about Mirana’s roles, skillset, Dota items, and skill builds, among other things, by reading this Dota 2 player’s essential guide:


As mentioned, Mirana is a versatile hero who can dominate the battlefield with ease. However, when used as a roamer, Mirana is a formidable and annoying opponent to face. As a roamer, she can plan and execute attacks, gather resources, and make an impression throughout the entire game.  

Mirana’s goal is to use Sacred Arrow to hunt out enemies across the map. Towards the end of the game, she can use her split-pushing ability and set up some good fights with the help of Moonlight Shadow.


Mirana can be a challenging hero to master because of her versatile abilities. However, once mastered, these abilities can turn the game’s tide in your favour and lead your team to victory. 


Mirana’s massive damage skill, Starstorm, lets her rain down stars around enemy units, dealing massive damage. Two stars are fired toward the opponent which causes 2x damage. If Mirana wants to make an effect in battles without putting herself in harm’s way, this is the first skill she’ll be maxing out in every game. 

Mirana will likely win the fight if she can successfully use this spell numerous times in a large-scale battle. Since this spell drains much mana when used regularly, you must keep replenishing your mana with Clarity Potions.

Sacred Arrow 

Mirana’s signature ability, the Sacred Arrow, is what keeps gamers coming back to this hero. You can’t help but feel great when you land a successful Sacred Arrow on an opponent who’s running away from you. 

As a skillshot, the player must aim the weapon at the target opponent. Landing this skill or not typically determines how good or bad you are at using Mirana. 

After dominating an opponent with the help of your teammates, you can utilise Mirana’s Sacred Arrow as a follow-up stun on the same enemy. Offlane tanky heroes can benefit from Mirana’s ability to set up arrows with an easy stun, thanks to this combination. 

Since the arrow can pass through allied creeps but not enemy ones, Mirana must often play off to the side, concealed in the forest to line it up to hit an opponent hero.


If you find yourself in a dangerous scenario, Mirana’s Leap ability is a welcome source of relief. This talent has three charges that allow Mirana and her mount Sagan to sprint in any direction they face at casting. When used on time, this skill can be utilised to get you out of just about any sticky situation. 

When using Leap, you’ll need to use it quickly to avoid being burst down by Mirana’s low health reserve. At first glance, the three charges on this skill seem like a lot. However, the recharge time is 45 seconds. This is why you can’t use Leap again after using them.

Moonlight Shadow

Compared to other heroes, Moonlit Shadow’s ultimate impact is more challenging to measure. In contrast to other ultimates, Mirana’s teammates are rendered invisible, regardless of where they are on the map when Moonlit Shadow is cast. 

This effect is versatile and has many uses including organising a collective movement or rescuing an ally who has become stranded far across the map. Turning your entire team invisible, especially at lower levels of play, results in many fights being won for your team without the need for Sentry Wards or Dust of Appearance.


Mirana’s greatest asset is her multitasking ability which allows her to roam and farm simultaneously. Use Sacred Arrow on the creep’s ranged attack as soon as you are in the lane. To help you and your lane companion play more aggressively. This results in the lane pushing towards your opponents. Kill the large neutral creeps in the adjacent large neutral camp with the second Sacred Arrow. 

Bring a Sentry Ward with you in case the neutral camp is blocked. As long as you keep stacking it, you can effectively trade with the opposing support as you continue to farm large neutral creeps. Then you can start advancing towards the active rune and assist your mid laner in securing it. You can also use Sacred Arrow to set up a kill. 

Amid a flurry of Siege Creep attacks, move to the middle or safe lane to finish them off. One of Mirana’s greatest advantages is her ability to damage Siege Creeps.

To set up a kill, use Moonlight Shadow once you reach level 6. Ask your teammates to relocate out of the enemy’s line of sight and unleash your ultimate. Sacred Arrow is the easiest approach to set up a kill, but you’ll need to ask your teammates to stun the target first.

Mirana becomes a vital member of the team’s fighting force by adding the Guardian Greaves and other items focused on team combat. Mirana can split push lanes to create space for her teammates due to her excellent mobility.


If the enemy countered you, as you learn more about the proper positioning and unique attacks of heroes, your playstyle would adapt accordingly. One tip you need to remember if they do counter you, all you need to do is to stick to the lane.  You don’t want to let the enemy get an advantage with a few kills if you die because a single death can give them an advantage for the rest of the game.


Compared to other heroes in the Dota 2 game, Mirana’s main items are not as easy to get. Building them is a process that requires careful planning and attention to detail. When purchasing, it’s best to do so in the following order: 

  • Aghanim’s Scepter
  • Diffusal Blade
  • Spirit Vessel

Diffusal Blade and Diffusal Scepter have something in common: footwear. Phase Boots, Guardian Greaves, and Power Treads are the most popular. However, their win rates can vary. 

Many players automatically choose Phase Boots even when they are not the best options. You should only purchase them when your role is a roamer. If not, they will not benefit you as much.  

If you’re looking for a boost in intelligence, Power Treads is an excellent option. The Guardian Greaves are a valuable item as they allow you to use your skills quickly and replenish your teammates’ health and mana.

Mjollnir, Monkey King Bar, or Black King Bar are all excellent choices if you want to take your build in a more aggressive direction. Even if you don’t intend to use these as support, they all offer you a small amount of extra damage.

Allies and counters

With the help of allied heroes, Mirana is more efficient in launching effective Sacred Arrows. Bane, Shadow Demon, Faceless Void, Kunkka, Ember Spirit, and a slew of other heroes pair well with her.

Since Mirana has no way of dealing with illusion-based heroes such as Phantom Lancer, Naga can counter her. In addition, Mirana’s Sacred Arrow can be dispelled by Abaddon and Omniknight.

If you want to master Mirana to impact the Dota 2 battlefield, it is essential to familiarise yourself with her skills and gameplay. Once you’ve learned her skills well enough, it is easy for you to turn the game’s tide in your favour and help your teammates win fights. 

10 highest picked heroes
Top 10 Dota 2 heroes with the highest win and pick rates

When playing ranked matches in Dota 2, the first thing players do before the match starts is to ban and pick heroes to use. This pick-and-ban phase is also applied in professional tournaments, upping the ante in competitiveness. However, if you are a fan of watching pro Dota 2 games, you will notice that some heroes are selected more frequently than others.

Having a high pick rate means a hero is easy to use, is meta-relevant, or synergizes well with most heroes. There are those with a high pick rate who also managed to win lots of games, meaning they are incredibly valuable in a lineup.

Curious to see which Dota 2 heroes have the highest win and pick rates? Here is a list of the 10 best heroes to use in ranked and competitive matches:


Mirana is a ranged hero who specializes in ganking enemies due to her invisibility ability which also affects her allies. Her Star Storm and Sacred Arrow allow for damaging enemy units from near and far. She can also boost her power after initiating a fight through her Leap. Meanwhile, her invisibility gets reactivated even after she or any of her allies is revealed.

In ranked games, Mirana has a win rate of 51.43% and a pick rate of 15.73%.


Windranger is also a ranged hero whose ability power depends on how strong her physical attack is. Her Shackleshot is an excellent crowd control tool that stuns and ties enemy units to each other while Powershot gets stronger the longer she charges her weapon. Defensively, she can use Windrun to improve her evasion and movement speed and Gale Force can push enemies away.

In ranked games, Windranger has a win rate of 47.95% and a pick rate of 17.24%.

Legion Commander

Legion Commander is a tanky yet mobile hero who can easily target squishy enemies. Her first ability, Overwhelming Odds, allows her to exploit enemy numbers to boost her strength. Her other two abilities, Press the Attack and Moment of Courage, can be used simultaneously to dispel enemy abilities and give her lifesteal.

Her ultimate, Duel, allows her to go one-on-one with an enemy hero using only normal attacks. In ranked games, Legion Commander has a win rate of 48.55% and a pick rate of 17.22%.


Lion is a ranged hero who can disrupt enemy combos with his crowd control abilities. Earth Spike status enemies after being knocked airborne. Hex transforms enemies into a frog while Mana Drain prevents enemies from using abilities due to Lion’s absorption of mana. His ultimate, Finger of Death, is a powerful move that gets even better for every kill he gets.

In ranked games, Lion has a win rate of 48.67% and a pick rate of 17.02%.


Slark is a melee hero who can harass enemies safely due to his Depth Shroud which creates a smokescreen and Shadow Dance which renders him undetectable by any item. Slark can also drain the attributes of his enemies through his Essence Shift and capitalize further on this by tethering his victim with Pounce.

In ranked games, Slark has a win rate of 50.15% and a pick rate of 17.55%.


Invoker is a ranged hero who is arguably the most difficult Dota 2 hero to learn. He can use various abilities based on the combination of his three elemental reagents: Quas, Wex, and Exort. Quas provides increased HP regeneration, Wex provides a boost in movement and attack speeds while Exort improves Invoker’s damage output.

In ranked games, Invoker has a win rate of 47.47% and a pick rate of 22.67%.


Sniper is a ranged hero who is known to have a decent damage output that scales as the game progresses. Aside from his range and accuracy-related abilities like Take Aim and Headshot, he can also use explosives that have an area of effect. His ultimate, Assassinate, can deal heavy damage or even take down enemies from afar.

In ranked games, Sniper has a win rate of 49.65% and a pick rate of 23.27%.

Phantom Assassin

Phantom Assassin is a melee hero who is used as a carry due to her insane critical hits and evasive abilities. Stifling Dagger and Fan of Knives are her main offensive moves while Phantom Strike and Blur make her an elusive opponent to deal with. Her ultimate, Coup de Grace, can be used to finish off enemies in an instant.

In ranked games, Phantom Assassin has a win rate of 50.19% and a pick rate of 24.12%.


Juggernaut is an easy hero to master despite using melee attacks. This is because his abilities revolve around the use of his sword. His Blade Fury and Blade Dance combo well while his Swiftslash and Omnislash improve his mobility before attacking. What makes him last longer in team fights is his Healing Ward which also affects allies.

In ranked games, Juggernaut has a win rate of 50.61% and a pick rate of 21.20%.


Pudge is a melee hero famous for pulling enemies close to him with his Meat Hook. His other abilities deal decent damage but depending on what ability you use, it may get risky or rewarding. Rot releases a toxic cloud that also damages Pudge while Dismember heals him up as he devours an enemy unit.

In ranked games, Pudge has a win rate of 51.12% and a pick rate of 33.94%.

If you regularly play Dota 2, chances are you will be coaxing your teammates to use any of these heroes or try to secure some of them yourself. The advantages these heroes can provide to a team is no joke. Try to learn how to use most of them to improve your game. Just remember to exercise teamwork so as not to waste these heroes’ potential.