Why is 7.31 Tiny so good?

Tiny’s prominence in the metagame has grown dramatically during the 10tu The International (TI). In recent years, he’s re-emerged as one of the most sought-after sports stars in the world. Throughout Patch 7.31, Tiny’s influence becomes stronger.

The pro scene has undergone a metamorphosis with the recent release of the latest patch. When it comes to the number of DPC contests won, this hero is just behind Death Prophet, according to Spectral Stats. 

Tiny has been the most popular hero in Tour 2 thus far, with 125 choices. It also boasts a healthy 52 percent victory rate. The hero has now been banned 122 times for being too powerful. Here is why this Dota 2 character is incredibly overpowered! 

Overpowered Tiny

This rugged hero has always been in the meta pool, but this time he climbed to even greater strength.

Tiny received a slew of changes in Patch 7.31, making it difficult to tell whether this hero will be as strong as first thought. One substantial adjustment, on the other hand, validated its applicability.

Aghanim’s Shard may now be purchased in 15 minutes instead of 30 minutes. Unrestricted Tree Grab is provided by Tiny’s shard.

This ability grants a permanent benefit to base damage of 20, a bonus to building damage of100%, a huge attack range of 350. Most crucially, splash damage bonus 50% with 100% pure damage. At 15 minutes, you obtain a free Battle Fury that may help you farm more quickly than other carriers.

Tiny’s overwhelming strengths

As a Strength hero, Tiny is bound to be tough. He also gets a tonne of Armour with his ultimate. He has a diverse range of skills that enable him to:

  • Stun
  • Burst Damage
  • A way to distort enemy’s positioning
  • A way to farm
  • Tankiness and Status Resistance
  • Fast tower push

Tiny, on the other hand, has the flexibility to play an aggressive or passive role because of the variety of spells he can cast. Snowballing the game may be done early on if your team is dominating. 

Tiny’s drawbacks

Tiny has few flaws that may be taken advantage of. Neither his mobility nor his escape options are strong points for this hero. So Tiny is a kite target for certain death.

With his inherently high HP, dealing with abilities that deliver damage dependent on your health may be excruciating. Death Prophet’s Spirit Syphon and Necrophos’ Heartstopper Aura are a lot like this.

Playing Tiny in 7.31 patch

Basically, Tiny’s new playstyle has been shaped by the meta. Aghanim’s Shard time has changed, so you’ll have to make it a priority of purchasing it when it’s available. Before obtaining their primary equipment, players choose many routes.

With Tiny, he has Tangoes (set), a Quelling Blade (two Gauntlets of Strength), and two iron branches (Iron Branches).

Bracers and a Magic Wand would be added to these goods. Construct Power Treads and an Echo Sabre and then proceed with the next phase of construction. The early attack speed and damage provided by Power Treads can’t be beaten. Tiny’s Echo Sabre is almost always required since it complements his powers.

As a result, Tiny’s attack speed is quite sluggish at first. Additionally, Echo Sabre’s other useful attributes may aid in each of these areas, increasing mana recovery and granting him the double attack bonus. Additionally, this item may be dismantled into a Black King Bar if the game becomes too difficult for you.

Your Echo Sabre should be done in 12-13 minutes on average. As a result, you should start saving money now so that you can buy Shard in 15 minutes. After then, you may either finish the Silver Edge or acquire a Black King Bar, depending on the scenario.

Due to Tiny’s increased mobility and speed in combat, the Shadow Blade is a must-have for him. In addition, it gives you a way out while also increasing your damage.

If his opponent’s lineup didn’t contain any annoying stuns and was leading the game, Ana, who is a pro Dota 2 player, decided to forego the BKB. He then went out and purchased a Satanic.

Countering Tiny

some heroes can counter Tiny very well. Here are two heroes who can counter him with efficiency:

Death Prophet

As seen by the amount of bans this hero received in DPC, Death Prophet serves as an excellent counter to this hero. Death Prophet has been picked 99 times and banned 203 times. Thus, making him the most popular hero.

The Spirit Syphon, which does HP-based damage to Tiny, is what makes her so powerful. Tiny may be repeatedly targeted by the spell because of its long cooldown and several charges. DP’s innate speed allows her to follow Tiny and maximise her Spirit Syphon damage.


Heartstopper Aura: Necrophos can deliver harm over time to his allies with this aura. Based on the percentage of an enemy’s health, this aura causes damage. The Reaper’s Scythe also works well against Tiny, dealing damage according to the amount of HP the victim has remaining.

Heroes with high HP who can slash through him are often good foes. The tanky rock may be melted with the help of a Viper or a Venomancer. To fight Tiny’s high armour, it’s a good idea to use heroes like Slardar.

Items who can counter Tiny

To equip yourself, you may choose from the standard weapons and armour that can take down even the toughest of heroes. To keep him from recovering his HP, a Spirit Vessel is always a smart idea. 

A Diffusal Blade plus an Eye of Skadi may be quite beneficial. Shiva’s Guard, which reduces his resistance to damage, is a powerful tool for destroying his health. Magic Resistance gear like Raindrop, Glimmer Cape, and Hood of Defiance are good choices for heroes that don’t want to get blown apart by Tiny.

As you can see, Tiny has very few weaknesses and a ton of advantages when playing him. This is why he is banned in almost all aspects of Dota 2. If you are interested in trying the hero out, you’ll definitely see some enjoyment which will put you in the position to dominate even more!