The ultimate guide to playing Marci

Become a hero in DOTA 2 with the help of Marci, a quiet superpowered sidekick. Because of the DOTA: Dragon’s Blood anime, you may indeed know that Marci is a formidable martial artist. 

Even after two nerfs in ten days, Marci is still one of the most playable and fun characters in the game right now. Shockwaves may be caused by her powerful punches since she has excellent agility and pro-wrestling skills.

As a physical burst hero with strong initiation and scaling, Marci is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. 

Despite the fact that it is still too early to tell exactly what Marci’s role should be, it appears that she would be most effective in a central one (Carry, Midlaner or Offlaner).

To make use of her skills, which are entirely melee-based, she must be in the thick of a teamfight. Here, you’ll learn how to play Marci and everything you need to know to dominate with her in Dota 2!

Marci skill build 

Marci is another new hero with spells that seem to be difficult but are really rather easy to use in gameplay. Here’s a brief rundown of who she is and what she skills she has under her belt:

Q: Dispose 

Dota 2 description: ‘Dispose is a powerful initiation tool, stunning and throwing the target back towards your team’.

As soon as Marci has her hands on a target, she yelps as loudly as she can. Stunned and damaged if the seized unit is an enemy. In addition, any enemy units in the impact area will be stunned and inflicted with damage.

This is an excellent talent for starting things off, mostly due to the fact that (DUH). However, the motion is lightning-fast, making it difficult for foes to react or dodge. As a last bonus, it may help your team reposition the opposing hero so that they can burst them in the process.

In addition, this ability’s exceptional laning phase performance should not be underestimated. As a result, you have more time to harass and even kill an enemy hero if you are able to hurl them back towards your tower.

When laning, don’t be hesitant to use a few Disposes, which have a short cooldown and minimal mana cost! Finally, stuns or even being forced to staff during the animation might disrupt Dispose. With this, it’s vulnerable to an attack from an opponent with rapid fingers.

W: Rebound

Dota 2 description: ‘Marci’s mobility spell is great for closing the gap to land Dispose or finish off fleeing enemies’.

To really grasp Marci’s Rebound, you’ll need to experiment with it a little, as you must with many of DOTA’s more bizarre spells. Here’s what you need to know, however:

After picking a target, Marci dashes for that target, whether it be an opponent, friend, hero, or creep. 

When she reaches the unit, she will leap to a specific position, harming and slowing down any adversaries in her path. You must first target a unit, then use vector targeting to choose the region where the jump will fall.

However, you need someone to leap off of before you can jump in the first place!

This ability may be used to catch up to fleeing heroes or to yeet an opponent back into your team by bouncing off of allies. Even if there’s nothing to leap off of, this is a good way to get away.

Dispose and Rebound are both excellent in the lane for similar reasons. Enemy heroes who are caught off guard may be easily harassed and killed as a result.

In addition, Rebound has an 11-second cooldown when maxed out, meaning you may use it numerous times in a single battle or pursuit.

If Marci jumps off of a friendly unit, that unit gains an additional 35% movement speed for five seconds. When a teamfight has gone awry and you need to get out quickly, this is a great tool to have.

E: Sidekick 

Dota 2 description: ‘Sidekick gives Marci bonus damage for the laning phase as well as lifesteal for sustainability’.

Sidekick, on the other hand, is a really straightforward spell. After selecting an ally, Marci activates a six-second benefit to her and the associated hero’s damage and lifesteal.

A 700-radius search for an allied hero is made when you cast it on yourself. Marci will gain the perk even if she doesn’t have an ally. As a result, having an ally nearby isn’t a need.

Marci’s weakest laning phase skill, this ability grants +20 additional damage (+40 if you include your boosted buddy). As a matter of fact, the other two are better at actually securing kills than this one. Sidekick, on the other hand, is a must-have early on to keep you and your lane companion going (and to win the harass war)

After a while, when Marci has damaged items, this ability becomes a lot more powerful since the +damage and lifesteal may be considerably enhanced.

R: Unleash 

Dota 2 description: ‘Unleash is Marci’s ‘transform’ ultimate (like Dragon form or Shapeshift), it’s best saved for important moments like team fights where you can use the extra move speed and attack speed for maximum impact’.

Marci’s most dreadful trait is her mastery of the Unleash power. As a result of casting Unleash Marci obtains 15% movement speed for 16 seconds and is put into ‘Unleash mode’ for the duration.

Flurry Combos are a kind of additional attack speed that Marci gets while she’s in her ‘Unleash mode’, and they last for a specified number of attacks. The final punch in the combo will send a damaging shockwave 800 feet in Marci’s direction.

One consequence, though, is that Marci cannot strike for 1.75 seconds after each shockwave. As a result, you punch fast, then halt, and so on.

The Flurry combination attacks must be used up within a second, which seems difficult on paper, but because you’re effectively hitting at the speed of light. It’s not a huge concern until you are stunned or disarmed, the target moves out of range, or the target gets hit. 

Marci’s 1.75-second disarm period will be activated if she fails to utilise all of her Flurry strikes in a single combination.

Practising the Flurry combination doesn’t need you to worry too much about failing it, since many of the reasons why you could fail the combo are outside your control. There are several ways an opposition team might interrupt Marci’s flurry of punches, which is why Black King Bar is so effective on Marci.

On top of that, the Flurry combination works on Spell Immune targets, causing a shockwave, and Unleash can’t be deactivated. Magical damage cannot be absorbed by the shockwave, though.

Item build

Here are the items that will make Marci a force to be reckoned with:

Early game

Go acquire some brown boots and finish your Magic Wand. Once your boots are upgraded (Treads or Phase boots, as explained below), the next thing you should do is work on an Armlet (starting with the Helm of Iron Will for extra sustain).

As soon as you’ve finished Armlet, you’ll be prompted to choose the order in which Marci’s core goods should be built.

Core items

Armlet of Mordiggian: 

Marci’s lifesteal from Sidekick offsets the HP loss from using Armlet, making this the most valuable item on any strong hero. With Helm of Iron Will in the buildup, it provides a lot of lane support.

Black King Bar:

The tanky and mobile Marci depends heavily on her ability to stay on top of a victim in order to kill them, despite her mobility. This implies that she is vulnerable to stuns, slows, and silences. Build a BKB and you’ll have a solution to this. As a strong hero, you’ll appreciate the high stats, and the magic immunity will come in handy during Unleash, when you don’t want to get kited!

Skull Basher

It’s a perfect match for Unleash, which has a high attack speed, resulting in almost-certain bashes (which in turn means fully landing your Flurry Combo).

Blink Dagger

You may use this during Unleash to keep the Combos flowing while Dispose is in use.

Silver Edge 

Sidekick and Unleash benefit greatly from the crit’s synergy. In addition, invisibility allows for movement and sneakiness, which is a bonus (especially in pubs). The ‘break’ mechanism is also included.

Now that you know how to play Marci, it’s time to test your Dota 2 knowledge to the test and start winning big games using this amazing new hero!