The best baby heroes to use in Dota 2

Starting out your Dota 2 journey can be tough. Dota 2 games present a huge challenge at times and it even calls for a little bit of experience to get a win. This is why it is important to start out with easy heroes at first before going pro.

People think that winning Dota 2 games are easy, but then it is all about getting a good groove going while also striving for victory.  Choosing the right hero matters a lot, but it also means that newbies have to learn how to use each of these heroes.

Dota 2 heroes vary from difficulty and skillset. Some heroes have two active skills and two passive skills. Others have four active skills, which means that players have to make use of those to be effective on the battlefield. 

Learning how to play some of the so-called ‘baby heroes’ in Dota 2 is a good start to become one of the best players in the game. These baby heroes are considered easy to use since they do not need full skill management or do not have any complicated skills to utilise. 

Here are some of the baby heroes that you should learn how to use in Dota 2:


Lion may be hard to control with his four active skills, but you can use him as a hitter or support depending on how well you control his skills. Staying on the easy lane is a good start and you can add a lot of items to help him be sturdier.

Using Earth Spike to stun an enemy then turn them into a frog with Hex works like charm. This is the best combo you can use at most. Unlike any heroes in the game, he has a ton of mana which makes it easy to win in duels.

Make sure you know how to use his skills well. Managing his item build is one, but learning how his skills work is a big challenge for many. That is the big jump from being a beginner to starting your pro run.


Bristleback is not your average hero as it is even used by the pros. This beast is a durable hero who has a large amount of health in the game and can be boosted with a lot of items. He is very good for new players who want to try the offlaner role. You may even farm in the forest with him.

You can use his Viscous Nasal Goo to slow down enemies and damage their armours at the same time. The Quill Spray deals a lot of damage as long as it hits more heroes in the long run. His two passive skills mean there is less need for a bigger management of skills.


You may have seen him as the dark horse rider, and this hero can play a lot of roles in the game. Abbadon has a lot of skills that work well in any situation, so he is a great pick for starters. Most players use him as a hard laner or support to begin with.

This hero gives a feeling of power. You can use his skills to get a lot of kills or add more defence to your teammates as well. His health is also big for a starter hero so he can’t be killed easily.

Using the Mist Coil can take out a chunk of your enemy’s health or heal your teammates. Aphotic Shield adds a layer of magical energy to add more defence and damage attackers when it bursts. Using the strike Curse of Avernus slows down your enemies and can even silence them when you hit them four times.

Dragon Knight

Dragon Knight is one of the best heroes who can stay in his lane for as long as you want. He has a passive skill that heals his health and has a very good defence and offence. His speed also makes him a top pick for you since newbies try to roam the map at most.

DK is one of the must-play heroes in Dota 2. You can stay alone in the lane and gain a lot of XP in just a snap. He is a top pick in many tourneys and is a great hero to begin your Dota 2 journey as well.

Most players tend to use his Elder Dragon Form, which is maximised by the Black King Bar in most games. His skills are always on point and you can make him a hitter and even a support at any point in the game.

Crystal Maiden

Crystal Maiden is one of the best heroes you can use when it comes to dealing a lot of damage. She is a very dangerous hero who can be used by a lot of beginners. CM may be fragile and slow, but players can take their time to learn how her skills can be used for the best.

Lots of Dota 2 players use her as a carry, and you can say that it is her best role. She can slow down a lot of enemies with her ice skills and even restore mana to her teammates. This is easier for you to manage since there are only a few problems to deal with.

Using Crystal Maiden needs a lot of practice for you to become a reliable support. Freezing Field makes her special and this is the reason she is a great hero for starters.


Lich is almost the same as Crystal Maiden when it comes to their ice-based skills. Most players tend to use him as a defender and even a support in most games. You can start him on the easy lane and use his killing skills to deal a lot of damage to squishy heroes.

You can use Frost Blast to deal a lot of damage and slow down escaping enemies. Frost Shield can be used as a barrier from attacks and his Sinister Gaze drains their mana and slows their speed at the same time.

Chain Frost can be used to deal big damages to his enemies and come back even stronger. You can put a lot of those skills to use in team fights and score a lot of kills in the long run.

These baby heroes are easy to use as long as newbies get to focus on their skills and builds. This means that they have to be ready when it comes to their intense Dota 2 matches as well. No player got lucky by winning all the time, and it is easy to expect that they will strive to learn how to make the most of it.

Learning how to play these baby heroes is a huge step to becoming the best Dota 2 player out there, and no one can deny that it is the next level that every player wants to reach.