A guide to master Dota 2’s Mirana

One of the most flexible and recognisable heroes in the Dota 2 universe is Mirana, Princess of the Moon. She is a hero who can play in any position or lane, making her a highly adaptable hero. She possesses a diverse set of skills as a ganker, pusher, and carry.

This all-around Dota 2 hero showcases abilities that can be challenging to learn for newbie players. However, as you refine your skills and become familiar with Mirana’s gameplay, she can be a formidable opponent on the battlefield.

You can learn everything you need to know about Mirana’s roles, skillset, Dota items, and skill builds, among other things, by reading this Dota 2 player’s essential guide:


As mentioned, Mirana is a versatile hero who can dominate the battlefield with ease. However, when used as a roamer, Mirana is a formidable and annoying opponent to face. As a roamer, she can plan and execute attacks, gather resources, and make an impression throughout the entire game.  

Mirana’s goal is to use Sacred Arrow to hunt out enemies across the map. Towards the end of the game, she can use her split-pushing ability and set up some good fights with the help of Moonlight Shadow.


Mirana can be a challenging hero to master because of her versatile abilities. However, once mastered, these abilities can turn the game’s tide in your favour and lead your team to victory. 


Mirana’s massive damage skill, Starstorm, lets her rain down stars around enemy units, dealing massive damage. Two stars are fired toward the opponent which causes 2x damage. If Mirana wants to make an effect in battles without putting herself in harm’s way, this is the first skill she’ll be maxing out in every game. 

Mirana will likely win the fight if she can successfully use this spell numerous times in a large-scale battle. Since this spell drains much mana when used regularly, you must keep replenishing your mana with Clarity Potions.

Sacred Arrow 

Mirana’s signature ability, the Sacred Arrow, is what keeps gamers coming back to this hero. You can’t help but feel great when you land a successful Sacred Arrow on an opponent who’s running away from you. 

As a skillshot, the player must aim the weapon at the target opponent. Landing this skill or not typically determines how good or bad you are at using Mirana. 

After dominating an opponent with the help of your teammates, you can utilise Mirana’s Sacred Arrow as a follow-up stun on the same enemy. Offlane tanky heroes can benefit from Mirana’s ability to set up arrows with an easy stun, thanks to this combination. 

Since the arrow can pass through allied creeps but not enemy ones, Mirana must often play off to the side, concealed in the forest to line it up to hit an opponent hero.


If you find yourself in a dangerous scenario, Mirana’s Leap ability is a welcome source of relief. This talent has three charges that allow Mirana and her mount Sagan to sprint in any direction they face at casting. When used on time, this skill can be utilised to get you out of just about any sticky situation. 

When using Leap, you’ll need to use it quickly to avoid being burst down by Mirana’s low health reserve. At first glance, the three charges on this skill seem like a lot. However, the recharge time is 45 seconds. This is why you can’t use Leap again after using them.

Moonlight Shadow

Compared to other heroes, Moonlit Shadow’s ultimate impact is more challenging to measure. In contrast to other ultimates, Mirana’s teammates are rendered invisible, regardless of where they are on the map when Moonlit Shadow is cast. 

This effect is versatile and has many uses including organising a collective movement or rescuing an ally who has become stranded far across the map. Turning your entire team invisible, especially at lower levels of play, results in many fights being won for your team without the need for Sentry Wards or Dust of Appearance.


Mirana’s greatest asset is her multitasking ability which allows her to roam and farm simultaneously. Use Sacred Arrow on the creep’s ranged attack as soon as you are in the lane. To help you and your lane companion play more aggressively. This results in the lane pushing towards your opponents. Kill the large neutral creeps in the adjacent large neutral camp with the second Sacred Arrow. 

Bring a Sentry Ward with you in case the neutral camp is blocked. As long as you keep stacking it, you can effectively trade with the opposing support as you continue to farm large neutral creeps. Then you can start advancing towards the active rune and assist your mid laner in securing it. You can also use Sacred Arrow to set up a kill. 

Amid a flurry of Siege Creep attacks, move to the middle or safe lane to finish them off. One of Mirana’s greatest advantages is her ability to damage Siege Creeps.

To set up a kill, use Moonlight Shadow once you reach level 6. Ask your teammates to relocate out of the enemy’s line of sight and unleash your ultimate. Sacred Arrow is the easiest approach to set up a kill, but you’ll need to ask your teammates to stun the target first.

Mirana becomes a vital member of the team’s fighting force by adding the Guardian Greaves and other items focused on team combat. Mirana can split push lanes to create space for her teammates due to her excellent mobility.


If the enemy countered you, as you learn more about the proper positioning and unique attacks of heroes, your playstyle would adapt accordingly. One tip you need to remember if they do counter you, all you need to do is to stick to the lane.  You don’t want to let the enemy get an advantage with a few kills if you die because a single death can give them an advantage for the rest of the game.


Compared to other heroes in the Dota 2 game, Mirana’s main items are not as easy to get. Building them is a process that requires careful planning and attention to detail. When purchasing, it’s best to do so in the following order: 

  • Aghanim’s Scepter
  • Diffusal Blade
  • Spirit Vessel

Diffusal Blade and Diffusal Scepter have something in common: footwear. Phase Boots, Guardian Greaves, and Power Treads are the most popular. However, their win rates can vary. 

Many players automatically choose Phase Boots even when they are not the best options. You should only purchase them when your role is a roamer. If not, they will not benefit you as much.  

If you’re looking for a boost in intelligence, Power Treads is an excellent option. The Guardian Greaves are a valuable item as they allow you to use your skills quickly and replenish your teammates’ health and mana.

Mjollnir, Monkey King Bar, or Black King Bar are all excellent choices if you want to take your build in a more aggressive direction. Even if you don’t intend to use these as support, they all offer you a small amount of extra damage.

Allies and counters

With the help of allied heroes, Mirana is more efficient in launching effective Sacred Arrows. Bane, Shadow Demon, Faceless Void, Kunkka, Ember Spirit, and a slew of other heroes pair well with her.

Since Mirana has no way of dealing with illusion-based heroes such as Phantom Lancer, Naga can counter her. In addition, Mirana’s Sacred Arrow can be dispelled by Abaddon and Omniknight.

If you want to master Mirana to impact the Dota 2 battlefield, it is essential to familiarise yourself with her skills and gameplay. Once you’ve learned her skills well enough, it is easy for you to turn the game’s tide in your favour and help your teammates win fights.