A look into Dota: Dragon’s Blood

Have you heard about one of the hottest news stories today? The new era of entertainment is video gaming, or more specifically online gaming. It is a multi-billion dollar industry that has towered over classics like films, music, and traditional sports. No wonder that several world-renowned studios and streaming service companies partner with game developers to release movie and TV show adaptations. 

To date, the biggest and most successful titles that were universally praised and celebrated include Arcane (League of Legends), The Witcher (The Witcher), Final Fantasy 14: Dad of Light (Final Fantasy), and now on this page, Dota: Dragon’s Blood (Dota 2). Finally in mid-2021 and early-2022, fans of arguably the most challenging multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game have gotten a spinoff anime fantasy series where they can enjoy watching an interesting storyline and supporting their favourite heroes. 

Here’s what you need to know about Dota: Dragon’s Blood. However, be warned! We are giving you a heads-up as early as now because if you haven’t completed the two seasons, the following information contains spoilers. 

Reception: A successful video game adaptation

Exclusivity is one of the challenges when watching video game TV show adaptations. Often, non-gamers and casual viewers have difficulty catching up with the context, storyline, and characters. It is, however, a different case with Dragon’s Blood. 

Dragon’s Blood currently has two seasons. Both of which are praised and commended by movie aggregator websites, critics, fans, and even casual viewers. Positive reviews regard how well it stayed true to the MOBA game inspiration — Season 1 (Book 1) for its world-building and character detail and Season 2 (Book 2) as a major improvement over the first. 

The making and release of Dota: Dragon’s Blood

Unlike Arcane, which was independently financed by League of Legends’ video game developer Riot Games, Dragon’s Blood was produced by Studio Mir and Kaiju Boulevard. It is possible that the involvement of Valve Corporation (Dota 2’s developer and publisher) includes input with the spinoff anime series. Although further details were not specified, what we are most certain of is that they trademarked ‘DOTA’. 

Since Dragon’s Blood is a joint collaboration between two South Korean studios (Studio Mir and Production Reve) and American company (Kaiju Boulevard), the animation style screams a blend of anime and Western animation. 

Dragon’s Blood Season 1 debuted on March 25, 2021 on Netflix. Producers promoted it with a teaser trailer released on February 19, a full trailer on March 1, and a promotional video entitled ‘Basshunter Dota Revival’ uploaded on YouTube. The latter content contains Swedish musician Jonas Erik Altberg singing ‘Vi sitter i Ventrilo och spelar DotA’ while playing Dota 2. 

Season 2, on the other hand, premiered on January 18, 2022, despite being originally set for release on January 6. Producers and Valve took this opportunity to promote the new original hero in Dota 2 patch 7.30, Marci. 

Meet the cast and characters

Ready to get behind the scenes of Dragon’s Blood? Meet the solid and talented cast (and their respective characters) who successfully brought the characters to life in the excellent animated series. They are listed as follows: 

  • Yuri Lowenthal as Davion
  • Lara Pulver as Princess Mirana
  • Tony Todd as Slyrak
  • Troy Baker as Invoker
  • Freya Tingley as Fymryn
  • Josh Keaton as Bram
  • Kari Wahlgren as Luna
  • Alix Wilton Regan as Selemene
  • Stephanie Jacobsen
  • Anson Mount as Kaden
  • JB Blanc as Terrorblade
  • Doug Bradley as Viceroy Kashurra
  • Julie Nathanson as Rylai
  • Victoria Atkins as Lina

Synopsis of the 2 seasons

The narrative is set in a mythical world of magic and mysticism and follows Davion, a Dragon Knight who hunts and slays dragons to make the world a safer place. An ancient dragon combines his soul with Davion during a fight between demons and the dragon race of Eldwurm. Davion embarks on a trip with the moon princess Mirana to stop the demon Terrorblade from killing all dragons and collecting their souls.

Season 1 (Book 1)

Episode 1: What the Thunder Said

There is no rest for the good and brave, especially when Dragon Knight Davion makes a foreboding discovery and meets a princess with a purpose. A ferocious battle burns its hero.

Episode 2: Princess of Nothing

Mirana and Marci assist Davion, who has limited memory. The Black Market calls, and Davion spits out a telltale ring, unleashing a beast inside.

Episode 3: Neverwhere Land

Continue to fantasise. A tormented Dragon Knight and a skilled lotus thief are both driven by visions. As Mirana is humbled by a perilous journey, Fymryn sets out to find her sorcerer.

Episode 4: The Monster at the End of This Book

Fear summons a goddess, and Davion seeks answers — or a battle — from a moody brother. Fymryn’s saviour is up against a strong luminary who is ready to wage war.

Episode 5: The Fire Sermon

While the Order heads to battle, the group deals with a rocky landing. Slyrak is on the rampage, and Davion must face the strong spirits of ancient dragons.

Episode 6: Knight, Death and the Devil

Fymryn and Luna make an appeal to their respective deities. The Invoker confronts Davion and Mirana with harsh reality, which subsequently leads to a broken deal.

Episode 7: Speak the Words

A bereaved father recalls his daughter’s memories. Fymryn, up to her old pranks, rushes into a dragon’s nest, leaving Davion to risk everything.

Episode 8: A Game of Chess

Old friends — and foes — resurface. Mirana and Fymryn strive to make things right, but a goddess has other intentions, and harsh oblivion calls.

Season 2 (Book 2) 

Episode 9: Nothing with Nothing

The Invoker confronts Selemene after negotiating a bargain with a demon. Mirana and Luna are in charge of the troops. Davion discovers a life-threatening discovery.

Episode 10: My Sword, My Life

As a squire stands forward and a patriarch plays on inner anxieties, a swarm like no other threatens the keep. Mirana, desperate for assistance, finds safety — or does she?

Episode 11: The Lady of Situations

Chaos descends on siblings due to a lack of confidence and trust. As a princess returns to her roots, Davion’s troop seeks refuge with a one-of-a-kind dragon.

Episode 12: Desolate and Empty the Sea

Mirana strikes a contract to purchase an army. Bram’s game shows a new side to him. Davion travels to the Helio Imperium in search of the Eye of the World Wyrm. 

Episode 13: The Burial of the Dead

Mirana’s roots are revealed as the hunt for an assassin intensifies. A goddess full of remorse, an elf uncovered, and a princess on the verge. 

Episode 14: The Hyacinth Girl

Is Davion’s music no longer heard? Lina goes up against Slyrak. A poetry-spinning dragon ushers in the sun, and then the Imperium is shaken by a stunning power manoeuvre.

Episode 15: The Violet Hour

In this episode, a leader emerges. Davion is confronted by a forgery. Lina admits her guilt. Fymryn is troubled by remorse, a monster, and a promise. A power emerges from behind the scenes.

Episode 16: Unreal City

Darkness emerges – and demands sacrifices. Davion puts everything on the line, Bram rises to the situation, and Mirana strives for inner power.