Items and Upgrades – A Hero’s Catalogue

The most important part of a match in DOTA is what items you possess. What you carry in your inventory will affect every second of the game from the beginning until the end.

The game will be more than things you plan to have by endgame. You can’t just look up ‘winning item builds for ‘insert hero’ in competitive’. You will need to read through what items that player took from the start of the match, by midgame, and endgame. You might also need to look into alternative items based on hypothetical situations because real pros think that far ahead. 

For now, let’s learn the basics of buying items and building upgrades. To purchase items, you will need Gold. You can get gold by killing creeps and even more gold from killing enemy heroes. A fallen hero will lose part of their savings, too. You don’t want to risk losing your money because you died while saving. As much as possible, spend what money you have on an item or two, preferably items that will eventually lead towards the build you want.

Dota 2 – Items and Builds

Building items

There are two types of items in the grand scheme of things. The low-level things you can buy with the small amount you start with are basic items. Basic items can be divided into four smaller categories namely: consumables, attributes, armaments, and arcane.

The next level items are called upgrades. You cannot purchase upgraded items right off the bat, even though you have enough money to buy them, somehow. Upgrades come from combining basic items. You will need to purchase one or two basic items. 

Some items cannot be purchased from the shop in your base because you can only get them from the secret shops.

Basic Items

Consumable items are single-use items. Some of them are purchased in stacks like the tango. They are often wards, healing items, or other utilities. Some basic items can also be found in Side Lane Shops.


Consumables are one-time use items. Some of them are purchasable in stacks, but supply will deplete and you will be left with an empty inventory slot. Don’t underestimate the power of these products. Even professional players keep them until the endgame. 

Their cheap price and limited use appeal to Utility Supports and Offlaners. A timed use of Smoke of Deceit or proper positioning of Observer Wards can factor greatly for the entire match.

Shop Dota 2
Town Portal Scroll50 GoldUse: TeleportCan take you to distant areas by channelling a connection with an allied structure.If multiple heroes teleport at the same location in succession, the channeling time will be increased for each successive hero.Teleport can be prevented or canceled by root.Cooldown: 80 secMana Cost: 75
Clarity50 GoldUse: ReplenishRegenerates 4.5 mana regeneration to the target for 50 seconds
Faerie Fire70 GoldUse: ImbueInstantly restores 85 health+2 damageCooldown: 5 sec
Smoke of Deceit80 GoldUse: DisguiseTurns you and all units you control in 1200 radius invisible, and grants 15% bonus movement speed for 35 seconds. Cooldown: 1 sec
Observer Ward50 GoldUse: PlantPlants an Observer Ward that gives ground vision in a 1600 radius to your team. Observer Ward is invisible. Lasts 6 minutesCooldown: 1 sec
Sentry Ward75 GoldUse: PlantPlants Sentry ward that gives True Sight, revealing invisible enemies to all allies within 1000 radius from the sentry ward. Cooldown: 1 sec
Enchanted Mango70 GoldUse: Eat MangoInstantly restores 125 manaHold Ctrl to use on a nearby allied hero.+0.6 HP regeneration
Healing Salve110 GoldUse: SalveGrants 50 health regeneration to the target for 8 seconds.If the unit is attacked by an enemy hero or Roshan, the effect is lost.
Tango90 GoldUse: DevourConsumes a target tree to gain 7 health regeneration for 16 seconds. Consuming a ward or Ironwood Tree doubles the heal amount.Comes with 3 charges. Can be used on an allied hero to give them one TangoWard Range: 450
Tome of Knowledge150 GoldUse: EnlightenGrants you 700 experience plus 135 per Tome consumed by your team after the first twoCooldown: 300 sec
Dust of Appearance180 GoldUse: RevealReveals and slows invisible heroes by 20% in a 1050 radius around the caster for 12 seconds.Cooldown: 30 sec
Animal Courier50 GoldUse: Deploy CourierDeploys a creature to carry items to and from your team’s base
Bottle650 GoldActive: RegenerateConsumes a charge to restore 125 health and 75 mana over 2.5 seconds. If the hero is attacked by an enemy hero or Roshan, the effect is lost.The bottle automatically refills at the fountain.Hold Control to use on an allied hero.Passive: Store RuneRunes can be stored in the bottle for later use by right-clicking them. Unused runes will automatically activate after 2 minutes. Using a stored rune fully refills the Bottle.Bottle is shareable. Stored runes cannot be shared. If Bottle does not have full charges and is placed on a courier, the courier’s movement speed will be slowed by 30%
Consumable Items


Each hero relies on the attributes Agility, Strength, and Intelligence. The most important of either of the three is the individual hero’s primary attribute. These stats can improve with the hero upon level up, but you can add to these points with Attribute Items. 

These are items that will affect either one of the three or all attributes at once. Ideally, you should focus on improving your hero’s main attribute, that means using intelligent items for ability-based heroes such as Crystal Maiden. 

Iron Branch50 GoldUse: Plant TreeTargets the ground to plant a happy little tree that lasts for 20 seconds+1 all attributes
Gauntlets of Strength135 Gold+3 Strength
Slippers of Agility135 Gold+3 Agility
Mantle of Intelligence135 Gold+3 Intelligence
Circlet 165 Gold+2 All Attributes
Belt of Strength450 Gold +6 Strength
Band of Elvenskin450 Gold+6 Agility
Robe of Magi450 Gold+6 Intelligence
Crown450 Gold+4 All Attributes
Ogre Axe1000 Gold+10 Strength
Blade of Alacrity1000 Gold+10 Agility
Staff of Wizardry1000 Gold+10 Intelligence


Armaments cover basic combat necessities. Some items grant special effects to your attacks such as poison and critical chances. 

Ring of Protection175 Gold+2 Armour
Stout Shield200 GoldPassive: Damage BlockGrants 50% chance to block 20 damage from incoming attacks on melee heroes, and 9 damage on ranged
Quelling Blade200 Gold Active: Chop Tree / WardDestroy a target tree or ward. Chop cast range is increased when targeting wardsTree Range: 350Ward Range: 450 Passive: QuellIncreases attack damage against non-hero units by 24 for melee heroes, and 7 for rangedCooldown: 4 sec
Infused Raindrops225 GoldPassive: Magical Damage BlockConsumes a charge to block 120 magic damage from damage instances over 50 damage.Comes with 5 Charges. When the charges are gone, the item disappears.+0.75 Mana RegenerationCooldown: 7 sec
Orb of Venom275 GoldPassive: Poison AttackPoisons the target, dealing 5 magical damage per second and slowing movement by 12% if the equipped hero is melee, or by 3 magical damage per second and slowing movement by 4% if they are ranged. Lasts for 3 seconds
Blight Stone300 GoldPassive: Lesser CorruptionYour attacks reduce the target’s armour by 2 for 8 seconds
Blades of Attack430 Gold+9 Damage
Chainmail550 Gold+4 Armour
Quarterstaff875 Gold+10 Damage+10 Attack Speed
Helm of Iron Will900 Gold+5 Armour+3.5 HP Regeneration
Javelin 1100 GoldPassive: PierceGrants each attack a 25% chance to pierce through evasion and deal 100 bonus magical damage
Broadsword1200 Gold+18 Damage
Claymore 1400 Gold+21 Damage
Mithril Hammer1600 Gold+24 Damage


Arcane consists of items that will define a hero’s role in the match early in the game. These are common components to endgame builds while serving constant benefits throughout the match.

Magic Stick200 GoldActive: Energy ChargeInstantly restores 15 health and mana per charge storedMax 10 charges. Gains a charge whenever a visible enemy within 1200 range uses an ability.Certain abilities and item abilities will not add charges.Cooldown: 13 sec
Wind Lace250 GoldBonuses from multiple Windlace do not stack+20 Movement Speed
Ring of Regen300 Gold+2 HP Regeneration
Sage’s Mask325 Gold+0.75 Mana Regeneration
Boots of Speed500 GoldMovement speed bonuses from multiple pairs of boots do not stack+15% Movement Speed
Gloves of Haste500 Gold+20 Attack Speed
Cloak550 Gold+15% Magic Resistance
Ring of Tarrasque700 Gold+150 Health+3.75 HP Regeneration
Ring of Health850 Gold+6 HP Regeneration
Void Stone850 Gold+1.75 Mana Regeneration
Gem of True Sight900 GoldPassive: True SightGrants the ability to see invisible units and wards to any allied vision within 900 range of its carrier.Passive: EverlastingDropped on death, and cannot be destroyed.Disabled while on a courier.
Morbid Mask900 GoldPassive: LifestealHeals the attacker for 15% of attack damage dealt
Shadow Amulet1400 GoldActive: FadeGrants invisibility to you or a target allied hero as long as the target unit remains stillHas a 1.25 second fade time, and breaks instantly upon moving.There is no cooldown when using this item on yourself.+20 Attack SpeedCooldown: 7 sec
Ghost Scepter1500 GoldActive: Ghost FormYou enter ghost form for 4 seconds, becoming immune to physical damage, but are unable to attack and 40% more vulnerable to magic damage.Ends if you become Spell Immune, and will have no effect if you are already Spell Immune. Shares Cooldown with Ethereal Blade.+5 all attributesCooldown: 20 sec
Blink Dagger2250 GoldTeleport to a target point up to 1200 units away.Blink Dagger cannot be used for 3 seconds after taking damage from an enemy hero or Roshan.Self-casting will cause you to teleport in the direction of your team’s fountain. If you used Blink to teleport to a distance over the maximum range, you’ll be teleported ⅘ of the maximum range instead.Cooldown: 15


Secret Shop Items

Items here can be accessed by any player from any shop. Seeking out the secret shop in the jungle raises the possibility of meeting an enemy hero. You can take advantage of the situation and attack a distracted hero, but most veteran players know how to check their surroundings. Others would have a courier make the purchase for them. 

Energy Booster900 Gold+250 Mana
Vitality Booster1100 Gold+250 Health
Point Booster1200 Gold+175 Mana+175 Health
Platemail1400 Gold+10 Armour
Talisman of Evasion1400Stacks diminishingly with other sources of Evasion. +15% Evasion
Hyperstone2000 Gold+55 Attack Speed
Ultimate Orb2150 Gold+10 All Attributes
Demon Edge2200 Gold+42 Damage
Mystic Staff2700 Gold +25 Intelligence
Reaver3000+25 Strength
Eaglesong3200 Gold+25 Agility
Sacred Relic3800 Gold+60 Damage
Secret Shop


Upgrades are items that are created by combining your equipment. In the midgame, you can still use some basic items that have good stats. Less appealing items can be combined into strong items with mixed effects or enhanced abilities. Endgame items will be combined using other upgrade items and with even stronger abilities or varied enhancements. 

When glancing over the prices of upgrade items, you would think they are cheap. Those are the prices for the recipes and not the item itself. Most items will require you to purchase the recipe along with the materials needed to create the item.

All upgrade recipes can be bought only from the shop by the Fountain. Instead of talking about where to get them, the list below contains the necessary components to create each item. 

Each component will be colour coded regarding where that specific item can be found. The colours mean the following

  • Normal Font Colour = Item can be found in the main shop, by the Fountain.
  • Purple = Item can only be found in the Secret Shop. None of the Secret Shop merchandise can be found in the Fountain Shop.
  • Green = Upgraded items. Refer to each item’s components.


Common Items benefit any role. You can overlook these items early in the game because they need low priced items. Common items can serve you well through the midgame then branch out to more specialized builds because these are components for endgame inventory.

NameTotal CostEffectComponents
Magic Wand450 GoldActive: Energy ChargeInstantly restores 15 health and mana oper charge stored.Max 20 charges. Gains a charge whenever a visible enemy within 1200 range uses an ability.Gains charges for spells cast by visible enemies in 1200 range.Certain abilities and item abilities will not add charges.+3 all attributesCooldown: 13 secFountain Shop1 Magic Stick2 Iron Branch1 Magic Wand Recipe
Null Talisman515 Gold+3 Strength +3 Agility+6 Intelligence+Spell Amplification3%1 Circlet1 Mantle of Intelligence1 Null Talisman Recipe
Wraith Band515 Gold+3Strength+Agility+3 Intelligence+5 Attack Speed1 Circlet1 Slippers of Agility1 Null Talisman Recipe
Bracer515 Gold+6 Strength+3 Agility+3 Intelligence+5% Magic resistance1 Circlet1 Gauntlets of Strength1 Null Talisman Recipe
Soul Ring770 GoldActive: SacrificeConsume 170 health to temporarily gain 150 mana. Lasts 10 seconds.If the mana gained cannot fit in your mana pool, it creates a buffer of mana that will be used before your mana pool.If this mana is not used before the duration ends, the extra mana is lost.+6 Strength +2.5 HP RegenerationCooldown: 25 sec1 Ring of Regen2 Gauntlet of Strength1 Soul Ring Recipe
Phase Boots1480 GoldActive: PhaseGives 22% increased movement speed on melee heroes, and 10% on ranged heroes, and lets you move through units and turn more quickly for 3 seconds.Movement speed bonuses from multiple pairs of boots do not stack.+15% Movement Speed+Damage (MELEE) 18+Damage (RANGED) 12+4 ArmourCooldown: 8 sec1 Boots of Speed1 Chainmail1 Blades of Attack
Power Treats1450 GoldActive: Switch AttributeSwitches between +10 Strength, +10 Agility, or +10 Intelligence.Movement speed bonuses from multiple pairs of boots do not stack.+15% Movement Speed+10 (Str / Agi / Int)+20 Attack Speed1 Boots of Speed1 Gloves of Haste1 Belt of Strength
1 Band of Elvenskin
1 Robe of the Magi
Oblivion Staff1650 Gold+10 Intelligence+10 Attack Speed+10 Damage+1.25 Mana regeneration1 Quarterstaff1 Robe of the Magi1 Sage’s Mask
Perseverance1700 Gold+6 HP Regeneration+2 Mana Regeneration1 Ring of Health1 Void Stone
Hand of Midas2250Active: TransmuteKills a non-hero target for 160 gold and 1.85x experience.Cannot be used on Ancient CreepsThe gold given is reliable gold you do not get the normal creep bounty.Experience gained by using Transmute is not shared.+40 Attack SpeedCooldown: 90 sec1 Gloves of Haste1 Hand of Midas Recipe
Mask of Madness1775Active: BerserkGives 110 attack speed and 30 movement speed, but reduces your armour by 8 and silences you. Lasts 8 seconds.Passive: LifestealHeals the attacker for 20% of attack damage dealt.+10 Damage+10 Attack SpeedCooldown: 22 secMana Cost: 25 1 Morbid Mask1 Quarterstaff
Helm of the Dominator2175 GoldActive: DominateTakes control of one neutral, non-ancient target unit and sets its movement speed to 425 and max health to a minimum of 1500.Dominated units with a max health of greater than 1500 retain their original max health. Dominated units bounty is set to 200 Gold.Passive: Dominator AuraIncreases nearby allies’ attack speed by 20 and health regen by 8.5.Radius: 1200 unitsCannot dominate more than one unit at a time. If a new unit is dominated, the old one will die. Can also dominate enemy lane creeps and summoned units. Selling the Helm of the Dominator will cause dominated units to die.+2 All AttributesCooldown: 60 sec1 Headdress1 Gloves of Haste1 Ring of Health1 Helm of the Dominator Recipe
Boots of Travel2550 GoldActive: TeleportTeleports you to an allied non-hero unit or structure. Teleporting to a unit is interrupted if the target unit dies. Adds 10 seconds to the cooldown of Town Portal ScrollMovement speed bonuses from multiple pairs of boots do not stack.+32% Movement Speed.1 Boots of Speed1 Boots of Travel Recipe
Moon Shard4000 GoldUse: Consume Consume the Moon Shard to permanently gain 60 attack speed and 200 bonus night vision. Max 1 use.Passive: Shade SightGrants 400 bonus night vision.The bonus night vision works during Night Stalker’s Darkness ability.+140 Attack Speed2 Hyperstone


Items in this list contain auras and abilities that aid in survivability of the user or allies. Utility support players tend to stock up their inventory with Support items because these help control the battlefield and cover any hero’s limitations. 

NameTotal CostEffectComponents
Ring of Basilius500 GoldPassive: Basilius AuraGrants 0.75 mana regeneration and 2 armour in a 1200 unit radius.Toggle: AuraDeactivate aura to stop affecting non-hero units.Multiple instances of Basilius Aura do not stack.+8 Damage.1 Ring of Protection1 Sage’s Mask
Headdress525 GoldPassive: Regeneration AuraGrants 2 health regeneration to allies.Radius: 1200 unitsMultiple instances of Regeneration Aura do not stack.+2 All Attributes1 Iron Branch1 Ring of Regen1 Headdress Recipe
Buckler800 GoldActive: Armour BonusGives +2 armour to all allied units. Lasts 15 seconds on heroes, 30 seconds on units.Radius: 1200 units+5 Armour+2 All AttributesCooldown: 25 secMana cost: 101 Iron Branch1 Chainmail1 Buckler Recipe
Urn of Shadows875 GoldActive: Soul ReleaseProvides 30 health regeneration when cast on allies, and deals 25 damage per second when cast on enemies.Lasts 8 seconds.Gaiuns charges every time an enemy hero dies within 1400 units. Only the closest Urn to the dying hero will gain a charge.Empty urns gain 2 charges. If used on a hero with Soul Release already active on them, it will refresh its duration.+1.5 Mana Regeneration+2 All Attributes+2 ArmourCooldown: 7 sec1 Infused Raindrops1 Circlet1 Ring of Protection1 Urn of Shadows Recipe
Tranquil Boots1050 GoldPassive: BreakWhenever you attack a hero or are attacked by any unit, the bonus 16 HP regen is los and the movement speed bonus is reduced to 18% for 13 seconds.Movement speed bonuses from multiple pairs of boots do not stack.+26% Movement Speed+16 HP RegenerationCooldown: 13 sec1 Boots of Speed1 Ring of Regen1 Wind Lace
Medallion of Courage1175 GoldActive: ValorIf cast on an ally, grants them the 5 armour, and removes it from the caster.If cast on an enemy, reduces 5 armour on both the enemy and the caster.Cannot target spell immune enemies.+5 Armour+0.75 Mana RegenerationCooldown: 7 Seconds1 Sage’s Mask1 Chainmail1 Blight Stone
Arcane Boots1400 GoldActive: Replenish ManaRestores 160 mana to all nearby alliesRadius: 1200 unitsMovement speed bonuses form multiple pairs of boots do not stack.Does not work on Meepo clones.+15% Movement Speed+250 ManaCooldown: 55 seconds1 Boots of Speed1 Energy Booster
Drum of Endurance1625 GoldActive: EnduranceGives +35 attack speed and +13% movement speed to nearby allies for 6 seconds.Radius: 1200 unitsRe-purchasing the Drum of Endurance recipe will refresh its charges.Multiple instances of Swiftness Aura do not stack.+6 Intelligence+6 Strength+6 Agility+1.25 Mana Regeneration+20 Movement SpeedCooldown: 30 seconds1 Crown1 Sage’s Mask1 Wind Lace1 Drum of Endurance Recipe
Vladmir’s Offering1925 GoldPassive: Vladmir’s AuraGrants lifesteal (15% melee heroes, 10% for ranged), 1.5 mana regeneration, 15% bonus attack damage, and 4 armour to nearby allies.Radius: 1200 unitsMultiple instances of Vladmir’s Aura do not stack.1 Ring of Basilius1 Morbid Mask1 Vladmir’s Offering Recipe
Mekansm2275 GoldActive: RestoreHeals 275 health and gives +2 armour to allied units in a 1200 radius.Passive: Mekansm AuraGrants 3.5 health regeneration to allied units in a 1200 unit radius.Restore does not affect units that have been affected by Restore in the last 25 seconds. Multiple instances of Mekansm Aura do not stack.+5 All Attributes+5 ArmourCooldown: 65 secondsMana cost: 225 1 Headdress1 Buckler1 Mekansm Recipe
Spirit Vessel2975 GoldActive: Soul releaseWhen used against enemies, it reduces health by 4% of current health per second, and reduces HP regeneration and healing by 60%. Deals 25 damage per second.When used on allies, it provides 30 health regeneration per second.Lasts 8 seconds.Gains charges every time an enemy hero dies within 1400 units. Only the closest Spirit Vessel to the dying hero will gain a charge. +250 Health+20 Movement Speed+1.5 Mana Regeneration+2 All Attributes+2 ArmourCooldown: 7 seconds1 Urn of Shadows1 Vitality Booster1 Wind Lace1 Spirit Vessel Recipe
Holy Locket2700 GoldPassive: Holy BlessingAmplifies heals and regeneration you provide by 25%.+200 Health+325 Mana+4 HP Regeneration+15% Magic Resistance1 Energy Booster1 Ring of Tarrasque1 Cloak 1 Holy Locket Recipe
Pipe of Insight3025 GoldActive: BarrierGives a shield that blocks 400 magic damage to all nearby allies. Lasts 12 seconds.Radius: 1200 unitsPassive: Insight AuraGives allied units 2 health regeneration and 10% magic resistance.Radius: 1200 unitsMultiple instances of Barrier do not stack.Stacks multiplicatively with other sources of magic resistance.+8 HP Regeneration
+30% Magic Resistance
+2 All attributesCooldown: 60 secondsActivation cost: 100 mana
1 Headdress1 Hood of Resilience1 Pipe of Insight Recipe
Guardian Greaves5475 GoldActive: MendRestores 300 health and 200 mana to nearby allies, and removes most negative effects from the caster.Radius: 1200 unitsDispel Type: Basic DispelPassive: Guardian AuraProvides nearby allies with 3.5 health regeneration and 2 bonus armour. If an allied hero’s health falls below 20%, they receive 16 health regeneration and 10 armour.Movement speed bonuses from multiple pairs of boots do not stack.The aura boost only applies to heroes.+17% Movement Speed
+250 Mana
+5 All Attributes
+5 ArmourCooldown: 40 seconds
1 Arcane Boots1 Mekansm1 Guardian Greaves Recipe


Intelligence heroes are generally easy to kill, but make up for it in high damage and field control. Caster items provide immense boost in the intelligence attribute as well as tricky abilities. Both Utility Support and Nukers tend to take these items in midgame and endgame.

NameTotal CostEffectComponents
Glimmer Cape1950 goldActive: GlimmerAfter a 0.6 second delay, grants invisibility and 45% magic resistance to you or a target allied unit for 5 seconds.Can be cast while channelling.+20 Attack Speed
+15% Magic ResistanceCooldown: 14 secondsActivation Cost: 90 mana
1 Cloak1 Shadow Amulet
Veil of Discord2050 GoldActive: Magic WeaknessCast a 600 radius blast that decreases enemy magic resistance by 25%.Duration: 16 seconds.+6 HP Regeneration
+6 Armour
+6 Agility
+6 Strength
+15 IntelligenceCooldown: 20 secondsActivation Cost: 50 mana
1 Helm of Iron Will1 Crown1 Veil of Discord Recipe
Aether Lens2350 GoldPassive: Aethereal FocusIncreases targeted spell and item cast range by 250.Passive does not stack.+450 Mana
+3 Mana Regeneration
1 Energy Booster1 Void Stone1 Aether Lens Recipe
Force Staff2250 GoldActive: ForcePushes any target unit 600 units in the direction it is facing.Self-cast will cause you to use Force on yourself.Force Staff doesn’t interrupt the target’s actions. Will not work on a unit inside Chronosphere, Duel, or Black Hole.+10 Intelligence
+2.5 HP RegenerationCooldown: 23 secondsActivation Cost: 100 mana 
1 Ring of Regen1 Staff of Wizardry1 Force Staff Recipe
Necronomicon2400 GoldActive: Demonic SummoningSummons a Warrior and Archer to fight for you for 60 seconds.Warrior:Burns mana every hit, and deals magical damage to whoever kills it. Gains True Sight at Level 3. Health: 700
Damage: 75
Mana Break Damage: 30
Last Will Damage: 600Archer:Has a passive movement and attack speed aura. Gains Purge at Level 3.Health: 700
Damage: 60
Aura Move Speed: 5
Aura Attack Speed: 5
Aura Radius: 1200 unitsNecronomicon bonuses per level:+10 / 15 / 20 Strength
+2 / 2.5 / 3 Mana RegenerationCooldown: 90 secondsActivation Cost: 50 mana
1 Belt of Strength2 Sage’s Mask1 Necronomicon RecipeYou can purchase Necronomicon Recipe again to upgrade Necronomicon.Max Level: 3
Solar Crest3975 GoldActive: ShineWhen cast on an ally, grants them 8 armour, 80 attack speed, and 10% movement speed. When cast on an enemy, removes 8 armour, 80 attack speed, and 10% movement speed.Removes the armour from the caster when used.Cannot target spell immune enemies.+8 Armour
+10 All Attributes
+20 Movement Speed
+1.5 Mana RegenerationCooldown: 7 secondsUpgradeable by purchasing the recipe again. Each upgrade costs more gold.
1 Medallion of Courage1 Ultimate Orb1 Wind Lace1 Solar Crest Recipe
Dagon2700 GoldActive: Energy BurstEmits a powerful burst of magical damage upon a targeted enemy unit. Damage: 400Instantly kills illusionsDagon bonuses per level:+13/16/19/22/25 Intelligence
+5 All AttributesCooldown: 35 secondsActivation Costs per level:
120/140/160/180/200 mana
1 Staff of Wizardry1 Crown1 Dagon RecipeYou can purchase Dagon Recipe again to upgrade Dagon.Max Level: 5
Eul’s Scepter of Divinity2750 GoldActive: CycloneSweeps a target unit up into a cyclone, making them invulnerable for 2.5 seconds. Cyclone can only be cast on enemy units or yourself.You cannot cyclone allies.Enemy units take 50 magical damage upon landing.Cyclone cast on yourself go through spell immunity.Cyclone can purge some buffs and debuffs.+10 Intelligence
+5 Mana Regeneration
+20 Movement SpeedCooldown: 23 secondsActivation Cost: 175 mana
1 Wind Lace1 Void Stone1 Staff of Wizardry1 Eul’s Scepter of Divinity Recipe
Rod of Atos2750 GoldActive: CrippleRoots the target for 2 seconds.+20 Intelligence
+10 Strength
+10 AgilityCooldown: 18 secondsActivation Cost: 50 mana
1 Staff of Wizardry2 Crown1 Rod of Atos recipe
Orchid Malevolence4075 GoldActive: Soul BurnSilences the target unit for 5 seconds. At the end of the silence, 30% of the damage received while silenced is inflicted as bonus magical damage.+25 Intelligence
+30 Attack Speed
+30 Damage
+5.5 Mana RegenerationCooldown: 18 secondsActivation cost: 100 mana
2 Oblivion Staff1 Orchid of Malevolence Recipe
Aghanim’s Scepter4200 GoldPassive: Ultimate UpgradeUpgrades the ultimate, and some abilities of equipped heroes.+10 All Attributes
+175 Health
+175 Mana 
1 Ogre Axe1 Blade of Alacrity1 Staff of Wizardry1 Point Booster
Nullifier4700 GoldActive: NullifyDispels the target and mutes them for 6 seconds. Anytime the muted target is attacked, it will be slowed by 100% for 0.4 seconds.Dispel Type: Basic Dispel+65 Damage
+5 Armour
+6 HP RegenerationCooldown: 13 secondsActivation Cost: 75 mana
1 Sacred Relic1 Helm of Iron Will
Refresher Orb5100 GoldActive: Reset CooldownsResets the cooldowns of all your items and abilities.+13 HP Regeneration
+12 Mana RegenerationCooldown: 195 secondsActivation Cost: 375 mana
2 Perseverance1 Refresher Orb Recipe
Scythe of Vyse5700 GoldActive: HexTurns a target unit into a harmless critter for 3.5 seconds. The target has a base movement speed of 140 and will be silenced, muted, and disarmed. Instantly destroys illusions.The target will have a base movement speed of 140, but buffs granting maximum movement speed won’t be disabled.+10 Strength
+10 Agility
+35 Intelligence
+9 Mana RegenerationCooldown: 22 secondsActivation Cost: 250 mana
1 Mystic Staff1 Ultimate Orb1 Void Stone
Octarine Core5900 GoldPassive: Cooldown ReductionReduces the cooldown time of all spells and items by 25%Passive: Spell Lifesteal25% of spell damage dealt to enemy heroes is returned to the caster as health, regardless of spell damage type.Lifesteal reduced to 5% against creeps.+25 Intelligence
+425 Health
+425 Mana
1 Mystic Staff1 Soul Booster


Strike true and viciously with the Weapons! This list contains items for Offlaners and Hard Carries who aim to keep the enemies from saving up gold to fight back. Secure any of these in midgame and farm creeps or harass enemy heroes off your lane. The sooner you get to destroy enemy towers, the better.

NameTotal CostEffectComponents
Crystalys2130 GoldPassive: Critical StrikeGrants each attack a 20% chance to deal 175% damage.Critical Strike does not work against buildings.+38 Damage1 Broadsword1 Blades of Attack1 Crystalys Recipe
Armlet of Mordiggian2380 GoldToggle: Unholy StrengthWhen active, Unholy Strength grants +31 damage, +25 strength and +4 armour, but drains 54 health per second.You cannot die from the health drain when Unholy Strength is activated, nor from the strength loss when Unholy Strength is deactivated.The strength change will affect both maximum and current HP, but you cannot die from the change. The strength change occurs over 0.6 seconds.Activating or deactivation Unholy Strength does not interrupt channeling+9 Damage
+25 Attack Speed
+5 Armour
+5 HP Regeneration
1 Helm of Iron Will1 Gloves of Haste1 Blades of Attack1 Armlet of Mordiggian Recipe
Meteor Hammer2625 GoldActive: Meteor HammerCHANNELED – After a successful channel, summons a meteor that strikes a 315 area of effect, stunning enemies for 2 seconds and dealing impact damage. Continues to damage over time to enemy units and buildings for 6 seconds.Building Impact Damage: 75
Building Over Time Damage: 50Non-Building Impact Damage: 150
Non-Building Over Time Damage: 90Channel Duration: 2.5 seconds
Landing Time: 0.5 seconds+12 Strength
+12 Intelligence
+5 HP Regeneration
+3 Mana RegenerationCooldown: 28 secondsActivation Cost: 125 mana
1 Ogre Axe1 Staff of Wizardry1 Ring of Regen1 Sage’s Mask
Shadow Blade2800 GoldActive: Shadow WalkMakes you invisible for 14 seconds, or until you attack or cast a spell. While Shadow Walk is active, you move 20% faster and can move through units.While Shadow Walk is active, your next attack gains 175 bonus physical damage until you lose invisibility.Has a 0.3 second fade time.+22 Damage
+30 Attack SpeedCooldown: 28 seconds
1 Claymore1 Shadow Amulet
Skull Basher2950 GoldPassive: BashGrants melee heroes a 25% chance on hit to stun the target for 1.5 seconds and deal 100 bonus magical damage. Bash chance for ranged heroes is 10%.Does not stack with other sources of Bash but will stack with mini-bash.+25 Damage
+10 StrengthCooldown: 2 seconds The following heroes cannot use Bash from Skull Bash:Spirit BreakerFaceless VoidSlardar
1 Mythril Hammer1 Belt of Strength1 Skull Basher Recipe
Battle Fury4400 GoldActive: Chop Tree/WardDestroy target tree or ward.Passive: QuellIncreases attack damage against non-hero units by 24 for melee heroes, and 7 for ranged.Passive: Cleave
(Melee only)Deals 60% of attack damage as physical damage in a cone up to 650 units around the target.Cleave damage is reduced by armour type but not by armour value.Cleave  damage goes through spell immunity.If multiple sources of Cleave are present, each Cleave’s damage is applied separately.Chop can be used to destroy Techies’ Remote Mines.+45 Damage
+7.5 HP Regeneration
+3.75 Mana RegenerationCooldown: 4 seconds
1 Demon Edge1 Perseverance1 Quelling Blade1 Battle Fury Recipe
Monkey King Bar4175 GoldPassive: PierceGrans each attack a 75% chance to pierce through evasion and deal 100 bonus magical damage.+52 Damage
+10 Attack Speed
1 Javelin1 Demon Edge1 Quarterstaff
Ethereal Blade4700 GoldActive: Ether BlastConverts the target unit to ethereal form, rendering them immune to physical damage, but unable to attack and 40% more vulnerable to magic damage. Lasts for 4 seconds on allies and enemies.Enemy targets are slowed by 80%, and take magical damage equal to 2x your primary attribute + 75.Lasts an extra second on self or allies.Using Town Portal Scroll or Boots of Travel will not dispel Ethereal Form.+40 Agility
+10 Strength
+10 IntelligenceCooldown: 20 secondsActivation Cost: 100 mana
1 Eaglesong1 Ghost Scepter
Radiance5150 GoldToggle: BurnWhen active, scorches enemies for 60 magical damage per second, and causes them to miss 17% of their attacks. Illusions deal 35 magical damage per second.Illusions can use Burn.Radius: 700 units+65 Damage1 Sacred Relic1 Radiance Recipe
Daedalus5330 GoldPassive: Critical StrikeGrants each attack a 30% chance to deal 235% damage.Critical Strike does not work against buildings.+80 Damage1 Demon Edge1 Crystalis1 Daedalus Recipe
Butterfly5475 GoldStacks diminishingly with other sources of Evasion.+35 Agility
+25 Damage
+35% Evasion
+30 Attack Speed
1 Eaglesong1 Talisman of Evasion1 Quarterstaff
Silver Edge5550 GoldActive: Shadow WalkMakes you invisible for 14 seconds or until you attack or casts a spell. While invisible, you move 25% faster and can move through units.While Shadow Walk is active, your next attack gains 175 bonus physical damage until you lose invisibility. Targets attacked with this boost have their passive abilities disabled for 4 seconds.Backstab cannot miss.Backstab does not pierce spell immunity.+30 Damage
+30 Attack Speed
+15 All AttributesCooldown: 22 secondsActivation Cost: 75 mana
1 Shadow Blade1 Ultimate Orb1 Silver Edge Recipe
Divine Rapier6000 GoldPassive: EverlastingDropped on death and cannot be destroyed.Becomes unusable if picked up by an ally of its owner until it is returned to its owner. It is immediately usable by anybody if an enemy of the owner picks it up.Dropped Divine Rapier cannot be picked up by either team’s courier.An enemy that picked up Divine Rapier cannot drop it except by death.+330 Damage1 Demon Edge1 Sacred Relic
Abyssal Blade6650 GoldActive: OverwhelmStuns a target enemy unit for 2 seconds.Pierces Spell Immunity.Passive: BashGrants melee heroes a 25% chance on hit to stun the target for 1.5 seconds and deal 100 bonus magical damage. Bash chance for ranged heroes is 10%.Passive: Damage BlockGrants a 50% chance to block 70 damage from incoming attacks on melee heroes, and 35 damage on ranged.+25 Damage
+250 Health
+10 HP Regeneration
+10 StrengthCooldown: 35 seconds Activation Cost: 75 manaDoes not stack with other sources of Bash but will stack with mini-bash.The following heroes cannot use Bash from Skull Bash:Spirit BreakerFaceless VoidSlardarTroll Warlord
1 Skull Basher1 Vanguard1 Abyssal Blade Recipe
Bloodthorn7205 GoldActive: Soul RendSilences a target for 5 seconds. At the end of the silence, the target will receive magical damage equal to 30% of all damage taken while silenced.All attacks on the silenced target will have True Strike and 100% chance to crit for 140% damage.Passive: Critical StrikeGrants a 20% chance for attacks to inflict 175% damage.Critical Strike does not work against buildings.+25 Intelligence
+30 Attack Speed
+68 Damage
+5.5 Mana RegenerationCooldown: 15 secondsActivation Cost: 100 mana
1 Orchid Malevolence1 Crystalis1 Bloodthorn Recipe


Looking to protect yourself? Survive anything with evasion and defence boosts! Most items under Armour are focused on helping you survive midgame. Tank the opposition or move around the enemy onslaught. Some items are geared towards clash while others are more fitting for solo fights. 

NameTotal CostEffectComponents
Hood of Defiance1700 GoldActive: BarrierCreates a spell shield that absorbs up to 325 magical damage. Lasts 12 seconds.Stacks multiplicatively with other sources of spell resistance.+8 HP Regeneration
+25% Magic ResistanceCooldown: 60 secondsActivation Cost: 75 mana
1 Ring of Health1 Cloak1 Ring of Regen
Vanguard2150 GoldPassive: Damage BlockGrants a 50% chance to block 70 damage from incoming attacks on melee heroes, and 35 damage on ranged.Multiple sources of damage block do not stack.+250 Health
+7 HP Regeneration
1 Ring of Health1 Stout Shield1 Vitality Booster
Blade Mail2200 GoldActive: Damage ReturnFor 4.5 seconds, duplicates any damage taken back to the unit that dealt the damage.Damage Return is calculated before any kind of reduction.Damage Return does not reflect damage from other Damage Return such as another Blade Mail.Returned damage type is the same as it was received.Can pierce Spell Immunity if the original damage type does.+22 Damage
+5 Armour
+10 IntelligenceCooldown: 25 secondsActivation Cost: 25 mana
1 Broadsword1 Chainmail1 Robe of the Magi
Soul Booster 3200 Gold+425 Health
+425 Mana
1 Energy Booster1 Vitality Booster1 Point Booster
Crimson Guard3700 GoldActive: GuardFor 12 seconds, granting nearby allied heroes and buildings +2 armour, and a 100%  chance to block 60 damage from each incoming attack.Units may only be affected by Guard once every 46 seconds.Radius: 1200 unitsPassive: Damage BlockGrants a 50% chance to block 70 damage from incoming attacks on melee heroes, and 35 damage on ranged.Multiple sources of damage block do not stack+250 Health
+7 HP Regeneration
+2 All Attributes
+5 ArmourCooldown: 46 seconds
1 Vanguard1 Buckler1 Crimson Guard Recipe
Aeon Disk3100 GoldPassive: Combo BreakerWhen you take damage and your health falls below 70%, a strong dispel is applied and you gain +75% Status Resistance for 2.5 seconds and causes all damage you deal and are dealt to be reduced to zero. Only triggers on player based damage.+300 Health
+300 ManaCooldown: 115 seconds
1 Vitality Booster1 Energy Booster1 Aeon Disk Recipe
Black King Bar4050 GoldActive: AvatarGrants Spell Immunity and 100% Magic Damage Resistance. Duration decreases with each use.Duration 10
Dispel Type: Basic DispelPurchasing another Black King Bar will not reset its immunity duration.Using Black King Bar may remove some positive buffs.+10 Strength
+24 DamageCooldown: 70 seconds
1 Mythril Hammer1 Ogre Axe1 Black King Bar Recipe
Lotus Orb4000 GoldActive: Echo ShellApplies a shield to the target unit for 6 seconds which re-casts most targeted spells back to their caster.The shielded unit will still take damage from the spell.Dispel Type: Basic Dispel+10 Armour
+6.5 HP Regeneration
+4 Mana Regeneration
+250 MaanCooldown: 15 secondsActivation Cost: 75 mana
1 Perseverance1 Platemail1 Energy Booster
Shiva’s Guard4750 GoldActive: Arctic BlastEmits a freezing wave that deals 200 magical damage to enemies and slows their movement by 40% for 4 seconds.Radius: 900 unitsPassive: Freezing AuraReduces the attack speed of all enemies by 45.Radius: 1200 unitsThe wave extends at a speed of 350 to a max size of 900 units.The Arctic Blast follows its caster.Multiple instances of Freezing Aura do not stack.+30 Intelligence
+45 ArmourCooldown: 30 secondsActivation Cost: 100 mana
1 Mystic Staff1 Platemail1 Recipe
Hurricane Pike4600 GoldActive: Hurricane ThrustPushes you and target enemy units away from each other, and for  seconds, allows you to make attacks against the target without range restrictions with +   attack speed.Pushes target allied unit 600 units in the direction it is facing.Self-cast pushes you 600 units to the direction you are facing.Passive: Dragon’s ReachIncreases attack range of ranged heroes by 140.Hurricane Thrust does not interrupt the target’s actions. Will not work on a unit inside Chronosphere, Duel, or Black Hole.+13 Intelligence
+2.5 HP Regeneration
+20 Agility
+152 StrengthCooldown: 23 secondsActivation Cost: 100 mana
1 Force Staff1 Dragon Lance1 Hurricane Pike Recipe
Linken’s Sphere5050 GoldPassive: SpellblockBlocks most targeted spells once every 13 seconds.Active: Transfer SpellblockTemporarily removes Spellblock from the item’s owner and transfers it to an allied unit for 13 seconds.+13 All Attributes
+6.5 HP Regeneration
+5 Mana RegenerationCooldown: 13 seconds
1 Perseverance1 Ultimate Orb1 Linken’s Sphere Recipe
Bloodstone4900Active: BloodpactConverts 30% of your max mana to health regeneration over 2 seconds.Passive: Mana BatteryEach charge provides 0.3 HP and MP regen.Nearby kills provide 1 charge. Dying causes you to lose 3 charges. Starts with 14 charges. +200% Mana Regeneration
+475 Health
+425 Mana
+6 HP Regeneration
+3 Mana Regeneration
1 Soul Booster1 Perseverance
Manta Style4700 GoldActive: Mirror ImageCreates 2 images of your hero that last 20 seconds.Melee images deal 33% damage and take 350% damage.Ranged images deal 28% damage and take 400% damage.Cooldown increased by 15 seconds on ranged heroes.Dispel Type: Basic DispelHas a 0.1 second cast time during which you are invulnerable.Many effects are removed upon using Manta.Yasha based movement speed bonuses from multiple items do not stack.+10 Strength
+26 Agility
+10 Intelligence
+12 Attack Speed
+20 Movement SpeedCooldown: 45 secondsActivation Cost: 125 mana
1 Ultimate Orb1 Yasha1 Manta Style Recipe
Heart of Tarrasque5200 GoldPassive: Health RegenerationRestores 5% of max health per second.If damage is taken from an enemy hero or Roshan, this ability is disabled for 5 seconds for melee heroes, or 7 seconds for ranged heroes.+45 Strength
+40 Health
+Health Regen Amplification: 50%Cooldown: 7 seconds
1 Reaver1 Vitality Booster1 Ring of Tarrasque1 Heart of Tarrasque Recipe
Assault Cuirass5250 GoldPassive: Assault AuraGrants 25 attack speed and 5 armour to nearby allied units and structures, and decreases nearby enemy unit and structure armour by 5.Radius: 1200 unitsMultiple instances of Assault Aura do not stack.+30 Attack Speed
+10 Armour
1 Platemail1 Hyperstone1 Chainmail1 Assault Cuirass Recipe


Artifacts are versatile between attribute items. These generally help you kill creeps and push lanes more than combat other heroes. Farmers and Laners can carry one or two in their inventories to complement their endgame build. 

NameTotal CostEffectComponents
Dragon Lance1900 GoldPassive: Dragon’s ReachIncreases attack range of ranged heroes by 140.+13 Strength
+12 Agility
1 Ogre Axe2 Band of Elvenskin
Sange2050 Gold+16 Strength
+8 Damage
+12% Debuff Resistance
1 Ogre Axe1 Belt of Strength1 Sange Recipe
Yasha2050 GoldYasha-based movement speed bonuses from multiple items do not stack+16 Agility
+12 Attack Speed
+20 Movement Speed
1 Blade of Alacrity1 Band of Elvenskin1 Yasha Recipe
Kaya2050 GoldMultiple instances of Kaya-based bonuses do not stack+16 Intelligence
-12% Manacost
+8% Spell Damage
1 Staff of Wizardry1 Robe of the MagiKaya Recipe
Echo Sabre2650 GoldCauses melee attacks to attack twice in quick succession. The double attacks apply a 100% movement slow for 0.8 seconds on each strike.+12 Strength
+10 Intelligence
+10 Attack Speed
+12 Damage
+1.25 Mana RegenerationCooldown: 5 seconds
1 Ogre Axe1 Oblivion Staff
Maelstrom2700 GoldPassive: Chain LightningGrants a 25% chance on attack to release a bolt of electricity that leaps between 4 targets within a 900 radius, dealing 150 magical damage to each.Lightning proc pierces evasion+24 Damage1 Mythril Hammer1 Javelin
Diffusal Blade3150 GoldActive: InhibitTargets an enemy, slowing it for 4 seconds.Passive: ManabreakEach attack burns 50 mana from the target, and deals 0.8 physical damage per burned mana.Burns 16 mana per attack from melee illusions and 8 mana per attack from ranged illusions.Does not stack with other manabreak abilities+20 Agility
+10 Intelligence
2 Blade of Alacrity1 Robe of the Magi1 Diffusal Blade Recipe
Heaven’s Halberd3450 GoldActive: DisarmPrevents a target from attacking for 3 seconds on melee targets, and 5 seconds on ranged targets.+25% Evasion
+25 Damage
+20 Strength
+14% Debuff Resistance
1 Sange1 Talisman of Evasion
Desolator3500 GoldPassive: CorruptionYour attacks reduce the target’s armour by 7 for 15 seconds.Armour reduction works on buildings+50 Damage2 Mythril Hammer1 Blight Stone
Kaya and Sange4100 GoldYasha-based movement speed bonuses from multiple items do not stack+16 Strength
+16 Intelligence
+16% Debuff Resistance
-16% Manacost
-16% Manaloss
+12% Spell Amplification
+12 Damage
1 Sange1 Kaya
Sange and Yasha4100 GoldYasha-based movement speed bonuses from multiple items do not stack+16 Strength
+16 Agility
+16% Debuff Resistance
+16 Attack Speed
+30 Movement Speed
+12 Damage
1 Sange1 Yasha
Yasha and Kaya4100 GoldYasha-based movement speed bonuses from multiple items do not stackYasha-based movement speed bonuses from multiple items do not stack+16 Agility
+16 Intelligence
+16 Attack Speed
-16% Manacost
-16% Manalost
+30 Movement Speed
+12% Spell Amplification
1 Yasha1 Kaya
Satanic5600 GoldActive: Unholy RageIncreases Lifesteal percentage to 200% for 5 seconds.Passive: LifestealHeals the attacker for 25% of attack damage dealt.+25 Strength
+25 Damage
+30% Debuff ResistanceCooldown: 35 seconds
1 Morbid Mask1 Claymore1 Reaver
Eye of Skadi5500Passive: Cold AttackAttacks lower enemy movement speed and attack speed for 3 seconds. Slows enemy ranged units by 45% movement speed and by 45 attack speed. Slows enemy melee units by 20% movement speed and by 20 attack speed.+25 All Attributes
+225 Health
+250 Mana
2 Ultimate Orb1 Point Booster
Mjollnir5600Active: Static ChargePlaces a charged shield on a target unit for 15 seconds which has a 20% chance to release a 200 magical damage shocking bolt at nearby attacker and 4 additional enemiesPassive: Chain LightningGrants a 25% chance on attack to release a bolt of electricity that leaps between 12 targets within a 900 units radius, dealing 170 magical damage to each. Lightning proc pierces evasion.Static Charge cannot trigger more than once per seconds.Static Charge’s shock deals magical damage centered on hero with the Static Charge. Static Charge’s targets cannot be more than 900 units away.Static Charge procs will not bounce to heroes that are invisible or hidden by Fog of War.+24 Damage
+75 Attack SpeedCooldown: 35 secondsActivation Cost: 50 mana
1 Hyper Stone1 Maelstrom

Roshan Drops

At the centre of the map lies a lair where a dreadful monster treads. Roshan is a special creep that grows stronger as the battle between the Radiants and the Scourge drags on. It also gains innate buffs when fighting against multiple heroes. Roshan doesn’t have spell immunity like the ancients, but he cannot be dominated by the Helm of the Dominator nor Chen. 

Roshan’s death rewards the entire team of the hero that dealt the killing blow. Besides giving away a large amount of money and experience, Roshan also drops three strong consumable items.

  • Aegis of the Immortal – Revives your hero with a full health and mana reserve 5 seconds after death. This only affects whoever is holding Aegis at the moment of death.
  • Cheese – Replaces Aegis of the Immortal on Roshan’s third death. 
    • Restores 2500 health
    • Restores 1500 mana
  • Refresher Shard – Resets all cooldowns of items and abilities of the owner.

Items and item abilities may be subjected to changes in the future. Items get removed and new ones get added in major patches to tweak the game’s balance. Always look into updates if you wish to stay ahead of the current meta.