Elite heroes to use in pro Dota 2 gaming

Dota 2 has a lot of heroes for starters that can be quite difficult to use. This only shows that there are some of those heroes that can be tiring to use for newbies but a lot promising for certain players who play at an elite level.

Dota 2 has been one of the best games that showed a lot of options for players to play at their own pace. Each hero is unique and has a lot of skills to choose from. They also have varying builds depending on their roles, which only means that they need to learn each of those to thrive.

These heroes are always dependent on the meta and are designed to be stronger than the usual baby heroes in the game. Dota 2 created a lot of heroes with various abilities and advantages over others, and it is up to the players to make it work.

Players have made some strategies of their own to make use of some of the top heroes in the game over the years. Here are some of the elite heroes that players should use in pro Dota 2 gaming:

Queen of Pain

The Queen of Pain is known as one of the biggest icons in the game thanks to her skillset. Akasha is one of the best heroes that can deal damage in a huge area, which is why players use her in key games that need coverage. 

QoP is known for her ability to use sounds to her advantage and score kills while distracting her enemies. She is played in the middle lane as a ganker and even as a semi-carry. She can appear in battle and score big hits and flee with ease when needed. 

She is one of the heroes who need to be in a great position to make big hits with her skills. Most pro players use Akasha to trap heroes and lead allies to a strong spot where they can kill the rest of the enemies.

When using her spells, it is best to add spell boosters such as Aghanim’s Scepter and it should be the first item for QoP. Unless players have no gold, Orchid Malevolence is the next build for her and it should even move on to the Scythe of Vyse. 

QoP users who die most of the time should add a Linken’s Sphere and Shiva’s Guard is the next best option. Both items work well to add extra armour and burst damage as well.

Arc Warden

The Arc Warden is an agility hero who serves both as a hitter and a support at the same time. Zet has the ability to cripple an enemy down and deal big damage. He can also create shields for his allies and buildings and gain swift attack speed at the same time.

Zet also can place wraiths that can attack a nearby enemy and has a lot of magical damage. Arc Warden can also create a perfect copy of himself and use all of the skills and items at the same time. That makes the hero a menace to deal with at any point in the game.

Maelstrom is a good build for Zet and adding a Boots of Travel helps him traverse the map for farming, fighting and split pushing. He also needs mana to farm lanes and neutrals with the bonus attack speed from Magnetic Field. 

Zet is also squishy in the early game but he can work with them by adding certain heroes who can help him rotate to his lane. Vision is a huge weapon for him to avoid incoming ganks. Without a Blink Dagger or other escape tools, it would be fatal for Arc Warden to get ganked as well.


Mogul Khan is one of the best melee heroes in the game and he is known for sparking chaos in battle. As one of the best initiators, his strong style needs him to be up close and personal against his enemies. He can rack up a lot of kills in just a snap which makes him a dangerous foe to face.

Axe is one of the heroes that can harass others, thanks to his attack speed and huge base damage. That gives him an edge over other melee heroes who have to fight him at any part of the map. His skills are also a strong factor for his rising usage in most tourneys in the current meta.

Axe is a strong initiator, and this is his edge that players should use all the time. His piercing spell in Berserker’s call makes him strong in clashes and one on one battles. On top of that, he can use his Battle Hunger to boost his speed and Counter Helix to shred many enemies at once. Cunning Blade is even an instant win to wreak havoc at any point in the game.

In the late game, players even try to use Berserker’s Call as much as they can in any fight. This gives them a huge boost and could even make it easy for Axe to move in and out of a fight. There are big chances that he can get out of it without any scratch.


Enigma is a tactical spellcaster who has a lot of tough skills. Playing him needs players to be efficient when it comes to farming and they would also need to work on their positioning to use his gravity-related abilities at most. A well-played Enigma can take on a whole team on his own and decide a match outcome as well. 

There are many ways to use Enigma in games, but most players try to use him early in the jungle to farm with efficiency. His Eidolons are the best to set up either ganks or farms, so it is important for players to put mastery on that skill first.

He also has a limited casting range, but enough to cover a lot of area within his sight. It is important to build him with some of the best position tools such as the Blink Dagger or Force Staff. He should have the role of a ward supporter for the whole team or either have someone else do that for him. Players also use him as a carry with the use of wards or the Gem of True Sight, which is a huge help for all Dota 2 teams.

Heroes vary from one another, but it all depends on how players would work on their games and push for a win. At the end of the day, it is how players manage their heroes’ builds and skills at a given game, and there is no guarantee that picking the right hero can lead to a win in the end.