Why Mirana is one of the best heroes in Dota 2

Mirana is one of the best heroes that Dota 2 players love to use. The Princess of the Moon has been one of the regulars in the game and she is always a top pick to win matches. Her skills and easy use have led her to be the best hero for most tourneys up to this moment.

Mirana is a mid hero that produces strong stats in the entire game. This made her one of the most popular heroes in Dota 2. She is naturally a mid hero because she has strong stats for the entire game. However, in recent years, most Dota 2 players have tried to use her as a support hero.

Mirana is a well-rounded hero who can fill every role needed in a team. Her skills can get her to disable, nuke, push, escape or even gank heroes at any given time. Depending on the lineup, Mirana can serve as a carry, semi carry, roamer, support or even jungler if the team needs her to do so.

Playing her in that role was just a unique experience before but with her Sacred Arrow maxing out as a five-second stun, it is hard to deny that playing her in that role is what’s best. Moonlight Shadow is also a strong skill to help the team because it makes the entire ally team invisible which can help them either engage or escape team fights. 

While she is mostly played in the support role nowadays, you can still have her as a core hero when needed. She can farm fast due to her stats but she also has Starstorm which she can use to flash-farm creeps. When she gets the right items, you can rely on Mirana to be a hard-hitter in the late game because of her agility stats and the item build.

Mirana is a versatile hero

As a ranged agility hero, Mirana uses her skills to get the jump on other heroes. She is even used to chase even some of the fastest heroes in the game. The hero is a great huntress and her skills have proved to be a great help in crucial games.

Mirana is played as a roamer at most. In the early game, players use her Sacred Arrow to stun enemies in the lane and set up for a kill. Mirana players should buy wards when needed and they can even turn her into a hero that can deal a lot of damage and match the best carries in the game.

If Mirana has a good early game, players can even direct her to be a carry right away. Items such as Manta Style and the Stygian Desolator can help her get a bigger damage. Some players even put Aghanim’s Scepter to allow her to deal damage at burst rate on more than two heroes.

Thanks to her low base strength and low growth rate, Mirana is frail unless built with the right items. She needs to focus on Leap and Moonlight Shadow to get some advantages over the enemy and turn a big chance to score kills as well.

The low rate of intelligence means she needs more mana items and that means Mirana players need to give her those items with double purpose. Arcane Boots is the best pick among those since it gives mana and additional speed at the same time.

This strong build for Mirana may turn out to be a rewarding end for her since she can max out most of her stats. That means that every build for Mirana is centred around improving her attack and intelligence at the same time, which means a lot for her growth to start off the game.

Mirana’s skills are deadly when used well

Starstorm calls down big meteors that deal damage to any enemies near Mirana. A second star strike will deal more damage and it is a nuke move that allows her to kill any chasing units. This is why it is easy to master this skill in the early game to earn creep kills.

Sacred Arrow works like a charm since this arrow moves in one direction and can deal a huge chunk of damage to enemy heroes and can instantly take out any creep or non-Ancients. This skill is hard to manage but landing a long range arrow can be promising and can open up more chances for heroes to get a big kill.

Leap is a good spell to use with Mirana jumping forward. This is a key skill that can help her get a chance to escape or get to a good spot where she can score skills in a snap. That makes it easy for Mirana players to join clashes as well, and this move is popular among many esports Canada players.

Moonlight Shadow works like a charm since it places a buff on all allied heroes. This gives them a short time to be invisible and move faster as long as they do not attack or cast spells. In turn, it would give her allies some time to get into position to spot and put up either an ambush or move out of the area to escape.

Mastering Mirana’s skills is a huge plus especially in late game. A maxed out Mirana will surely deal a lot of damage to her enemies and even crush them in a single blow. She can take on any opponent when not caught by surprise. This only shows a lot of promise for Mirana’s abilities since it can take out a whole squad if used well.

Mirana is definitely a promising hero to use in Dota 2, this says a lot about the rising usage rate for the hero since the last The International was played. Mirana may just be the strongest hero there is if used right. That shows how the hero is still one of the iconic heroes in the game and has been there since the Defence of the Ancients mod from Warcraft III.

If players can master how Mirana works well with other heroes, she may turn the tide of any game and give them a lot of wins in the long run. That shows how much of a great hero Mirana is if used well.