Top 10 strength heroes in Dota 2

When playing Dota 2, long-time and expert players know that it is not ideal to stick only to one type of hero. You certainly are not doing your teammates any favour and others will perceive you as lacking flexibility as a team player. It is important to explore every hero type there is.

When it comes to strength heroes, they are known for having high HP pools. This means that you can make plenty of mistakes while piloting them without drastic consequences. 

Furthermore, strength heroes in Dota 2 are compatible with tank or initiator roles. They charge head-first into combat. Most of the time, they are the last to be left standing. If you want to learn which strength heroes are the best ones, read on to learn all about them.

Huskar, the Sacred Warrior

Huskar is one of the top heroes in the game with a strong dominant presence. Many consider Huskar as a courageous hero, especially because he has the ability to sacrifice a considerable amount of health points just to be able to damage and cripple a target. 

Huskar is said to be unstoppable once he has the items Black King Bar and Butterfly in his inventory. Such items almost assure a win for his team. Huskar also has an incredible range. With this feature of his, he has the farthest range among all strength heroes in Dota 2. 

Purist Thunderwrath, the Omniknight

Omniknight is considered one of the best strength heroes in Dota 2 because of his dependable support skills. Arc Angel, his primary skill, is able to strengthen allies around him, making them almost invulnerable. Such skill of Omniknight gives your team a high chance of victory. 

Other excellent support skills of Omniknight are the Repel and Heal. They are perfect for assuring the safety of your team’s carry. Another skill of Omniknight, Degen aura, makes it almost impossible for enemy heroes to escape your team’s ambushes.

Mangix, the Brewmaster

Brewmaster’s spirits and versatile item build bring great utility and benefits to his team. He can win against most melee heroes with just a pair of Arcane boots and a Blink Dagger. 

Brewmaster can easily cause damage to his opponents and block last hits with Drunken Haze. He can apply a slow and a 70% attack miss chance with just 25 mana. Such debuff makes for a powerful anti-right click carry during the late game.


Phoenix is known for being a flying strength hero. It is a ranged hero with an abundant HP to space. It is also able to fit into many roles. Phoenix can do support, carry, and initiator. 

Phoenix has a superability called Supernova, which synergizes well with most of its other skills. You can use Supernova as much as you want in order to get the most of Phoenix.

Undying, the Almighty Dirge

Dirge is a melee strength hero who is known as a tank. He is also described as a formidable spellcaster. He is able to transfer the enemy’s health to himself or to his allies. Besides this, he also has the capability of summoning zombies that can slow down anything they attack while being immune to spells. 

Staying true to his name, Undying, the Almighty Dirge has reincarnation with a 300-second cooldown. This makes it difficult for him to be removed from the fight.

Balanar, Night Stalker

Night Stalker is known to possess an impressive roaming and ganking power during all stages of the game. He is popular for his ability to manipulate teams’ map visions. 

Due to his ability, Darkness, Night Stalker has a great advantage when playing at night. Besides empowering night vision for his team, he also limits the maximum vision range of the enemies and their wards. 

Be reminded that when Darkness is active, perfectly placed wards are essential in order to cover all the critical spots on the map. 

Slardar the Slithereen Guard

Slardar the Slithereen guard has multiple capabilities that make him a top choice among Dota 2 players. He can chase, physically attack enemies, has an innate bashing ability, and can counter invisible and excessively tough enemy heroes. 

Boost his attack speed to witness him cause profound damage and kill enemies by using items Assault Cuirass and Mjolnir. 

Using the item Dagger of Escape will maximize Slardar’s initiating ability.

Sven the Rogue Knight

Sven is most known for his cleaving attack and Area of Effect (AOE) that most heroes are not able to handle. With his ability, God Strength, it is impossible to stop Sven from eliminating every enemy hero that comes his way. 

Boost Sven’s physical damage by using Buriza Do Kyanon. It will make it easy for him to bring down enemy heroes while having an impressive amount of health points.

To cope with his weaknesses, use items bottle and Battle Fury. You can do this every time you observe that he lacks sufficient mana pool.

N’aix the Lifestealer

N’aix the Lifestealer is described as the nightmare of intelligence heroes. This is because of his skill called Rage that makes him immune to the majority of magic attacks during a certain amount of time. The skill has a minute cooldown time as well, making killing N’aix with spells alone close to impossible.

Raigor Stonehoof the Earthshaker

Most of the time, Raigor Stonehoof the Earthshaker is banned from Dota 2 competitions due to his innate prowess as an initiator. As a strength hero, he has enough level of survivability to initiate a clash and still survive afterwards. 

Each of Raigor’s skills is able to cause AOE damage. This makes him a huge problem among his opponents during late game clashes. At times, all it takes is Raigor alone for an entire team to be swept away.