Top 10 Agility heroes to master for different roles

Agility heroes can offer most of the damage output for the team. The only issue of achieving that is performing a combo in the right sequence or targeting the correct opponent. As the most technical attribute class in Dota 2, Agility heroes demand a high understanding of the game’s complex mechanics.

Such mechanics include finding the best way to farm gold and XP. They also need you to understand stealth and line of sight to better navigate behind enemy lines or outrun pursuers. This homework takes time to master so dedicate it only to heroes with high potential in the future. Here are ten heroes that are always relevant in every meta.

  1. Nevermore, the Shadow Fiend – Mid Core

Shadow Fiend has dominated the midlane even before Dota 2 was officially released. However, he is not a great pick for synergizing with any team composition so most competitive players opt for a hero with more utility. Shadow Fiend is still a great pick to master for solo queue because piloting him will expose you to the importance of last-hitting and denying creeps. The skills you develop with him will translate well to any Agility heroes in Dota 2.

  1. Slark, the Nightcrawler – Hard Carry 

While Shadow Fiend helps you learn how to farm, Slark can teach you how to assassinate enemy heroes. His entire kit comprises abilities for rendering an enemy helpless for a short time all while stealing their stats and using it against them. Slark’s other abilities include means to escape if he finds himself in a disadvantageous matchup or surrounded. Use him to learn how to engage while using a squishy hero. 

  1. Mirana, the Princess of the Moon – Roaming Support

Mirana can fill any lane thanks to her Starstorm that keeps enemies at bay and her signature Sacred Arrow for long-ranged targets. However, she’s best used as a roaming support thanks to her amazing mobility and ganking potential. Unfortunately, she’s not designed to secure kills so always works with other allied core laners. 

  1. Azwraith, the Phantom Lancer – Hard Carry

Phantom Lancer is a core laner whose abilities work great for pushing the lanes rather than fighting. Controlling him and his illusions can be tricky if you’re not used to piloting multiple units so use them only to secure objectives or escape from enemies. Once you get the hang of it, you can dominate any duels against a target even without support. 

  1. Medusa, the Gorgon – Hard Carry

Medusa has slow mobility but she has abilities that make her survive skirmishes like a Strength hero. These have to be timed correctly and they are depleted easily. It’s better to stay with an ally that can help you disengage. Her best quality is her wide-range abilities such as her Split Shot for pushing the lane and Stone Gaze for controlling the enemies. Just try not to roam in the jungle without vision while using her. 

  1. Shendelzare, the Vengeful Spirit – Roaming Support

Vengeful Spirit is regarded as one of the most effective roamers in the game because her abilities make her nigh impossible to escape from. Most of them involve either stunning the target or making it easy to pursue them. Her ultimate is what defines her the most as it lets her switch between any hero, friend or foe. This is great for either surrounding an enemy or disengaging them from your weaker allies.

  1. Skitskurr, the Weaver – Either of the side lanes, counter pick

Weaver doesn’t have a reliable means to either push or kill his opponents like the others unless they are the type who relies on locking onto targets. He can slip through being cornered thanks to his Shukuchi and Time Lapse. The Swarm combined with Germinate Attack gives him great sustained damage so most players avoid getting too close with no means to capture him. 

  1. Xin, the Ember Spirit – Mid Core

Ember Spirit has one of the most devastating wide-ranged attack combos out of all Agility heroes. He can chain his attacks between snaring targets, hitting them once each while he’s untargetable, and relocating between remnants while causing explosions along the way. The only issue is his low mana pool so you have to perform his combos perfectly if you want to inflict heavy damage on the enemy ranks.

  1. Naga Siren – Early game Support and late game Carry

Naga Siren is a great option for a composition that needs Semi Support to accompany the Hard Carry. Most of her early abilities are offensive but not enough to secure kills too early. They are still better for peeling the enemy Offlaner. However, she can counter the enemy Roaming Support if they are ganked, given her great capabilities in duels. Her ultimate makes her a great Hard Support in mid-game for setting the battlefield in your favour. Take damage-focused items only when it is time to end the match. 

  1. Sun Wukong, the Monkey King – Roaming Support

Monkey King is a talented duelist who can engage any opponent in a 1v1 scenario. You just need to be creative for each kind of opponent because Sun Wukong can use his environment to your advantage. He has high mobility like other Roaming Supports but he is notorious for his ability to perch on trees to gain vision of the surroundings. Sun can also disguise as a tree using Mischief either to ambush an unsuspecting enemy Roamer or escape from a fearsome Offlaner. 

Each hero on this list comes with a few tricks up their sleeves that are dependent on your mastery of the game’s mechanics. Mastering each of them will take time but it’s worth the effort if you want to have safe picks for ranked games. Although, some of them have clear disadvantages in certain matchups. Dota 2 is a strategy game just as much as it is a game of skills so consider learning an alternative pick if your main hero is in a bad situation.