Communication in Dota 2: Why it’s crucial and how to improve it

Communication in Dota 2: Why it’s crucial and how to improve it

Many genres and video games have come and gone in the spotlight. Only a few like Valve Corporation’s Dota 2 have successfully established a solid reputation in the billion-dollar industry of online gaming. This is because eight years have passed, and it remains one of the most challenging multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games to learn and master. 

Valve created Dota 2 as a community mod for Blizzard Entertainment’s Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos. So, the primary objective is two teams of five players to compete in player against player (PvP) warfare to defend their own strongholds on the map. Although the premise seems basic, it is a sophisticated game built with many complex systems, mechanics, and top-level players who use a variety of heroes with different skill sets.

Decision-making, proper timing, and understanding the meta are among the initial skills needed to become an accomplished Dota 2 player. Yet as it is also a team-based game, great communication is what will bring you and your team to the pinnacle of your success. Read here why it is important and learn several ways on how to effectively improve it. 

Communication: An essential element in any team-based play

From personal to professional life and everything in between, strong and effective communication is perhaps the most important of all life skills. Not only is it a process of sharing ideas and pieces of information, but it is also an art of delivering them clearly and meaningfully. With that, harmonious relationships are formed and predictable problems are avoided. 

Dota 2, and possibly other MOBA games, require good communication. While you may have mastered the necessary skills to jazz up your role, it can only take you and your team so far without a strong and effective understanding. If gone unpracticed, it often leads to negative behaviour and toxicity because players point out their mistakes to one another. 

Remember that each player may only view a small area of the map on their screen at any given time. While everyone should have a basic understanding of the map, you should always keep an eye on the other side to inform others.

It is simpler for your squad to alter their gameplay if you call when an opponent hero goes missing or tell them what sort of rune they picked up. In this kind of event, mediums like a voice chat come in handy, as you can keep the conversation going without lifting a finger.

Two types of communication in Dota 2

By now, it should be well understood, especially among amateur players, that there is more to technical skills and farming pattern expertise in MOBA games. The enemy isn’t only the opposing team because misunderstanding among you and your teammates may occur. 

Meaning to say, agreeing on a single strategy (even if it isn’t the most brilliant option) and working on it as a team can provide significantly greater outcomes than if each player has their own particular idea. The challenge now, however, is using what kind of communication to effectively bring the game plan to reality. Here we share with you the pros and cons of doing verbal and non-verbal communication. 

  1. Verbal communication

In most cases, the most efficient and successful technique of interacting with your team is verbal communication. You may quickly tell them your status and decisions through easy chat. There is also very little potential for confusion or misunderstanding of your directives’ purpose or tone of voice. Unfortunately, this medium isn’t always and highly recommended for everyone as it comes with a slew of issues, such as the following: 

  • Language — Dota 2 is a world-renowned MOBA game with players coming in from different regions across the globe. Whether you like it or not, you are likely to encounter someone who does not speak your native tongue regardless of the server you play.
  • Willingness and capability — For some, it is already a demanding challenge when formulating thoughts, expressing them, and listening to counter-arguments are synchronised with executing all of their hero’s activities. 
  • Domineering members — A successful Dota 2 team carries a perfect blend of various skills and knowledge, and having domineering members is certainly a problem that might tip off the balance. In other words, this is a reminder to captains to avoid appearing too commanding. 
  1. Non-verbal communication

Eye contact, hand gestures, and facial expressions are major examples of non-verbal communication. Although this medium isn’t as quick and direct as verbal communication, the use of body language or computer signals can still yield great results. This is because alerts like ‘pings’ indicate that a team has a solid foundation and understanding of the plan in the very beginning. 

  • Chat wheel — Perhaps the biggest solution to the language barrier is using the Chat Wheel. It instantly translates your messages to your teammate’s preference. 
  • Ping wheel — Like mentioned above, cross pings through the Ping Wheel instantly lets your teammates know where you exactly intend to go. The issue with this is that it might indicate anything. Assume an enemy hero is closing in on you, and your teammates are pinging all around you. Thoughts like ‘be careful’, ‘retreat’, or ‘they are on their way’ are all possible answers. 

Tips to communicate more effectively

Since players can talk either verbally or using the chat feature, there are ways to achieve proper communication and avoid misunderstandings. Add another layer of efficient communication with your teammates using the four following tips.

  1. Step forward and actually talk

Taking the initial step and engaging in team conversation encourages other players to follow suit.

  1. Use an effective software 

If your team decides to do verbal communication, see to it first that you have a reliable software to use. Here are some of the three best suggestions: 

  • Discord — Discord is a voice-over-Internet-protocol (VoIP) programme, instant chat, and digital distribution. Voice calls, video calls, text messaging, media, and files are all used by users in private conversations or as part of ‘servers’.
  • TeamSpeak — Discord is often described as a platform geared towards a social media environment. So, if you need a software that solely uses voice chat, TeamSpeak is certainly a must-try. It is a proprietary VoIP programme that allows participants on a chat channel to communicate via audio, similar to a telephone conference call.
  • Mumble — Mumble, like TeamSpeak, employs a client-server architecture that allows users to communicate with one another over the same server. It has a straightforward administrative interface and offers excellent sound quality and low latency.
  1. Give compliments

‘Good game!’ or ‘well played!’ are two of the most common but uplifting commands you may add to your chat wheel. In other words, don’t be afraid to let your teammates know they did well. This helps them respect you, and as a result, they are more inclined to think well of you.

  1. Always suggest ideas

Dota 2 is an ever-changing metagame, so every day is literally a great opportunity to welcome new ideas. Don’t be afraid to drop actions you think will improve the team’s overall performance.