What are the best hero combinations in Dota 2?

Dota 2 has more than 100 playable heroes in the game which opens up many possibilities. There are thousands of possible combinations in Dota 2’s hero pool but there are a few that have separated themselves from the rest of the pack.

Since Dota is mainly a team game with five players on both sides, you can expect that some people will create unique combos that will help them succeed. This kind of synergy is seen when you watch or play the game because they will make an impact on the game no matter what. 

You might have played against some of these combos as well which can be frustrating and respectable at the same time. Some combos are hard to pull off but when they are used properly, they can become one of the most devastating combos in Dota 2 matchmaking. With that being said, let’s look into some of the best hero combos in the game and find out why they work so well.

Io and Tiny

Io and Tiny form one of the most feared duos in all of Dota. These two are both strength heroes but they function vastly different from each other. However, their skills synergise well together which has led to them being used countless times over the past decade. 

The main argument for this combo is Io’s ability to buff its teammate in movement speed, attack speed, and incredible health and mana regeneration. This happens because of Tether which involves Io tethering itself to an allied unit. His E skill named Overcharge makes Tether even stronger because it gives the stat boosts but it also helps the healing become stronger. However, one of the main reasons why Io is such a perfect pick is because of its ultimate ability called Relocate. 

With Io’s ult, any hero that is tethered to it will be together with Io when they teleport anywhere on the map. This is where Tiny comes in because he is already one of the strongest gankers in the game with how much damage his skill combo of Avalanche and Toss can deal. Tiny’s ult involves him becoming a bigger stone giant but it also slows him down. With Io serving as the buff that Tiny needs, the stone giant can turn into one of the hardest carry heroes because he can blow them up in mere seconds with his burst damage. 

The Io and Tiny combo have been done in almost every matchmaking bracket but it mostly shines in professional play. The likes of Kuro Salehi ‘KuroKy’ Takhasomi, Johan ‘N0tail’ Sundstein, and Maroun ‘GH’ Merhej have built legacies with Io as a centrepiece and they have helped strengthen this duo. 

Drow Ranger and Vengeful Spirit

Range heroes in the lane are one of the hardest matchups that you can check out. A strong combo in every part of the game from their combo in the first few minutes and they become even stronger is Drow Ranger and Vengeful Spirit. 

While some people will speak about how Visage is the traditional support for Drow, it has become apparent that the archer and Venge are a phenomenal duo that will continue to be one as time progresses.

The main argument for this partnership is how hard Drow hits when Venge is around. The latter has a passive aura called Vengeance Aura which increases the damage to nearby friendly heroes. This is a boost for any allied hero but it is one of the best buffs for Drow because of how fast and powerful the archer can hit using her normal attack and Frost Arrows. 

It also helps that Venge is a fantastic support hero for Drow because she can get the archer out of sticky situations using Nether Swap. At the same time, Venge also makes sure that Drow can get kills using Magic Missile to disable the enemy but at the same time, use Wave of Terror to lower the enemy’s armour which Drow shred using her basic attacks.

Dazzle and Huskar

Alongside Io and Tiny, Dazzle and Huskar have always been seen as a top hero combo. This is mostly because of the design for Huskar where he becomes a much stronger hero when his health is low. Dazzle’s task when paired with Huskar is to keep him alive. One skill, in particular, called Shallow Grave will make the target unkillable for a long while still retaining the low-health boost. 

This has been a killer duo in ranked matches because there are limited counters to his. Huskar’s main weakness is physical damage which means that a hero like Windranger is a bad matchup for him. This is largely due to WR’s ability to keep attacking the enemy using her Focus Fire ultimate. If a WR is farmed, it will be like facing a truck head-on for Huskar players because they will melt when a WR gets on them with a Shackleshot and then a Focus Fire to finish it off.

Even pro teams like TNC Predator have used this strategy to perfection because Huskar is a niche pick but when he is used, you can expect that it will have a strong likelihood that the hero will be better than ever.

Jakiro and Faceless Void

In terms of the overall team fight, it is hard to go against the reason behind Jakiro and Faceless Void’s synergy. This will be largely due to their two ultimates called Macro Pyre and Chronosphere respectively. The latter is one of the strongest skills in the game because it does freeze and unit in the sphere in their place which leaves them open for Faceless Void to rain in the auto-attacks. 

While inside the Chrono, Jakiro can use Macro Pyre to deal so much damage. This is one of the most devastating combos in the game and it is challenging to overcome this because they deal so much damage and the Chronosphere is one of the hardest skills to live through.

Disruptor and Terrorblade 

You might be wondering how these two heroes coexist but it does have some rather obscure strengths. Disruptor is arguably the strongest lane harasser in the game because of Thunder Strike. 

Paired with one of the hardest carries in the game like Terrorblade, Disruptor can devastate the opposing offlane duo. This is one of the toughest combos to face in the early game because they have everything you can ask for in a lane. They have the power to pull off kills but they can also stay stagnant and just farm for the late game. 

This duo will shine in almost every part of the game because they will be stellar in the early game with a mix of solid lane supporting and creep last hits. When the late game comes around, Disruptor has a game-changing ult with Static Storm paired with the Kinetic Field to keep them trapped. Terrorblade will have the freedom to hit enemies and deal loads of damage. 

Those are just a few of the best hero combinations in the game. If you are looking for many more Dota 2 combos, you should check out the game itself. Since you will be looking to play, don’t forget to have fun!