Top 10 tips for Dota 2 beginners

Learning a new video game usually takes you a few moments with its built-in tutorial feature to get you started. Dota 2 features the same tutorial feature to make your first moments with the game more welcoming than ever. Simply choose the complete novice setting to get some important in-game tips.

Playing Dota 2 is not as easy as it seems because it requires strategy and teamwork aside from individual skills. So, how can you improve your gameplay? Here are 10 beginner tips you should know:

Use an easy hero

Dota 2 is known among gamers as having a steeper learning curve than other MOBAs like League of Legends or Valorant. Fortunately, you can get the hang of this game if you use a low skill cap hero like Sven or Ogre Magi. These heroes allow you to spread your focus on other objectives such as lane pushing and pulling off combos for team fights.

There are plenty more easy heroes you can try in Dota 2. If you want to try other roles, you are free to do so without much risk. Just remember what the interface looks like so you can perfectly execute some good moves.

Go for Roshan

Roshan is the strongest neutral creature in Dota 2. His damage output is so strong that it will take an entire team to take him down. When Roshan is killed, it will drop various items, most notably the Aegis of the Immortal which allows the user to be revived five seconds after dying.

Roshan first spawns at the beginning of the game and gets stronger as time passes. Get your team to try to take him on during the middle to late stages of the game to make sure that they deal enough damage to kill him. Remember that Roshan can decide the outcome of the match When the game has been drawn out, always scout his den.

Try all roles

There are nine different roles in Dota 2, and one or more of these roles can be fit into one hero. Each player on the team is assigned certain positions. This is why you need to match your pick with the objective you have to fulfill.

For example, if you are a carry, you might want to try Juggernaut. If you are an offlaner, you can try Tidehunter. Take your time to study which heroes suit which roles and use the easy ones first if you aren’t that confident with your abilities yet.

Take advantage of wards

With Dota 2’s large map, you have to gain as much information on the location of your opponents as possible. This can be done by purchasing wards. These are items that grant vision on enemies walking on the ground. There are two types of wards: the Observer Ward and the Sentry Ward.

The Observer Ward provides ground vision of enemies while the Sentry Ward is the stronger version, being able to provide True Sight even on invisible units and enemy wards. These two wards can be combined to occupy only one space in your item slots. Place your wards strategically so you know where and when to initiate a gank or team fight.

Tangos are vital during the laning phase

Tangos are spore-like consumable items that can be used to regenerate HP. However, a tango can also be used to consume a tree to double its HP regeneration effect. It is because the Tangos are considered a valuable item to buy in the early stages of the game.

Dota 2’s battlefield is filled with trees. With this, your team should secure lanes if there are fewer trees around. Besides, these trees can also be used to gank unsuspecting heroes. It is also better to get rid of this advantage if your opponent’s lineup relies on hiding in obstacles.

Babysit your team’s core

Your team’s core is the one who will carry your team to victory by winning in team fights. The core is responsible for dealing huge amounts of damage to enemies which is why in the early stages of the game, it needs all the gold and EXP it can get.

In the first 10 minutes of the game, you can help out your core by keeping an eye on the neutral creeps and making sure they aren’t stolen by the enemy. It is also a good idea to protect your core while it is farming to avoid delays in its resource gathering.

Timing is everything

Has your carry been fed enough gold and EXP for it to have all of its key items? Have you got some of the items you need to last longer in team fights? If you or your teammates are confident enough to initiate ambushes or skirmishes, talk to your teammates about what play you will make as well as when and where you will do it.

Some heroes have certain combos that maximize the effects of their abilities and their synergy with their allies. Knowing when to use your hero’s abilities and which order to use them is vital in pulling off great plays.

Anticipate a losing streak

You don’t get to win every Dota 2 game you play, even when you have good teammates. There are also times when you are being teamed with terrible or toxic players. So, expect your win rate to go down a bit. This usually happens when you reach a higher rank.

However, don’t let losing streaks discourage you from playing the game. It’s okay to take a rest during a winless spell but never lose hope of raking in some victorious matches someday. After all, success comes to those who believe in it more.

Don’t take toxic comments too seriously

Toxic players can be found in every game, Dota 2 included. There are players who often taunt opponents by uttering insults in the chat while others hurl racist, sexist, or other derogatory remarks when they get too frustrated in the game. Try not to be like these people.

If you are on the receiving end of these tasteless statements, don’t pay too much attention to them and focus instead on executing combos perfectly or regrouping with your teammates for another round of skirmish. Think of toxic comments as psychological tactics you do not want to fall victim to.

Communicate with your teammates

Dota 2 is a team game, which is why synergy is important from the hero lineup to the positioning during team fights. The best way to demonstrate teamwork in this game is to communicate well with your teammates.

Share ideas on where and how to execute team plays and listen to others’ suggestions as well. Remember to talk to your allies in a friendly manner so as not to tick them off. More importantly, take note of important terms used in the game.
Ultimately, investing time leads to better experience and a more profound overview of how most fans play Dota 2. Every game you play is a chance for you to learn more complicated and more effective moves, so keep on grinding until you master lots of heroes and boost your rank and win rate.