The treasure system and how it works

Dota 2: The treasure system and how it works

Like any other online game, game developers add features to keep players interested. An example is the prizes that can be used to boost a character or an item.

In the vast world of Dota 2, these prizes are called treasures. Read to know more about the different types of treasures and how they work.


Formerly known as treasure chests, treasures are tool items purchased from the store, received as dropped items, or acquired from unlocking a charm successfully. Treasures are based on a theme, be it a particular hero or an event. When the chest is opened, the player will receive one of the items listed in the description. It’s possible that some treasures can drop multiple items.

Treasures were first launched in May 2012, when the feature ‘store’ first opened in Dota 2. In its early launch, treasures were locked and could only be unlocked with treasure keys. In July 2015, most treasure keys were removed from the game.

Types of treasures

There are various types of treasures found in the shop or sometimes awarded to players who completed a mission or attended an event. These treasures range in their rarity and value. The rarer a treasure is, the higher possible value while others that are commonly attained may have a lower value compared to the former.

Here are the types of treasures found in Dota 2:

  • Common 
  • Uncommon
  • Mythical
  • Legendary
  • Ancient 
  • Immortal
  • Arcana 

Dota 2’s treasure system

The treasure system allows players to always receive an item when they achieve a new level. After each matchmaking game, there is also a possibility to receive an item at random. Some treasures can only be attained during specific events, while some can be attained regularly. It all depends on what type of treasure it is.

Here’s a list of what you should know about the treasure system and how it works:

  • Players can get new artefacts in Dota 2 mainly through treasures or buying skins.
  • The game allows items to be transferred between accounts and exchanged, purchased, and sold.
  • There are two drop lists for treasures: a standard drop list and a rare drop list.
  • Most treasures have a very rare drop, which is usually a courier with amazing particle effects. These drops happen every 1-2% of the time.
  • Items that are unboxed will not drop again until the full list has been dropped at least once, so you won’t get duplicates from the usual drop list.
  • The rarity of an item still influences its drop chance; as a result, rare things may not drop until all of the other items have been unboxed.
  • Unboxed treasures are not transferable or marketable for a week, although they can be gifted to a friend. However, extremely rare objects are exempted from this restriction.
  • The future treasure openings will present random items from the droplist only after all standard items have been received.
  • Dota Plus members can recycle treasure rewards into treasure fragments. Six treasure fragments can be combined to create a copy of the treasure, with an additional 2000 Dota shards.

History of Dota 2’s treasure system

Dota 2 has undergone numerous updates and changes. This includes the game’s features, including their treasure system. The first chest that could be purchased directly from the store and did not require a key to open was released in April 2014 by Valve Corporation, the company behind Dota 2. 

In June 2014, all chests requiring special keys were labelled as expired and removed. Those keys were used to unlock previously locked boxes. In August 2014, all remaining chests were recognised as expired and deleted. This is one of the last stages of the game’s shift to a keyless economy.

Now that we have discussed what treasures and how they work, find out the many variations of treasures below:

Examples of treasures in Dota 2

Several types of treasures have been included in the shop of Dota 2. Some are only available during an event, some are given for free, and others can be attained regularly.

Here are examples of the treasures that were awarded or purchased at the store:

  • Golden Trove Carafe – This treasure has the same items as the Imbued Golden Trove Carafe 2017, but it is of normal quality. This treasure needs no seal or key as it is already unlocked and with every treasure opened, the player’s odds of acquiring this item increases.
  • Treasure of the Crimson Witness 2017 – this treasure was received by players for witnessing First Blood at The International 2017, and no keys are needed to open it.
  • Dotakin Emoticon Treasure – when you buy Dotakins from Secret Shop during The International 2017, you’ll get this item. There are ten emoticons in total.
  • Trove Carafe – all of the items in this treasure are branded with The International 2019 and can be reused to earn points toward a bigger prize and other bonuses.
  • Immortal Treasure II – the International 10 Battle Pass can be levelled to gain this treasure. In the armoury, you can recycle any four items from Immortal Treasure II to get a second Immortal Treasure II 2020 and a Rylai’s Battle Blessing.
  • Trust of the Benefactor 2017 – this treasure is an Immortal item that cannot be traded or marketed through The International 2018 but can still be gifted once.
  • Treasure of the Glacial Abyss – this treasure was created for Season 5 of the Dota Pit League. Keys are not needed to unlock this treasure. 10% of the proceeds of each sale contributes towards Dota Pit Season 5.
  • Warhammer: Treasure of the Old World – An unlocked treasure and can be purchased in the store. This treasure contains things created in the Warhammer Fantasy universe’s aesthetic style. This treasure contains items that are identical to those found in Warhammer: Treasure of the Old World: Pre-Purchase, but with different colours and textures.
  • Nested Treasure II – this treasure contains one of the many treasures published in 2015 and a chance to win a set redemption token that lets you claim any of the treasures’ sets.
  • Fluttering Cache – To purchase this treasure, players must have a copy of the Fall Season Compendium 2015 and after December 31, 2015, it can be traded.
  • Treasure of the Seer’s Eyeglass – This treasure consists of complete item sets. The Nanyang Dota 2 Championships was supported by those who purchased this.


The treasures listed above have their unique advantages for every players’ needs. They keep the game engaging and interesting. Understanding how they work will enhance your gameplay and boost your heroes and items.