The top 5 best exclusive Battle Pass Arcana

Dota 2’s creators, Valve, has been giving out different high-end skins to players with the exclusive annual Battle Pass event. Arcanas are highly regarded as the utmost quality of aesthetics you can find in the game. 

These items are among the most expensive when players decide to sell them. They also make a specific hero appear drastically different from their original designs that make other opposing players stare with envious eyes. 

Battle Pass owners get surprises once in a while when Valve announces a new skin, and Dota 2 players everywhere can’t help but join in on the fun. So, here are the top Battle Pass exclusive Arcanas in the game since their establishment in Dota 2. 

Queen of Pain: The Eminence of Ristul 

Queen of Pain’s Arcana, The Eminence of Ristul, was released in the 2020 Battle Pass at level 445. This Arcana was provided to players as a bundle with weapons, shoulder items, and crowns that make the whole set appear incredible. 

The red and blue theme of the arcana that matches the default colours of Queen of Pain somehow looks different in her Arcana. That says a lot considering Queen of Pain’s colour scheme almost matches that of her Arcana but still manages to look different. 

Furthermore, there are custom animations for her skills like Shadow Strike and her ultimate, Sonic Wave. Other effects include her ambience and the details obviously being different.

As great as a mid hero QoP is, she deserves this beautiful Arcana attached to her every time she gets picked by the player. 

Wraith King: The One True King 

In 2020, Wraith King’s Arcana, The One True King was released for Battle Pass Owners getting past level 375. Its title is a direct reference to Dota 1’s version called Skeleton King, who monikered the title as such. 

This Arcana is released as a whole bundle as well with its default style primary colours of gold, white, red, and black. This Arcana comes with custom effects like ambience, Fire Blast, and Reincarnation. 

What makes Wraith King’s Arcana very good is the homage to Skeleton King from Dota 1 and how this Arcana looks eerily similar to the design of the once-forgotten character from the previous game. 

Io: Benevolent Companion

Io is one of the hardest Arcanas to make because it looks so simple that making one would almost look exactly like its default design. Dubbed as one of the more unique heroes of the game, Io has earned itself a Battle Pass exclusive Arcana for players past level 245. 

Being one of the first exclusive BP Arcanas released, Io looks different in a good way. In terms of cosmetics, Benevolent Companion doesn’t disappoint as it centres around the cube shape design with hearts all over its aura to make it look unique and stand out. 

This Arcana has a lot of custom animations like Tether and Overcharge where the skills are animated in unique ways that are different from the default animations. 

However, the best animation came from Io’s ultimate ability, Relocate, where it teleports Io and tethered heroes to any place on the map and marks that place with iconic blue and orange portals. 

It’s truly a unique skin for a one of a kind character. It’s also one of the best looking ones in the game due to the great design of its animations in combination with the sheer aesthetics of the Arcana. 

Earthshaker: Planetfall

2019 Battle Pass has only one Arcana, and it’s for Earthshaker achieved at level 365. It is a single item that Earthshaker wears as a headpiece. 

Valve once again went with the aura blue colour scheme that makes Earthshaker almost look like Juggernaut’s own Arcana. Like Juggernaut, Planetfall looks incredible with Earthshaker and it synergises with his other skills very well too.

Earthshaker’s special effects come with its Enchant Totem after the Agahanim’s Scepter upgrade, Aftershock, and Echo Slam. The two also come with their own animations for two other items, the Force Staff and the Blink Dagger. 

Unlike Wraith King’s random Force Staff animation, these two actually help serve Earthshaker because they are prominent items for the hero. Planetfall is one of the game’s most good-looking Arcanas, and it’s probably the most unique looking as well.

Windranger: Compass of the Rising Gale 

Windranger’s Arcana is arguably the most beautiful one out of the bunch, and it’s part of the 2020 Battle Pass achieved at a whopping level 575. This is the highest level for any Arcana to acquire marking it the most prestigious Dota 2 item in history.

While the community complained about the difficult attainment to acquire the Arcana, there’s no doubt that it is for good reason due to its sheer beauty. The headpiece is the only object in the build that glows with ambience. 

While it only has that glowing, it actually comes in a set unlike Earthshaker’s single-item bundle with the Quiver, Shoulder, headpiece, and weapon. 

Furthermore, it has special animation for all her abilities, and in addition, to prominent items for her usual build like Monkey King Bar, Javelin, Eul’s Scepter, Windwaker, and Force Staff. 

The colour style here is quite unique and impacts her look significantly. The default colour scheme is blue and white with touches of bright reds on the side while its alternate style is this gorgeous shade of red and gold. 

Dota 2 has had a lot of memorable Arcanas, even if it’s not a Battle Pass exclusive. Because they are so rare, people price them online at ridiculous amounts of money and yet people still buy them. 

They may not have any in-game effects for the benefit of the player, but it has one thing that gamers will definitely take advantage of: Clout and bragging rights for opposing enemies.