Ten mistakes you should avoid when playing Dota 2

Dota 2 is an online game where you need to form a team of five people and play against another team to destroy the opposing base while defending your own. Just like when playing other games, teamwork and individual skills are foundations for winning this game.

However, some players, especially new ones, are prone to making preventable mistakes that could cost them the game. If you are new to Dota 2, you might want to check out this list of blunders you need to avoid when playing the game:


As previously mentioned, Dota 2 is a game where you play alongside four other people who have similar skill levels as yours. Therefore, it is important that if you have any ideas for plays, relay them to your teammates properly. Familiarize yourself with the game’s jargon to better communicate with your teammates.

Of course, communication isn’t just about sending a message. You have to listen to your teammates, especially if they have better ideas and make sure you understand what plays you will do to avoid missed plays.

Poor creep wave management

The laning phase is an opportunity for players to improve their creep score and get stronger by leveling up and buying better items. To achieve maximum results during this phase, proper creep wave management is necessary.

Poor creep wave management is synonymous with missing out on valuable resources needed for you to get stronger. Later on in the game, having a decent creep wave size can help your team push. So, if your creep wave management is poor, you will find it difficult to secure lanes.

Stealing farm from the team’s carry

The carry is the player who takes the lead in team fights by dealing sustainably heavy damage. For the carry to get stronger quickly, they need to farm as much as possible and buy better items.

If you aren’t a carry and you decide to take one neutral creep off your jungle, it could delay your carry’s farming progress. Stick to last-hitting creeps first. If you get the chance, you can instead steal the opponent’s farm.

Ignoring the meta

The meta is a term that means ‘most effective tactic available’ and is a collection of heroes who are considered one of the most viable to use in both competitive and casual games. The meta changes every patch or season, depending on which heroes had their abilities adjusted. The effects of items can also affect the meta.

The meta is an important piece of Dota 2 information players should know to improve their win rate. Ignoring which heroes are the most effective in nearly every game means a higher risk of losing a game. You should also understand that certain heroes work best on specific lineups so try to improve your skills by using various heroes.

Too much team fights

In Dota 2, team fights are important in securing lanes and bigger objectives. However, calling for too much team fights, especially in the early parts of the game, can be detrimental to your team as much as it can disrupt your opponent’s plays. It would be better for your team if you take the time to manage creep waves and farm up.

Calling for team fights too often is another way of delaying your carry’s power-ups as they are forced to join in on the action instead of accumulating more gold and EXP. Additionally, counter ganks will be more common if you keep wanting team fights since the opponents will know your rotation.

Not enough team fights

Not having enough team fights is just as bad as constantly wanting them to happen. Misjudging the timing on when to call for a team fight could lead to the opposing team overwhelming you with the resources they have acquired or the creep waves they have prepared for each lane.

Check your team’s items before suggesting a team fight. Ask your teammates if they have the key items they need so you can set up ganks or initiate skirmishes. Also, encourage your teammates to be more confident with themselves and focus on any upcoming team fights.

Going solo

The offlaner position is best suited for players who thrive on one-on-one fights and split pushing. However, during the later parts of the game, the offlaner is prone to ganks. If the offlaner doesn’t have enough map information, they might not do their job well.

This is why going solo is never advisable after some time in the game, especially if you are used to being an offlaner. But if you are a squishy target, you are not supposed to wander the battlefield alone as you will get killed right away.

Being a one-trick pony

This mistake is related to ignoring the meta. Being proficient on only one hero for all your games will stagnate and make you less reliable as you progress through the ranks. You will struggle to play an unfamiliar character if an enemy picks your favourite hero.

This is where the meta comes in. Learn to master the most dependable heroes of the current patch and you won’t have any problem winning a game. Trying out different roles is also a good idea to improve your versatility as a player.

Lack of information

The two most common mistakes beginners commit is not checking their opponents’ items and failing to purchase wards. Just like in other aspects of life, lack of information in Dota 2 can lead to your team’s downfall.

Taking a look at the opposing team’s item builds will give you an idea of how they will fare in team fights. Meanwhile, placing wards on certain points in the map will give you an idea of where the enemies are.

Tilting or rage quitting

Tilting means playing a game while experiencing strong emotions, particularly anger or extreme annoyance. Being too passionate about a game will cloud your judgment which is why it is important for you to focus on your combos and looking after your teammates.

On the other hand, rage quitting is when you decide to instantly stop playing the game because you are overwhelmed by your emotions. Just like tilting, rage quitting can be avoided by focusing on yourself and your teammates. Also, not paying attention to the opponent’s taunts can prevent your emotions from hitting the extreme.
One technique to improving your gameplay is to know what mistakes and weaknesses you should avoid in order to perform well. If you are playing Dota 2, for example, taking note of the 10 mistakes on this list will keep you from performing poorly and copping flak from your teammates.