Seven Dota 2 heroes you should learn how to use

Learning to pick the best Dota 2 heroes that will be used in certain tournaments should be a big concern for a lot of players who want to get crucial wins in the game. This says a lot about the way they choose their heroes and the standard they have when it comes to picking one.

Dota 2 heroes are easy to pick especially if players know how popular they are in terms of wins and usage rate. This is why it is a must to learn how each hero works and know why each of them is effective at a given time.

The more you know about Dota 2 heroes, the better chances you have of winning a certain tournament. This is why you should always learn to consider each of the options you have before starting out a game.

Dota 2 games are rewarding, especially the big tourneys. Using the right hero in a given game could turn the tide of a match and turn out to be an unexpected win at most. This is why it is a must to always make the right pick at this point.

Here are seven Dota 2 heroes you should learn how to use:

Arc Warden

Zet has proven to be a reliable ranged hero in Dota 2. He is known for his ability to nuke enemies since that allows him to take control of the pace of the game. His micro skills also allow him to move around the map and help his teammates all around.

The Arc Warden works both as a hitter and a support at the same time. Zet has the ability to at least cripple an enemy and deal him a lot of damage. He can create shields for his allies and buildings when needed. He gets an attack speed bonus when he uses that skill as well.

Winter Wyvern

Winter Wyvern has been a top pick since patch 7.29. As one of the best support heroes, he can make use of his crowd control skills and turn up the heat in a snap to initiate big clashes. His heavy damage and big health also make him one of the big favourites especially in the top tourneys.

The hero is also known for being one of the late game risers in the game. A maxed out Winter Wyvern with a strong build can surely bring the best wins in a given match. His high defence makes it clear that he can actually lead the way in tanking for a lot of kills as well.

Outworld Destroyer

Harbinger is one of the best-ranged heroes in the intelligence class. Unlike most carries, Outworld Destroyer can deal a lot of damage on armoured targets, which means that he can actually chuck up and stick around for some time against some of the tightest enemies out there.

Outworld Destroyer is known for his carry and support role and being able to shuffle through various spots means that the hero can play well to push lanes and even work some ganks as well. With Astral Imprisonment, Harbinger can be a good killer in early game.


Invoker is known to be one of the complicated heroes in Dota 2 thanks to his strong skill set. While he has been nerfed for some time now, most players still use Invoker to win some of the best tourneys in the past few years. This is why he is still a fan favourite at most.

The hero is designed to play as a support with his crowd control skills. He can even spark clashes and deal AOE in team fights, and most players focus on skills such as Quas and Wex – leaving Exort or getting a level at the very least.

For most players, Tornado and Cold Snap are the go-to spells as it offers a strong set-up for ganks and deals a lot of damage at the same time. Ghost Walk is used as an escape skill, but can also be used as an initiating skill.

Shadow Fiend

Nevermore is known as a menace and one of the best midlaners in the game. The hero has been a favourite over the years and he can be a lethal killer at the hands of the best player in the game. Having him as the main lead hero or an ally makes the game much easier to win since he can dominate in any lane.

As a ranged hero, Shadow Fiend can deal burst damages on multiple ranges. He can also put up a huge offensive power in terms of physical damage and magical strength thanks to his well-balanced stats. With every kill, Nevermore becomes much stronger and can come up with a bigger burst as well.

Crystal Maiden

Rylai is known as one of the top support heroes in Dota 2 and has been a consistent pick in most tourneys ever since. She can change the tide of the battle when her skills are used well, which means the hero is one of the best played characters for seasoned players in Dota 2.

With the use of both frost and ice, Crystal Maiden can disable and take out pockets of heroes at a given time. Despite being a fragile and slow hero, Rylai’s strength lies within her various set of abilities that can change the whole game.


Demnok Lannik is a hero well-used by known players thanks to his wide variety of skills. The Warlock is said to be one of the heroes who can control a given lane with bursts of mana-draining attacks. This is what makes him a key pick in some of the biggest Dota 2 games.

Warlock inflicts chaos on the enemy at most and can even support allies by just healing them. On top of that, his chaos damage allows him to deal damage to his enemies over time, giving him a strong lane presence at most.

Dota 2’s wide array of heroes is a vast pool for players to take their pick. Learning how some of the best Dota 2 heroes work can be a key to victory, but always take note that strategies pay off well at the end of any game.

This is why starting out with the favourite heroes is a good start. Everyone knows that these heroes are quite reputable for their strong success over the years, which is why it is a must to see how one can use them to the fullest.